World // Zero Update Log & Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about the latest World // Zero updates. The complete Roblox World // Zero Update Log & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

This post will provide the complete World // Zero update log and patch notes. World // Zero is an action RPG developed by the World // Zero developer group and one of the absolute best Roblox games you can play. You can explore different worlds and numerous dungeons in the game, level up, collect pets, acquire powerful gear, and much more.

The complete log and patch notes can also be found on the World // Zero official Discord Server.

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January 9th, 2023 Update Log:

- Quest Navigation arrows updated to be higher quality and less intrusive
- Added quest navigation to all World 1 Quests

- Weekly Quest menu not generating any quests now fixed
- Controller inputs will no longer glitch out when switching between different input types

January 6th, 2023 Update Log:

- Korrupted Klaus health reduced to allow better solo-play!
- Korrupted Klaus attacks adjusted to allow better solo-play!
- Korrupted Klaus will now spawn less mobs during the boss fight!
- Redeem code "PEPPERMINT" for 100 Holiday Coins!  
- Dyable Antlers added to the Holiday Shop!  
- Peppermint Pro title added to the Holiday Shop!  
- Daily Cash Shop colors are back to completely random colors!  
- Upgrading Equipment now allows x1,x5,and x10 upgrades!  
- Upgrading Equipment now has a minimum upgrade chance of 15% instead of 10%!
- Upgrading Equipment animation is now slightly faster!
- Weekly Quests adjusted to scale dungeon quantity with dungeon difficulty, higher difficulty = less quantity! 
- Weekly Quests requiring Armor or Weapon drops combined to count both equipment drops
- New players will now spawn in World 1 instead of Dungeon 1-1
- New Side Quests added to World 1, find the Rooftop Party for a special reward!  

- Korrupted Klaus will no longer spawn kill players during the Giga Klaus phase
- Party UI adjusted to scale better and not overlap with the chat window with large parties
- Headless Head now properly hides the neck on most cosmetics!
- Charater Customizer hexcode picker now allows partial hexcodes to be input
- Character Customization UI buttons scaled to fit the screen better
- Character Customization UI no longer tries to use Controller Input if a controller is not being used
- World 3 bounds adjusted to allow travel over water, floating objects fixed, and other general performance improvements

January 2nd, 2023 Update Log:

We realize that with the update on 12/31, Weekly Quest and Daily Quest progress was reset.
For compensation, please claim code "NEWLEAF" for 150 Crystals!
We have no way to return everyone's streak, and we will make sure this does not happen in the future.

2023 Is going to be an exciting time for World Zero, here are some of the things we're looking to solve to make World Zero the best Dungeon Crawler on Roblox:
- Upgrading items takes too long
- Zero Gear was introduced too early in the game
- Bosses don't drop enough gold
- Dungeons don't feel challenging enough
- Dungeons feel too repetitive
- Tower Wave Defense isn't fun
- Normal mobs don't feel challenging enough
- Traps/Obstacles aren't scary/challenging
- Bosses aren't engaging
- Perks have become stale
- Pets are too OP
- Pet food is useless
- Loot doesn't have enough variety
- The ability to turn items into Weapon/Armor skins
- Some classes are not fun to play
- Some weekly/daily quests aren't fun
- Battlepasses don't happen often enough
- Battlepasses aren't fun after the 40 Tier mark
- Guild Seasons don't happen often enough
- Leaderboards for more things like PVP, Cash Shop sales, Dungeon Clear times, etc
- Bugs that have been around for a while that need to be fixed

It's going to be an interesting rollercoaster while we figure out everything that the game needs! But I wanted to let you guys know we are doing our best to bring you the best experience possible! See you all in World 10 later this month!

January 1st, 2023 Update Log:

- Redeem code "HAPPYNEWYEAR" for the 2022 Player title! 🎉 
- Daily Cash Shop colors are now festive! Enjoy reds and greens with some black and white mixed in for this week! ❤️💚🤍🖤

- Timed quests will now show "EXPIRED" when the duration ends.

December 26th, 2022 Update Log:

- Double XP Week is here! Enjoy double the experience until 1/2/2023! 🎉 
- Redeem code "PRESENTPLS" for a random Festive Cosmetic Gift! 🎁 

- Holiday Village will no longer spawn players out of bounds

December 17th, 2022 Update Log:

- KORRUPTED KLAUS IS HERE! with new mechanics and an improved arena!  
- Bring up to a party of 10 to defeat Korrupted Klaus to earn tickets, holiday coins, and cosmetic rewards! 
- The Event Dungeon uses an Effective Level! Everyone will be scaled to Level 125!
- Join the Event Dungeon in the Holiday Village or through the Dungeon Menu!  
- The Holiday Shop is open! Spend your Holiday Coins on rewards like Mounts, Emotes, Titles, and more!  
- The Festive Lion Mount has arrived in the Cash Shop! Get a festive version of the fan favorite Winter Lion Mount!  
- Daily Cash Shop colors have frozen over! Enjoy icy blues with some black, white, green, and red mixed in for this week! 
- Daily Cash Shop colors will change once again on 12/23! Enjoy full monochrome colors for the Holiday week! 
- Earn the "Arctic Avenger" title from a limited time quest starting on 12/23 and ending on 12/30! 
- Use code "ICEBREAKER" for 5 Prize Tickets until 12/26!  
- Stay tuned for a limited time promocode announced for New Years to get the special "2022 Player" title! 
- Korrupted Klaus max health reduced 
- Korrupted Klaus damage values slightly reduced
- Korrupted Klaus "Coal Present Fall" ability cooldown increased (the one with all the coal circles)
- Holiday Coins dropped by the boss increased
- Tickets gained from end of dungeon rewards increased
- Holiday Shop prices reduced

- Dyed Event Items stored in the bank will no longer lose their dye color
- Korrupted Klaus will now properly drop the Green Holiday Helm

December 9th, 2022 Update Log:

- Double XP Weekend is here! Enjoy double the experience until 12/12! ✨ 
- The Prize Wheel now has x1, x5, and x10 spin options! Use code "JOLLY" for 5 Prize Tickets!
- Crystal prices for purchasing Prize Tickets have been reduced to 25 Crystals per ticket! :Crystal~1: 
- The Anti-Festive Chest is here! Purchase the chest for some Black & White Candy Cane cosmetics and a limited mount! 🍬 
- The Festive Cerberus mount has entered the Cash Shop for a limited time! 🎄 
- Daily Cash Shop colors are now festive! Enjoy reds and greens with some black and white mixed in for this week! ❤️💚🤍🖤
- Player Shops are now in a new area in the Holiday Hub!
- Holiday Items that were available during previous Holiday Events are now tradeable!
- Normal versions of the Holiday Beanies and Holiday Lantern added to the Cash Shop!
- The Holiday Boss & Holiday Shop have been pushed back to December 16th!
- We don't have everything ready and want to make sure the boss fight is as perfect as can be!
- The Holiday Event will now end on January 16th instead of January 9th!
- Guild Season 7 has been pushed back to start January 20th! :guild: 

- Added World Bounds to Dungeon 4-3 Boss Arena
- Fixed 6-1 cannon not reaching the Boss Ship
- Fixed a softlock in Dungeons 3-3, 7-1, 7-2, and 8-1
- Fixed Dungeons 1-2 and 4-1 World Bounds
- Fixed visual bugs in Dungeon 8-1
- Fixed player position on the Frozen Energy Board
- Platemail Costume updated to have gloves and a separate helmet

December 2nd, 2022 Update Log:

    - The Festive Event arrives today at December 3, 2022 12:00 AM (This is in your local time)
    - Check out the Holiday Village for activities and festivities!
    - Collect Daily Holiday Rewards!
    - Complete the Daily Obstacle Course for Rewards!
    - Find all the Hidden Gifts for Rewards!
    - Spin the Prize Wheel for Rewards!
    - Earn Tickets for the Prize Wheel by doing Dungeons, Towers, World Events, Quests, and Dailies in the Holiday Hub!
    - The Korrupted Klaus Dungeon & Holiday Coin Shop open next week! Be prepared for new Quests and more items!
    - Check out the Festive Battlepass and collect Candy Canes to unlock exclusive items!
    - Check out the Cash Shop for Limited Time Cosmetics & Mounts!
    - Hatch Holiday Eggs for a chance to hatch a new Tier 5 Foxdeer pet!
    - Open Festive Chests for a chance at new Holiday Auras and Holiday Weapon Skins!
    - Content Creators have been given Promo Codes and a Global Code to hand out during the event! Better check the content-creator channel!

    - Elf Ears now change with your characters skin tone!
    - Auras now properly load on Weapon Skins!
    - Emotes will no longer leave your weapons invisible!
    - 6-1 Tentacle hit indicators now show the correct location!

November 23rd, 2022 Update Log:

- All Crystal purchases are 20% off until 11/28!
- The Turkey Rhea is back for a limited time! This seasonal mount will be on sale until 12/01!
- Dungeon 7-2 is here! Defeat the Minotaur in The Labyrinth!
- New Hoverboard colors added to the Cash Shop!
- Player levels were added back into the new Players Menu!

- Players shouldn't randomly die when in slightly laggy servers!

November 18th, 2022 Update Log:

- Guild Ranks are here! Customize your member permissions with the roles Member, Captain, and Elite!  
- Customize your invite status to change what roles can invite guild members!  
- Changing Guild Leadership is now an option! Give leadership to another guild member!  
- The Server Browser is here! Use it to switch between servers in your current world! 
- Player Menu UI has been revamped to include the Server Browser UI!
- The Draconic Chest is here! Open it to earn Dragon themed Auras and Weapon Skins!  
- Draconic Wings and Draconic Tail are now available in the Cash Shop and Daily Cash Shop!
- Mobile can now access the full menu at the end of a dungeon!
- Pets are now swappable during a dungeon!
- Dungeon 4-3 boss mechanic changed to clearing mobs and not the portals themselves!

- Dungeon 6-2 no longer has massive lag issues
- Butterfly Pet legendary variants made slightly smaller
- Dungeon 4-3 now shows the proper level requirement and gear level (Level 55)
- Mounting on mobile no longer glitches the pet ability cooldown
- Target dummies in World 4 now work properly
- Tower 5 boss door can't get players stuck anymore

November 11th, 2022 Update Log:

- Double XP Weekend is here! Enjoy double the experience until 11/14!
- Prestiging will now give you a +20% XP Boost per prestige! ✨ 
- Dungeon 6-2 is here! Go on an adventure to find Davy Jones' treasure! 🪙 
- All Halloween Items are now tradeable! 👻 
- New Mounts added to the Cash Shop! :Crystal~1: 
- Goo Helmet & Aviator Sunglasses #2 added to the Cash Shop! :Crystal~1: 
- Mobile players now can use the Dungeon Menu while in a dungeon! ⚔️ 
- Aviator Sunglasses added to the Daily Cash Shop rotation!
- Price confirmation prompt added when adding items to Player Shops! 💸 
- Level Up FX updated to show "Level Up!" on screen 
- Minor visual changes to World 4
- Added alternative route in World 4 to the "Elder Golem" World Event

- Server lag caused by Guild Data loading fixed!
- Pets will now pick up special items like tickets when inventory is full
- Tower 2 Tsunami no longer still triggers when the Cannon is used
- Volcano Dungeon drawbridge can no longer squish players and get them stuck

November 4th, 2022 Update Log:

Guild Season 6 is here with some new features! See the full update below:

- World Zero has hit 250 MILLION Visits! Claim promocode 250MILPARTY for 150 Crystals until 11/8! :Crystal~1: 🥳 
- Guild Season 6 is here! Compete against other guilds to earn seasonal rewards! Top 5% of guilds this season will receive the Dark Pegasus mount! :guild: 
- ALL World Events are now completable once a day! Earn 1 point for each World Event you do daily!
- Guild Chat is here! Communicate with your guild members globally throughout the game! Use /g to send a guild message! (20 second cooldown)
- Guild Logs are here! Use the Points Log to see the activity of your guild, and leaders can use the Audit Log to see joins, leaves, and invites!
- Dungeon 5-2 is here! Explore Konoh Inferno to defeat the Eye of Ignis!
- The Daily Cash shop is back to the normal rotation of completely random colors!
- Dyed item hex codes standardized to show the full hex code!
- New pair of premium pupil-less eyes added to Avatar Customization!
- Crystal Purchasing now has a sound effect!

- Guild Data should accurately show kicks, leaves, and joins properly
- Mobile can now use the Hex Code Picker in Avatar Customization
- Inviting players to Trade won't glitch when you first join a server
- Fixed a bug where Daily Quest rewards would break if previous day wasn't claimed
- Hair Salon lighting brightness lowered
- Star Mount icon fixed
- Non-dyed cash shop items won't show hex codes under them in the preview anymore
- Vane the Aether Dragon will now fly less frequently
- 9-1 Dungeon Boss boulder ability now does damage
- Additional mob blockers added to 7-1 so mobs cant fall off the map

October 22nd, 2022 Update Log:

✨  Double EXP Weekend is here! Enjoy double the experience until 10/24!✨  

- You can now sell Cosmetics for gold in the Sell Menu! Get rid of those cheetah tails!
- Daily Cash Shop colors have changed again! Enjoy some ghoulish greens for this week! 💚
- Waystone Menu will now show the name of the current Waystone at the top of the menu
- Added more on-screen communication for Fallen King seek a cure mechanic

- Hidden Pumpkins will no longer glitch locations when the daily resets!
- Fallen King second phase will now always teleport everyone
- Fixed issue where perks would not load properly
- Daily Quest Streak will no longer reset aslong as you complete your dailies on atleast one character
- Summoner Abilities will no longer break on death
- "Better Gear Arrow" in items will now factor in Empower Level when comparing equipment
- Fixed German Translation not showing equipment levels

October 17th, 2022 Update Log:

- The Spooky Witch Hat is now available for a limited time in the Cash Shop!
- Prices for aura chests without weapon skins have been reduced!
- Costumes with hoodies now have a buzz cut instead of no hair!

- The game should be back to normal for players with large inventories!
- You should no longer receive quests related to dungeon 5-2 (coming soon though!)
- Fixed the visual issues with the Traditional Samurai costume

:guild: GUILD SEASON 6 CHANGES :guild: 
We noticed some changes need to happen before we launch the next season, especially around world events! Here's the plan for next season:
- Each world event in every world will award 1 point per day
- Rebalance of all ranks' point requirements

October 14th, 2022 Update Log:

🎃 The Fallen King has arrived, are you powerful enough to defeat him and earn special rewards!? 🎃

- The Fallen King is here with new mechanics and an improved arena! 💀 
    - Bring up to a party of 10 to defeat the Fallen King to earn tickets, weapon skins, and cosmetic rewards!
    - The Event Dungeon uses an Effective Level! Everyone will be scaled to Level 125!
    - Join the Event Dungeon in the Halloween Hub or through the Dungeon Menu!

- Halloween Quests are here! 📜 
    - Complete activities in the Event World and Event Dungeon to earn quest rewards!

- The Halloween Ticket Shop is open! 🎟️ 
    - Spend your excess tickets on rewards like Mounts, Pets, Titles, and more!

- Dungeons now scale properly based on the players left alive!
- Crystal Gifting can now be accessed by clicking a player!

- Mobile UI selection buttons will now work properly on low-end devices
- Mobs will now die if they are too far from their spawn part (This should fix Oasis Tower)
- Respawning while spectating in Towers will properly remove the Spectate UI
- Fixed a bug where other player characters wouldn't load

October 11th, 2022 Update Log:

- Color hex codes will now show up in the Cash Shop when selecting a daily item
- Search bars are now available in the Bank and Trade menus!
- The bandit mask and blindfold accessories can now spawn in the daily cash shop!

- Fixed an issue where daily quests were not awarding battlepass XP
- Daily Quest #2's Equipment Chest should drop in special worlds without an issue
- Fixed rendering issues related to item pages (where it's not showing all 10 items even though you have more than 1 page)
- Fixed items staying in the inventory item page in the Bank menu
- The bank quantity should be correct when you first open it now
- The Web Dress's body torso now changes with skin color
- Added an NPC next to the Daily Obby in the halloween world to better explain how to complete the obby

The Halloween Event Hub looks a bit more ghoulish than usual, almost a bit more.. sinister

The Fallen King is almost here! Be there on Friday, Oct. 14th @3pm PST for the release of this skeletal monster and the rest of the WZ Sinister Event Part 2! :wzhalloween:

October 8th, 2022 Update Log:

It's spooky time!!

The Sinister Event is here! 👻 
  - Check out the Halloween Hub for activities and festivities!
       - Collect Daily Halloween Rewards!
       - Complete the Daily Obstacle Course for Rewards!
       - Find all the Hidden Pumpkins for Rewards!
       - Spin the Prize Wheel for Rewards!
       - Earn Tickets for the Prize Wheel by doing Dungeons, Towers, World Events, and Dailies in the Hub! (Bosses must be around your level to drop tickets)
       - The Fallen King Dungeon & Halloween Ticket Shop open next week! Be prepared for new Quests and more items!
    - Check out the Sinister Battlepass and collect Candy Corn to unlock exclusive items!
    - Check out the Cash Shop for Limited Time Cosmetics & Mounts!
    - Open Sinister Aura Chests for a chance at new Halloween Auras and Halloween Weapon Skins!
    - The Daily Cash Shop colors have changed again! Enjoy this weeks spooky colors!
    - Content Creators have been given Promo Codes to hand out during the event! Better check the content-creator channel!

Player Progression curve adjusted to allow easier leveling from levels 1-115! Leveling to Max will be slightly more difficult! ✨ 
    - This Progression update comes with new Mob Quests & Level Milestone Quests!
    - Prestiging is now accessible 15 levels below the max level! (Level 115 right now)

Trade, Bank, and Upgrade menus will now split inventories into pages allowing you to search your inventory quicker! 🙏 

Crystal Gifting is here! Gift Crystals to your friends when you purchase Crystals with Robux! :Crystal~1: 

Guild Season 6 pushed back a week to allow players to fully enjoy the Sinister Event (Now starts on the 28th) :guild: 

World 5 has been updated to improve player performance and immersive feel! ⭐ 
    - "Hand of Ignis" World Event added to World 5

Unlocking a new class will show a notification on the class menu icon
Controller will no longer get stuck on Quest Tracker when closing Inventory
The B ability button for Controller will no longer lock up after a trade
World Bounds and Terrain bugs fixed in Dungeon 1-1
Various Daily Quests nerfed to allow easier completion

October 1st, 2022 Update Log:

🎃 HALLOWEEN 2022🎃 
- Halloween is coming! The Sinister Battlepass will start on 10/07/2022!
- The Sinister Event will include new Weapon Skins, Cosmetics, Quests, Titles, and more!
- Check out the video for a little sneak peak 😈 

- The Daily Shop is now themed with Fall Colors! The theme will change throughout the Halloween Event!
- There is now a button to hide game UI located above the Text Chat!
- Added a Waystone to World 2 by the Volcano World Event
- The Tower 2 Tsunami mechanic will deal high damage, but will not insta-kill on full health!

- 6-1 Cannon will properly land you on the boat 100% of the time now
- "Right Aura" and "Left Aura" changed to be "Aura 1" and "Aura 2"
- Equipment Chests & Super Equipment Chests can be properly claimed in PVP Arena & Marketplace
- Demon Scythe Throw ability no longer leaves behind a dark box around the blade
- Fixed a Memory Leak involving World Events not despawning properly
- Chat should no longer overlap inventory on small resolutions
- Mobile UI pushed up to fit screens better
- Mobile users should no longer get stuck on Mounts when trying to unsheathe
- Egg Shop Crystal purchasing now complies with different regions properly

September 24th, 2022 Update Log:

- Royal Aura Chest, Elegant Aura Chest, and Pharoah Aura Chest are now all the same price! (now 400 Crystals)
- Day 5 in the weekly rewards is repeatable! You can now earn up to 3 Super Equipment Chests a week with this!
- We've revamped the Boosters menu! Go check it out!
- New players and characters will now go through dungeon 1-1 immediately
- Guaranteed Tier 5 drop for new players finishing dungeon 1-1!
- We've updated the game in compliance to EU and Korean laws!
- Mobile users can now use the primary skill to unsheathe their gear!
- Mobile Auto-Aim max distance increased to 100 studs (was 35)
- Mobile Auto-Aim is now exclusive to touch screens
- Duplicated items, discovered will now be marked as untradeable
- You can now identify duplicated items with the "illegal" tag
- Zero Gear crafted with duplicated items will carry the illegal status

- On mobile, the chat should now go away when viewing the dungeon select menu
- You can now save your previous days in weekly rewards to claim all at once!
- We adjusted the mob spawns in Tower 4 to prevent them from disappearing or flinging
- Fixed the shadows behind the characters in the Classes menu
- Fixed an issue where the player shop would randomly disappear
- Fixed aura chests from not disappearing when you roll a weapon skin
- Fixed issues around the 6-1 bubble elevator not giving you lift
- Fixed an issue where the world event splash would not appear when a world event is active
- Fixed the promo codes button appearing twice on Mobile

:guild: SEASON 5 RESULTS :guild: 
Season 5 is now OVER! Thank you everyone who participated! We've had 4,132 guilds participating this season, and only 97 guilds made it into the top 5%! We hope that you enjoy your new titles, and for some of you your newest mount: The Sapphire Phoenix Mount! Here are the results of the top 3 guilds of season 5:

🥇 1st Place: [SE] - 273,709 points
🥈 2nd Place: [VENG] - 218,222 points
🥉 3rd Place: [HAL0] - 185,227 points

Who's ready for the Halloween Event??? :wzhalloween:

September 20th, 2022 Update Log:

- The Shinobi Hat and Heir To The Throne Horns can now spawn in the daily cosmetics!
- The Platemail Armor and Blow-Up Space Suit can now spawn in the daily cosmetics!

- World pet eggs sold in Pet Shops show the proper egg now!
- Fixed scrolling issues for mobile users in the Settings and Guilds menu
- Weapons shouldn't disappear when switching classes with a weapon skin equipped
- Fixed Demon, Dragoon, and Warlord abilities using the wrong weapon model for some attacks
- Fixed the Tuxedo from falling in the player shop display
- The 8-2 boss' melee abilities should be able to land hits again

Last I saw there was a dyed Blow-Up Space Suit in the shop right now! If you like green, this is your day! 🥳 💚

September 17th, 2022 Update Log:

 - NEW Cyber Chest! Includes Weapon Skins & Auras!
 - Weapon Skins can be equipped on any Weapon Type but will only visibly show if the Weapon Types match!

 - Accessories can now show up dyed in the Daily Shop!
 - 3rd Hat Slot added!

 - VIP Players now have a GOLDEN Player Shop!
 - VIP players now have +10 Inventory Slots!

- Dungeon 6-1 & 7-1 simplified to allow faster completion
- Meditation Emote now available in the Cash Shop!
- Equipment Chests have a low chance to award T5 equipment

- Daily Quests now work properly between character slots
- Daily Quests can be claimed from the tracker
- Weekly Rewards now generate weekly instead of daily
- Lighting in Cash Shop & Cosmetic Inventory fixed!
- Player Shop UI will no longer overlap when the shop is full
- Aether Flower is now considered a regular mob
- Grave Tower Tree Ent boss now deals damage during his second phase
- Sapphire Phoenix colors updated
- Opening Class Menu will now show your current class skills
- Mounts will always show next to Player Shops instead of on the table
- Dyed Cosmetics will show properly dyed when sold in a Player Shop
- All Towers adjusted to have the Wave Defense teleporter in the same place

September 9th, 2022 Update Log:

    - Level up your daily experience with completion rewards! Rewards get better each day!
    - Track your daily quest streak in the Daily Quest menu!
    - Daily Quest completion rewards reset weekly!
    - Daily Quests, Guild Dungeon Points Reset, Weekly Quests, and the Cash Shop are all now synced!
    - Daily resets are every day at @3pm PST; Weekly resets are every Friday @3pm PST
    - This also means daily quests reset every 24 hours now instead of 18 hours
    - Leaving a guild will now deduct points from the guild's leaderboard position (this was an unintended bug)
    - FAIRY PET skill: Cure, cooldown reduced to 15 (was 30)
    - FAIRY PET skill: Cure Pro, cooldown reduced to 22 (was 45)
    - PET SKILLS are now able to be used even when feared
    - Pet Rename Scroll (available in the cash shop) is now tradeable!
    - Red Hat, Purple Hat, Pink Cat Tail, Devil Tail (Black), and Springy Hearts (Black) are now all tradeable!

    - Fixed an issue where getting knocked down and using cure permanently locks you in place
    - Vane should disable invincibility properly during one of its fly-by attacks
    - Fixed Vane's bite attack to be more impactful and display a radial indicator
    - Vane has been given a cooldown to flying attacks (30s) to prevent constant flying attacks

September 2nd, 2022 Update Log:

:guild: GUILD SEASON 5 :guild: 
Guild Season 5 starts in just a few hours!
The top guilds will be awarded the new Sapphire Phoenix Mount & Season 5 Champion Title!
Rank up your guilds to earn the Phoenix Breath Aura and Season 5 Hero Title!

- Aether Tower, is HERE! Fight your way to the top to challenge Vane, the Aether Dragon!
- Added the Dragon Slayer Quest, slay Vane, Aether Dragon 15 times to receive a rare new pet!
- Introducing the Fairy Pet Egg! These adorable pets cure harmful status effects.
- World 9 Roaming mini-bosses now have a chance to drop Empowering Stones!
- Added player titles!
- Player Shops will now display the shop owners username and nickname in the Shop UI!
- Tower 4 level cap was reduced to World 8 level requirement to let players catch up quicker!
- Added two roaming mini-bosses to World 3!
- Black & White cosmetic week has ended
- New Roblox chat system

- Added XP to "Get to level x" quests
- Dashing at high speeds should no longer trigger the anti-exploit
- Fixed Class Ultimates causing extreme lag with Aether Crown equipped
- Removed invisible barriers along the river in World 9
- Modernized Gamepass icons

August 27th, 2022 Update Log:

- Dungeon 9-2: Aether Fortress, is HERE! The Aether King has set his traps! Will you make it out alive?
- We're starting our first daily shop event: Black & White! All daily shop items this weekend will be monochrome!
- We've adjusted the tiers and pricing for emotes in the cash shop
- Farmer Outfit has been removed from the daily cash shop
- Spirit Bomb does not aggro mobs anymore
- Spirit Bomb Blast Radius reduced to 18 (was 30)
- Spirit Bomb Slowdown Radius reduced to 24 (was 30)
- Spirit Bomb now inflicts Slowdown to players in PvP
- Mortar Strike Blast Radius reduced to 18 (was 25)

- Healthbar height should be fixed when mounting and dismounting!
- Getting interrupted while dashing (new dodge) shouldn't softlock your movement anymore
- Bunny Onesie (White & Pink) and the Pink Two Piece Swimsuit should be tradeable now!
- We've fixed fall zones from incorrectly getting triggered (including but not limited to: 6-1, 7-1)
- Fixed an issue where you can teleport to the 9-1 boss before the final checkpoint
- Fixed the World Event splash screen from sometimes not appearing when a world event happens
- Fixed camera clipping issues around World 6

We're focused on making sure we're transparent about guild seasons with you all! We know how much you all love them, and we love seeing the competition that comes out of it! We want to make sure we're bringing you the best guild season experience possible. While we've been planning the season out to include guild castles, we took a step back to see the directions this could go. To be frank here, we're not sure where it could go, and we really don't want to release this feeling half as fun as it could have been. 
So, we're going to take a step back with Guild Castles, and reiterate on this aspect of guild seasons. This way we don't make any hasty changes that end up feeling bad to the eyes of the player, and bring you the experience that you want! Guild Season 5 will still begin next Friday!

And with that, we hope you all enjoy your weekend taking on the Aether King! Don't forget to pick up your Aether Crown!  👑

August 20th, 2022 Update Log:

🌍  WORLD 9 🌍 
- Level Cap Increase to 120!
- New world quests and side quests!
- New Empowering Stone, which takes your gear up to level 130! (currently limited by max level)
- 3 World Event Bosses, these ones pack a punch!
- Dungeon 9-1 is now available at level 115!

- World 9 is HERE! Explore an ancient forest with war-torn lands!
- Explore Dungeon 9-1, where you scale tree-tops and cliffs to reach the boss!
- Default bank space has been increased to 50 (was 40)
- VIP now offers +50 extra bank slots (was +40)
- New Extra Space bank gamepass! Adds an extra 100 SLOTS to your bank!
- Summer Battlepass items are now TRADABLE!
- In-game update logs are here to bring you the latest info directly!
- New Auto-Aim assist! Toggleable in Settings!
- Double-Tap to Dash on PC now has a toggle in Settings
- New confirmation window when attempting to leave a guild

- Fixed world events floating in World 1!
- Fixed an issue where world event mobs can roam outside of their zone

You may have noticed in the Guilds menu, but due to time constraints, we have to push the guild season back a week. We want to make sure we have plenty of time to iron this out, as well as all of the critical issues with PvP right now! We'll keep you updated about this next week 👍

For now though, enjoy World 9 and everything it has to offer, and enjoy your weekend!!

August 12th, 2022 Update Log:

- Starter classes are now all unlocked by default! 🎉 
- There's now an aura chest shop in World 1! ✨ 
- Party and Trade invites are now on by default (Still toggleable in Settings!)

- Summoner's ultimate now gets affected by empower!
- Fixed an issue with the footer in the Classes menu displaying improperly

While this may be a small patch, we're focusing on some big things coming very soon!

While we've been getting these patches and updates out, we've been hard at work finishing off what's left with World 9! This is expected to release next week, Aug. 19th!! A massive world with fortresses, massive trees, and the war-torn lands between! Sneak peeks coming all throughout next week!

As mentioned last week, we've updated our roadmap with the latest info! Please take a look, and let us know what you think in suggestions!

Please Note: Guild Season 5 says September, but we're projecting it to release at the end of August still! 👍 

And with that, we hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone! Make sure to finish the battlepass if you haven't already, it ends THIS Sunday at 11:59pm PST!! 😉

August 6th, 2022 Update Log:

- The main menu's character customizer and class selection has gotten a makeover!
- Easily randomize your character's appearance with the Randomize button!
- The class selection menu now offers the ability to view class and skill details!

- Summoner's Robe and Warlord's Armor now spawn in the cash shop dailies!
- Legendary Classes have been made available to purchase now!

- Fixed selection issues on Xbox in the main menu

While we're getting these updates pushed out, we've been hard at work creating the next bundle of content, including World 9! Lets take a step back and briefly go over some things that need a status update on:

Hair Salon
While we initially planned for this to happen in July, we've encountered a bit of a technical and design hurdle. We decided to take a step back and make sure we get this right!

Crystal Gifting
We're still planning for this to happen! The class changes you've been experiencing the past few weeks took higher priority, and we plan to push this out around early next month!

We plan to release an updated version of the roadmap next week! 🙏 

July 30th, 2022 Update Log:

- Class Tickets have been removed and you can now unlock classes as you level up! You will be able to select one class per tier, and upon prestiging you can unlock one more per tier!
- World Event boss health is now balanced across all worlds and scale based on player participation!
- Legendary Classes are no longer tied to prestiging, they are now unlocked at Level 100.
- Prestiging will give you a colored Dragon border around your level! The color matches tiers! :UpArrow: 
- Crystal death mechanic removed from 5-1, boss health adjusted, and longer damage phase!
- Barrel death mechanic removed from 6-1, boss health adjusted, and boss / tentacle health adjusted!
- Class Selection screen updated to have the class types in the correct order
- PC Players can now double tap "WASD" to dodge!
- The World Event notification icon & banner now have a brand new Boss Icon!

- Boss Healthbar Status Icons no longer blocks the Objective Text when in a Dungeon on mobile
- Tower Chests menu no longer clips with mobile buttons
- Tower Chests menu no longer clips with the Objective Text
- Mage animation poses fixed in Class Selection menu
- Mobile now uses the correct inventory icon
- Dire Boarwolf special attack now has indicators
- King Crab boss now has indicators for flamethrower ability
- Updated message for when your ultimate isn't ready but you try to use it
- If a player in your party leaves the server, they wont remain in the party

:guild: GUILD SEASON 4 RESULTS :guild: 
Thank you everyone who participated in the latest guild season, and congratulations to all 132 guilds who managed to make it to the top 5%! Enjoy riding your new trusty companion, the Purple Armored Wolf Mount, and we hope to see each and every one of you next season when we launch Open World PvP Zones! (more details in the last post!)

Here are the results for the top 3 guilds:
🥇  1st Place: [VENG] - 239,656 points
🥈  2nd Place: [SE] - 234,765 points
🥉  3rd Place: [I404I] - 172,135 points

July 26th, 2022 Update Log:

- The Boarwolf Mount's walkspeed has been increased to match the same speed as other premium mounts! 🐗 
- Parties can now teleport to dungeons even when a party member is not in the server 👍 

- The "Find Party" option in the Dungeon Select Menu has been fixed for towers!
- Fixed Xbox controls for the Dungeon Select Menu! 🎮 
- Quest "Go to world 2 by using the teleporter!" tracking position has been fixed
- Fixed mage character poses in the Classes Menu
- Castle Knight's radial indicator has been fixed to the proper position

Aside from the patch, later this week we will be taking a different approach to how you obtain classes and prestige. Tomorrow we will be posting details about the future of guild seasons. Lots of stuff is unravelling soon, so stay tuned! :guild:

July 23rd, 2022 Update Log:

- All classes dodge abilities have been improved! Dodging while moving will make you dash! ⏩ 
- The Dungeon Select menu has been revamped to be transparent with dungeon stats and extra dungeon rewards! :Gold~2: 
- We've added a green up-arrow to items that are better than the one you have equipped! :UpArrow: 
- Grass Cobra damage was nerfed by 50% 🐍 

- Chests should be back in the dungeon rewards screen!
- The dungeon rewards screen has been resized to fit better on screens!
- You shouldn't be able to purchase battlepass tiers above level 40 now 🙏 

July 16th, 2022 Update Log:

Mage Classes can now use their auto-attack while running!
This change was implemented to provide a smoother and more satisfying experience!
However, we are not neglecting the Melee Classes either!
We are working on a Super Dash mechanic that will allow Melee Classes to directionally dodge, allowing for a more fluid experience! :monkaRUN: 

- Empowering Stone cost for Zero Gear decreased from x5 to x3, Empowering Stone drop rate increased from 5% to 10%! 🙏 
- Kraken's tentacles health reduced so the Kraken's overall health matches other Tower Bosses.
- Number of Pipes required to charge Tsunami Cannon during the Kraken fight reduced, and timing to charge them also reduced!
- Ignis' shield now spawns closer to allow the attack to be avoided without a mount.
- Dungeon 3-2 Raptor Bosses adjusted to allow players to solo the dungeon.
- Shinigami Costume is now dyeable and can show up in the Daily Cash Shop and Weekly Quest Rewards! :Poggers~3: 

:guild: GUILD SEASON :guild: 
- Guild Leaderboard calculation changed to require a 50 guild point minimum to count toward the top 5%!

- Skip to Endgame adjusted to always bring you to 10 levels below the Max Level.
- Camera popping during World 8 Tree Ent World Event fixed.
- Multi Volleyball cosmetic is no longer tradeable.
- White Bunny Onesie and Pink Tail cosmetics are now tradeable.
- Navigate Mission now automatically turns on when a brand new player joins the game.
- Boundaries added to World 6 to fix certain wall clipping.

July 9th, 2022 Update Log:

- The Summer Battlepass is HERE! Reach the end for some golden headphones! 🎧 
- Guild Seasons are BACK! The top 5% of guilds will receive the Purple Armored Wolf Mount, more details below! :guild: 
- Summer Aura Chest 2022 just dropped! Go check it out in the Aura Chest Shop!
- NEW ANIME-INSPIRED COSMETICS, available in the cash shop!
- New Beach Chair sitting emote, also now available in the cash shop!
- Towers 1 and 2 now work the same way as Towers 3 and 4! Battle against waves of enemies to reach the boss at the top! 🗼 
- Tower 2 level requirement has been adjusted from 70 to 75!
- Gold Cost for empowering has been reduced by 50%! :Gold~2: 
- Guild Seasons now start and end around 5pm PDT (was 3pm PDT)

- Fixed an issue where xbox users were unable to claim weekly quest rewards 🙏 
- The party leader should no longer swap when doing dungeons over again
- Fixed an issue where the Demon can use its ultimate to crash other players
- Fixed Archer abilities where it would stop dealing damage if you traveled far enough from them
- The quest for Tower 4 should be visible now!

:guild: Guild Seasons :guild: 
So you may have noticed that the top guild reward is not crystals! We've taken everyone's feedback into heart and have made quick adjustments so that this season's top reward is something more memorable. Moving forward from here, we're planning to add titles as part of the rewards (not just by itself either). Titles would be something that you can put on your healthbar and show off your grand achievements, including being a guild season champion! If you like or don't like this idea, please share your thoughts in suggestions!

July 2nd, 2022 Update Log:

🗼 TOWER 4 🗼 
- Tower 4 is out NOW! Face 4 challenging floors to stand up against Taurha, the Ruined Giant
- You will earn both equipment chests AND floor chests from each wave defense encounter!
- Earn extra chests at the end of the tower by finishing the floors fast enough!
- Towers 4 will revive you after each encounter! You will even be revived after the final boss encounter to collect you rewards! (no rewards for dying in the wave defense though!)

- NEW PET ALLIGATOR! Crush your enemies with the might of the Mega Bite skill from this pet! :ablobcatbite: 
- Tower 3 now plays the same as Tower 4. As mentioned before, we will convert Tower 1 & 2 next week!

- Tower 3 Boss should scale better for larger parties now! It's easier with more players 👍 
- Patched an item duping exploit! Trying to decide on what to do with the duped item IDs, but we will provide info in the near future 🙏 
- Armored Goblins' laser attack doesn't burn anymore! It was dealing way more damage than necessary!

We hope you enjoy the weekend facing off against our latest boss! We took a lot of feedback from players about previous bosses so that we can make the best experience yet! Don't underestimate Taurha! He may be chonky, but he packs a punch! 💪 

Enjoy the weekend everyone! We'll see you next week with the release of the Summer Battlepass!!

June 25th, 2022 Update Log:

- DUNGEON 8-2: Ruin Rush is OUT NOW!! 🛡️
- LEVEL CAP RAISED to Level 110! ⏫ 

- Towers now only double the drop rate of Tier 5 items, before it used to do the same for accessories
- Attacks should land hits on moving targets more accurately now!
- Summoner's summons now properly respect your Staff's empower 👍 
- Added more sounds to Ruinous, the Poison Dragon! :Sound: 

Give the new dungeon a whirl, it's got cool rapids! 🏄‍♂️ 
Who's ready for Tower 4??? 🗼

June 18th, 2022 Update Log:

We're very excited to announce that the latest expansion to World // Zero, World 8: Wasteland Oasis, IS NOW LIVE!!

Thank you everyone for your patience today! We're very excited to talk about World 8, Dungeon 8-1, and the future to come! :wz: 

- New open world experience: World 8, our biggest open world experience yet!
- FOUR world event encounters! You need to discover their location to unlock teleporting to them!
- New Dungeon: 8-1! Available at lvl 100, Nightmare Difficulty at lvl 105!
- New legendary gear! You can use any combination of 7 unique legendary gear from any world to construct your zero gear!
- Use the Empower feature to increase your gear's level! Start your journey at level 60!
- Empowering Stones, used to empower gear, now drop randomly from World Events and Dungeon Bosses
- NEW AURA CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!! ✨ 
- NEW COSTUMES, ACCESSORIES, and MOUNTS in the cash shop! If you like dinosaurs, this is for you! 😉
- Towers maze floors have been removed (only bosses now!) and Tower 3's Wave Defense has been improved!
- Tower Legendary Drop Rates have are now doubled. Please note, this may change in the future!!
- LIMITED TIME PRIDE ACCESSORIES! These will only be available until July 3rd!
- New main menu buttons! We hope you like 'em! 🙏 

- Unequipping pets should no longer break that pet 🐶 
- Fixed an issue where moving platforms can sometimes become desynced, making some passages unable to be crossed
- Summons should take attack damage from more mob attacks now. This will be an ongoing patch until we clear through all of the mobs
- Item pickup on mobile should no longer block button inputs
- You can't stand on top of mobs! they will try to push you off now 👍 
- Some mobs that animated after death should no longer animate... after death
- Adjusted the side menu on PC to respect smaller screens more

✨ FUTURE? ✨ 
With this update, not only can you expect faster updates between worlds, but also faster development times for worlds and more accurate release dates. We know this update took a while to prepare, and we're always trying to improve the experience! Always feel free to share your feedback in our discord here, or reach out to us on our social medias! We wouldn't be here today without the support from each and every one of you! ❤️

June 9th, 2022 Update Log:

🌐  WORLD 8 🌐 
- The World 8 open world experience, our biggest map yet!
- Level Cap increase to 105!
- Dungeon 8-1 will be open to play, launching with two difficulties!
- New monsters and enemies to explore, featuring four world events

- Towers: You may have noticed those changes we mentioned back in May, these will be in this Friday! (more info:
- Empowering: Empower your weapons beyond its original level! Starting at level 60+
- Nightmare Dungeons: Dungeon levels raised from 100 to 105 (Nightmare dungeons will always be at level cap)!
- Zero Gear: World 8 Tier 5 gear may be used in crafting the all-powerful zero gear!
- World Events: Only in world 8 (for now), you will now have to discover world event locations to be able to teleport to them

- New Dungeon 8-2
- Level Cap increase to 110!

It has been a long road to get to where we're at today! With the release of World 8 tomorrow, you can expect faster updates with more content in between! Thank you for being with us on our journey up to this point, and we hope you enjoy yourselves as we launch the next step in our exploration: The Wasteland Oasis!

May 21st, 2022 Update Log:

- World 2 Town has been reimagined, along with small changes scattered around the map. Go check it out!
- New Side Menu for PC players! Everything that was in the menu should be much more accessible now!
- Quest Tracker got a slight makeover!

- Duel wins and losses should now count towards the Dueling Weekly Quest (a little late on this... sorry about that!)
- Completing all of your daily quests should no longer break the Quests Menu
- Dungeon 4-1: Pitfalls should no longer kill you, instead they will take away a bit of your health (except the last difficulty)
- Dungeon 5-1: Ranged classes should be able to target the Unstable Crystals that fall from the sky now!
- You should be able to unlock locked items on Xbox now!

May 7th, 2022 Update Log:

- We've added quests for dungeons 5-1 and 6-1! 📜 
- Summons will now be fully affected by the Frozen status
- World 5's beach has been overran by Blue Quillodiles!
- New menu improvements to the World Event splash screen!

- Fixed known exploits that duplicate tradable stacking items and improved security checks
- Quest Tracker shouldn't hold the last quest unless you have chosen to track it

April 29th, 2022 Update Log:

- The final boss in tower 1 will no longer only have 3 shields to defend from. There is now 1 shield that rotates randomly around the map when the attack starts!
- You can now track quests! Click on the reticle next to a quest for it to show up in the quest tracker!
- Class Tickets are much clearer now. The tiers match with their corresponding classes, so to get Tier 4 classes you need Tier 4 Tickets!

- Fixed some visual effects for the tower 1 final boss
- Sprinting on gamepad controllers should work again (sorry about that!) 🙏 

April 26th, 2022 Update Log:

- MASSIVE performance improvement when loading in and playing!
- Moving platforms have been improved! We changed those sections in dungeons 5-1, 6-1, and 7-1 to be a bit more interesting!
- Summoner's Summons are now based on your Staff's level instead of your current level
- Character frames in the inventory and cash shop are a lot brighter now!

- Fixed an issue where the Warlord could pull the Kraken's tentacles off of its platform :notavibe:
- Fixed some teleporting issues where you would fall through the floor
- Fixed Demon's primary attack shaking everyone's screen
- Minor improvements to the Dungeon Countdown menu
- Mobile players should no longer see two jump buttons
- Fixed the secondary idle animations of mounts (Cloud Mounts and Comet Mount)
- Fixed an issue where a player who used to own a shop can remove the next owner's shop when leaving
- Fixed an issue where your character appears to be falling in the inventory menu
- Summons should be able to attack target dummies now!

April 9th, 2022 Update Log:

- The Spring Flowers have been taken by monsters! Defeat enemies to take back the flowers and earn AWESOME rewards in return!
- The battlepass includes many new accessories and costumes, with some fan-favorites of last year!
- The Super Equipment Chest is now included in the battlepass!

- Super Equipment Chest now only offers Tier 4 and Tier 5 rewards
- Super Equipment Chest doubles your minimum drop rate
- More standard emotes in the hotbar! Emotes placed from the inventory will replace the standard emote
- Equipping emotes should now be as simple as equipping any other cosmetic!

- Menus that show your character have been upgraded! You may encounter less lag due to this!
- Fixed an issue where shops were randomly disappearing
- Fixed Emotes and some mounts not showing properly in the cash shop
- Summons and monsters shouldn't target dead enemies anymore
- Fixed an issue where Weekly Quests were being reset 7 hours prior to when it should have happened. Different time zones should have the proper costume displaying as well!
- Fixed quest indicators for the World 2 Poison Cobra and Red Goblins quests

April 2nd, 2022 Update Log:

- Weekly quests are out! Earn points to unlock higher tiers of rewards!
- NEW Super Equipment Chest set as the tier 1 reward! They have a chance to drop a Tier 5 world is randomized!
- 2 Crystal Rewards available, with an additional 3rd one if you own VIP!
- Dyed Costume reward that changes each week! Claim the reward to discover the dye color!
- Along with this update, the Quests menu got an overhaul! 🥳 

- NEW LIMITED MOUNT It's a bucket. A Fool's Bucket. Goes off-sale on Monday at midnight, get it while you can! 🪣 
- EMOTES ARE IN! Available in the cash shop and can be equipped through the Inventory!
- Winter Lion Mount is now tradable!
- Valentine's Battlepass Items and Auras are now tradable!

- Quest progress should now be fixed in the Teleport menu
- Major performance improvements to the Quests menu

March 18th, 2022 Update Log:

- Not one, not two, but TWELVE new hair styles! Check them out in the main menu!
- Summoner collisions now ignore players, mobs, and other summons!
- Lesser Summons will now drain health instead of immediately dying
- Lesser Summons will start draining health past 10 seconds
- Summons entering the explosion state will not drain health anymore, but if they die the explosion will not happen
- Dragoon Dragons are fixed and better than ever! Closer overall attacks, larger radius, and they also now target the closest mob! 🐲 
- You can now visibly see what dye color an item has under the item details!
- Valentine's Aura Chest has been closed!
- Guild Seasons are closed for the time being! (see earlier announcements)

- Some mobs were unable to attack you and just kept running towards you, this has been fixed! 🐗 
- Stackable items should no longer delete themselves when split between inventory areas (like inventory and bank)

March 5th, 2022 Update Log:


If you're wondering what happened to prestige tickets, we decided to remove them last minute to simplify things! Now when you prestige, you will choose what class you wish to prestige with!

- NEW Prestige is out! You can find it in the Classes Menu!
- NEW Summoner and Warlord classes! You can unlock these by prestiging!
- IMPROVED Classes Menu! This should be easier for you navigate through. More classes coming soon! 👀
- NEW Main Menu Background! Some of you might recognize it! 😉
- NEW Costumes themed after the legendary classes! Be sure to check them out in the Cash Shop!
- Bigger Trade Menu!
- Removed “Evolve Pet” button at the Pet Master.


- No more seeing _gold and weird names for equipment!
- Skill descriptions are also fixed!
- You can no longer swap items while dancing, as it would keep you in a locked state.
- Your quest tracker will no longer reappear if you gain progress on a quest while its disabled!
- Cerberus’ Laser Attack got nerfed! It won’t melt your face anymore...
- When creating a new character, you will properly unlock the starter class you choose!

February 11th, 2022 Update Log:

- New inventory! This inventory should be way less laggy, especially if you have lots of cosmetics 😉 
- New inventory also has a search feature for cosmetics! 
- You can now trade up to 8 items at a time! ♻️ 
- Added a Teleport Retry feature that will automatically retry teleporting you if it detects that it failed!
- We've retired the helper fox 😢 🦊 

- Fixed an issue where purchases and characters created in the main menu were not saving 🙏 
- Towers 1 and 3 shouldn't fail to load the next floor anymore! (WOOHOO)
- Fixed the Winterfall fight so that you can be on mounts and not get hit by the death mechanic
- Fixed an issue where you could kill the Gravetower boss by going out of the map 🧀 
- Fixed the animations for the Broom Mount and the Rose Mount
- Fixed the sound for the Winter Lion Mount, it now plays 4 sounds to represent each footstep!
- Fixed the trading UI to be easier to add how many of an item you want to trade
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't trade more than one Unravel Stone

February 4th, 2022 Update Log:

- Valentine's Battlepass is out now! It will run until March 14
- New limited time valentine's cosmetics and mount in the cash shop
- New character selection in the main menu. Preview all your characters at once.

- Fixed dyed costumes not displaying in the cash shop

January 22nd, 2022 Update Log:

- We've officially integrated the "N" and "M" key emotes within World // Zero! Now your mobile and console friends can join your dance party :dance~3: . When you sheathe your weapons you will see emotes pop up where your skills would be!
- Since we officially integrated those emotes, "N" and "M" keys don't do anything anymore now!
- The Dapper Outfit was put into the daily costumes roulette!
- The Winter Lion Mount was taken off sale from the cash shop (still untradeable as of right now)

- Fixed dungeon drop rate percentages from showing crazy numbers

January 15th, 2022 Update Log:

- All Winter Battlepass and Event items are now tradable!
- Winter aura chests are now off sale, and auras from the Winter and Energy Chests are now tradable!
- Added Traditional Samurai Outfit, Magical Girl Costume, and Dragon Dress to the Daily Cosmetics pool
- We removed the Skilled Warrior Robe from the Daily Cosmetics pool

- Fixed the sheathing bug in the Cash Shop for the Paladin Class
- Fixed the Xbox Selection bug that was happening in the bank when you hit "Cancel" on an item
- The "teleport back" button in Settings should take you to the previous world you were in instead of the relevant world of that dungeon
- Fixed the soft-lock state when leaving and rejoining in the middle of a duel

January 7th, 2022 Update Log:

⚔️  GAMEPLAY ⚔️ 
- ZERO ARMOR IS HERE! Craft this beautiful piece at the Zero Altar in World 7! 🛡️ 
- New Archer particle effects by @HomemadeMeal! Check them out!
- Boss Healthbars should be more optimized on runtime
- Armors that have no dye effect will prevent you from dying the armor
- Ultimates now have a visual display for their 30s cooldown when you have enough energy 

- Sell Vendor shouldn't list your locked items for sale
- Fixed ultimates not dealing damage (see above)
- Fixed an issue where standing on top of a mob will have it spin indefinitely, preventing attacks
- Fixed an issue where selecting between primary and offhand perks appeared broken
- Fixed an issue where loading the top guilds leaderboard would freeze your client
- You should be able to teleport to world events without an issue now (including rejoining)

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