How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 [YouTube to MP3 Guide 2022]

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YouTube to mp3 is one of the most common searches in Google as a lot of people want to convert videos to the most popular audio format.

YouTube is the largest source of videos globally, but while videos have their own magical charm, sometimes the viewer may be satisfied with just the audio. There are many reasons for someone to want just the audio version of a YouTube video. If it’s a song or a music video and you only care about the actual song or the busy type, or maybe you don’t care about the video part of podcasts. After all, keeping just the audio part saves space.

YouTube to MP3 converters let you download videos from YouTube and save the sound in MP3 format, so you can listen to them offline whenever you like. You will find plenty of desktop and online YouTube to Mp3 converters.

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Typically, a desktop YouTube to MP3 converter will be more capable and feature-packed and an online converter will just be faster.

how to convert youtube to mp3 audio with Any video downloadernbsp howtoconvertyoutubetomp3audio A beginners guide on YouTube to MP3 how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 in 2021 Follow our guide and get your music on the go
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Download a YouTube to MP3 Converter

For this YouTube to Mp3 guide, I will be showcasing how to use Any Video Converter Free as an example.

Any Video Converter is a free Windows tool that lets you download and save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting providers. It is malware and adware-free, so it’s a good fit for everyone. For the best YouTube to MP3 converters in 2021, you can read this post.

Choose the format you want to convert to

In this case, we want to convert a YouTube video to mp3, so select MP3 from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Find and download videos

Any Video Converter Free can convert files stored on your PC, on CDs (if you still use that), or straight from the web.

Select a video URL from YouTube and copy it; in this case, I selected this music video by Muse.

youtube video urlnbsp image26 A beginners guide on YouTube to MP3 how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 in 2021 Follow our guide and get your music on the go
Copy the YouTube video url

Now you can click the ‘Add URL(s)’ button or the drop-down arrow beside ‘Add URL(s)’ and select ‘Download music files.’

Any Video Converter add URLnbsp AnyVideoConverteraddurl A beginners guide on YouTube to MP3 how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 in 2021 Follow our guide and get your music on the go

You can add the video to Any Video Converter by clicking the ‘+’ icon and pasting the URL into the box provided.

You can add several videos at once – click the plus icon again for each one.

Convert YouTube video to MP3

Once you have pasted the list of YouTube video URLs, ensure the checkbox beside each video is ticked, and select ‘MP3 Audio’ from the list of file formats at the top-right if you did not do it in the first step.

Now you can click “Start Download”. This will start the process of downloading and then converting your videos to MP3.

The converted MP3s will appear in your Videos folder, but you can change the save location using the settings menu, which you can access via the cog icon at the top right.

Follow this process, and you can convert all your YouTube videos to MP3.

You should only download videos when you have the copyright holder’s permission. This should be relatively easy for video podcasters, as they usually provide contact information in their video descriptions. YouTube’s terms of service explicitly prohibit unauthorized downloading.

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