World of Warships x Azure Lane: Fourth Wave is live until June 24th

World of Warships players can now access bundles containing new ships, Commanders, themed permanent camouflages, and more in the game's Armory and Premium Shop, as part of the Fourth Wave of the WoWs x Azure Lane (one of the best mobile gacha RPGs) collaboration.

Below you will find an overview of the available bundles, combat missions, and themed ports.

Available Bundles

Grand Armada

The “Azur Lane: Grand Armada” bundle contains Azure Lane theme ships, featuring two new ships:

  • IX AL Azuma
  • III AL Avrora

The bundle also includes port slots and Azur Lane Commanders with unique voiceovers and 10 skill points to help you helm these ships, and commemorative flags and themed “Azur Lane  – Siren” camouflages.

Azur Lane: Commanders

A large bundle with Azur Lane Commanders and “Azur Lane – Siren” camouflages is available in the Armory and Premium Shop. The Commanders have unique voiceovers, come with 10 skill points, as well as a specialization for their same-name ships.

Commander Formidable is added with a specialization for Indomitable. Commander New Jersey is added with a specialization for Iowa. Commander Yat Sen is added with a specialization for Chengan.

Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

The Armory and Premium Shop also offer a bundle that includes only new Commanders of the fourth wave and permanent camouflages: Azur Lane for VIII Shōkaku, “Azur Lane: Formidable” for VIII Indomitable, and “Azur Lane: New Jersey” for IX Iowa.

Azur Lane: Permanent Camouflages

A large bundle is available in the Armory and Premium Shop, in which you'll find themed permanent camouflages and “Azur Lane – Siren” camouflages.

Azur Lane Premium Container

Azure Lane Premium container

Azur Lane Premium containers are available in the Armory and Premium Shop. Each premium container contains one of 26 Azure Lane commanders, 6x Azur Lane – Siren Camouflages, and 12x special signals.

Azur Lane Combat Missions

  • Starts: Fri. 27 May 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)
  • Ends: Fri. 24 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Unlock a special combat mission! Either earn 17,000 Base XP or win a battle and earn 2,000 Base XP to receive an Azur Lane commemorative flag.

Azure Lane Siren Camo
Azure Lane – Siren Camo Image Source: World of Warships

Win battles, earn “Destroyed” ribbons and Credits, and deal damage to obtain “Azur Lane – Siren” camouflages and Commander Prinz Eugen or Hood. Each Commander comes with a specialization for the same-name ship.

Azure Lane-Themed Port

After completing combat missions, you can relax in a themed Port where music familiar to all Azur Lane fans will be playing.

Click the button above to receive the themed Port and combat missions. You'll also receive them after obtaining any Azur Lane bundle.

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