Wrizz – Guild Hunting Boss [AFK Arena]

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Wrizz AFK Arena

Wrizz serves as the introduction to AFK Arena boss fights, as he is one of the easiest bosses in AFK Arena. You goal is simply to survive his bombing long enough while doing as much damage as you can. You cannot beat most boss fights in AFK Arena, your goal is simply to register as much damage as you can to go higher on the Leaderboards.


To fight Wrizz you will need to be part of a guild.

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Wrizz the Desecrator, the infamous goblin corpse looter whose guile is matched only by his unquenchable thirst for all things gold, will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the shiny stuff.

He will often be found lurking in wartorn areas of the kingdom looting the valiant fallen heroes of Esperia, so that he can make what was once theirs his own.

Although skittish by nature is adequately equipped to defend himself if required and the utmost caution should be used when approaching him.


Bombs Away wrizz skill one bombs away Wrizz labs a bomb at his enemies causing massive damage to a large area of the battlefield. 
This skill deals a lot of damage to all your heroes and summoned units.
There are 4 blasts during a battle that occur approximately at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer until the end of the battle).
Molotov wrizz skill two molotov Wrizz hurls a molotov cocktail at his enemies that deals magic damage to them and causes them to burn for a short duration.
This skill always targets the nearest enemy.
Burning lasts for 9 seconds and blocks by shields. Wrizz uses this skill approximately every 7 seconds.
Enrage wrizz skill three enrage Enrage – the more life that they lose the more enraged they become, increasing their damage output. 
Number of this skill's stacks displayed next to the damage counter on the fight screen.

Wrizz Boss Strategy

While the Wrizz boss fight in AFK Arena is pretty straightforward, it must be approached with special care and specific formations. I highly recommend looking at my best Wrizz & Soren formations guide for advice on approaching the fight.


Boss rewards include gold and chests. The amount of it is based on damage done to Wrizz (chest distribution is presented in the table below). Each chest contains random gear with quality from Crude to Elite and 65 guild coins. Also, each chest may contain a treasure bag with 10, 30, or 100 diamonds.

Treasure Bag containing 100 diamonds from team hunting.

At the end of each day, you receive additional rewards by mail.

These rewards include half of the gold and guild coins obtained on the best day attempt.