Your Bizarre Adventure Trello (YBA Trello): Maps, Guides & FAQs

If you are wondering whether Your Bizarre Adventure has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official Your Bizarre Adventure Trello board and answers to your FAQs. YBA is one of the best Roblox action RPGs you can play and probably the best adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on the platform. In the game, you can acquire robust Stands while there are also features like Vampirism, Hamon, Requiem Arrows, and a Heaven Questline.

YBA Discord Invite Link

For more information about the game and to interact with other players in the community, you can join the official Discord Server.

Does YBA have a Fandom Wiki?

You can follow this link to get the unofficial YBA Fandom Wiki.

Your Bizarre Adventure Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official Your Bizarre Adventure Trello:

On Your Bizarre Adventure's Trello, you will find information about stands, hamon, vampirism, spins, and requiem, along with the game's controls and settings, questlines, maps, story and other quests, the game's NPCs, enemies, bosses, and items, and so much more!

While you are here, don't forget to check for the latest Your Bizarre Adventure codes!

YBA Map v1.0 (taken from YBA's Official Trello)

Image Source: YBA Trello

YBA Sewers Map v1.0 (taken from YBA's Official Trello)

Image Source: YBA Trello


What are Stands?

A Stand is a visual manifestation of life energy, a unique concept to the “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” anime and manga universe.

A Stand is physically generated by its owner, referred to as a Stand User. It generally presents itself as a figure hovering over or near the user. It possesses abilities beyond that of an ordinary human, which can be wielded for good or evil depending on the Stand User.

The Stand is created from someone's psyche, including humans and other living creatures. That individual is referred to as the Stand User. The User then gives their Stand a name and uses it for various purposes.

One of the general rules of stand users is that a stand can interact with a non-stand user. However, a regular user can NOT interact with a stand. Another rule is that no one can have more than one stand at a time.

What is Hamon?

The Ripple(or Hamon) is energy identical to the Sun's rays, which the human body can produce through controlled breathing, producing ripples of energy propagating from the bloodstream to the rest of the body and other objects in contact with it. The Ripple manifests itself as electricity-like sparks, which ordinary humans can see.

Ripple can also affect non-living things. An object charged with Ripple energy will have one or several attributes enhanced by the energy, making it a more effective tool or weapon.

Liquids conduct the Ripple incredibly well; Joseph Joestar mentions that objects covered in oil can conduct Ripple much easier. However, while all materials can conduct the Ripple more or less well, an inorganic material such as metal cannot store the energy which passes through.

Hamon is mainly used to defeat vampires as it channels sunlight into a punch through a vampire's body.

What is Vampirism?

Vampires were created by the Pillar Men with acupuncture techniques that they developed through the use of the Stone Mask, which Kars created.

Vampires are known for their battle cry “WRY” (ウリイ Uri) and numerous superhuman traits. The most apparent abilities are their raw strength, regeneration, blood-sucking tentacles at their fingers, and near-immortality. On top of that, many vampires can manipulate their bodies in creative and unique ways.

It is noted that Hamon is the most effective against vampires because it channels sunlight into their opponent. Meaning in-game vampires take more damage from Hamon's charged attack.

What is Requiem?

Requiem in Jojo's is an evolved form of stand, which is gained when worthy stand users stab themselves with the Requiem Arrow.

If the users are not worthy of the Requiem Stand manifestation, the arrow will stab through them. Requiem stands often have Requiem within their title and a slight name change.

Stands that successfully can harness the power of the Requiem Arrow gain extreme power; however, they may have a weakness that balances this out.

Although some stands cannot become Requiem in the Anime/Manga, all stands in-game will eventually have the ability to use the Requiem Arrow.

What is Spin?

The Spin is a supernatural phenomenon wielded by multiple key characters in Part 7 (Steel Ball Run) and Part 8 (JoJolion.)

It is a state of perfect or near-perfect rotation that produces a unique form of energy that can be applied for many uses. The Spin may be considered a counterpart to the Hamon ability featured in the original timeline.

YBA Basic Controls

Blocking: Hold F to block damage. (Many attacks cannot be blocked.)
Parrying/Perfect Blocking: Holding F in perfect timing will reflect a heavy punch or R attack and stun the attacker. This also applies to many other abilities.
Skill tree: Every time you level up, you get 2 skill points which can be used in the skill tree to unlock stronger moves or upgrade already existing ones.
Posing: Posing makes you heal much faster. (P)
Dashing: Allows you to move fast in a short burst; if you dash backward while on fire, the fire will go out.

How do I Prestige?

Get the max level on each prestige and then talk to Prestige Master Rin on the main game map.

Max Levels
Prestige 0 = Level 35
Prestige 1 = Level 40
Prestige 2 = Level 45
Prestige 3 = Level 50 (Current Maximum Level/Prestige)

What does Prestige do?
Your max level is extended by 5, allowing you to get more skill points, however; Your level resets to Level 1 and resets quest progress so you can do every storyline quest again.


How do I drop items?
You can no longer drop items; pressing backspace while holding an item will delete it.

How do I drop money?
Click on the $ Icon to the left of your screen and type the amount you want to drop into the GUI that pops up; afterward, press your keyboard's ENTER button to drop it on the ground.

How to get a Requiem Stand in YBA?

Requiem stands are achieved when a stand with potential uses a Requiem Arrow and successfully harnesses the arrow's power to evolve into a Requiem Stand.

How Does Execution Work in YBA?

Certain abilities will perform more damage based on how much HP a player has. The descriptions and amount of damage increased are described in the skill tree upgrades!
The scaling goes like this:

(Example used is String Beatdown's damage.)
100% Target HP(BASE DAMAGE): 44
50% Target HP: 88
30% Target HP: 105

List of moves in the game currently that deal Execution Damage:

Ora Beatdown
7 Page Beatdown
String Beatdown
Arigato Gyro

What is Stand Evolution?

In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, specific stands evolve and grow to gain new abilities through their potential or an outside source, such as another stab with the standing arrow.

Primary examples are Echoes and Tusk's acts, giving them multiple forms, evolving them into a new appearance, and gaining a new ability through the forms.

What are Gangs in YBA?

Gangs can be created at Level 10 for 1000 in-game cash.
If you are the gang owner and leave it, the gang can be claimed again by entering the same name into the gang GUI. This is an excellent way to transfer ownership; however, be careful because somebody else may claim it before the person you want to give it to has the chance.

You can select the gang name and picture for the gang menu whenever you open it using a ROBLOX Decal ID.

If you do not know how to find or even know what a Decal ID is on ROBLOX, ask or search for it on Google.

Just a few notes, if you bypass the filter to create an inappropriate name or use an inappropriate decal, you can be permanently banned. You will then have to appeal to a Moderator on the YBA Discord.

Gangs do not prevent Friendly Fire inYBA
The game has no mechanic that prevents you from damaging other people in your gang, so be careful when attacking, as you will still harm your allies.

Note: Purple Haze, Killer Queen, and Cream are some of the stands that may put your allies at risk when used.
Although team killing prevention is not a thing, particular abilities will not work on other gang members.

For example, if you use Sex Pistol's automatic aiming bullets, they will never target a fellow gang member; another example would be Beach Boy's automatic pull.

Support Abilities

Specific abilities on stands and fighting styles may boost you and your allies; for example, Chariot Requiem's Helping Hand ability will increase the speed of you and your fellow gang members when used.

All gangs have their benefits and issues. However, this depends on the gang itself. Most serious gangs have a Discord that they can advertise ONE TIME in the Your Bizarre Adventure Discord #Gangs channel.

Although there are not many in-game benefits of being in a gang, it is pretty helpful to have the support of other players. Also, some gangs may make the game more fun if they have various ranks and goals to achieve.

The benefits of gangs mostly come from how the gang leaders plan to organize and manage their gang, so in a way, the amount of fun you will be having in the gang will depend on that.

What is Trello?

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