World of Warcraft Classic Server Populations [October 2023]

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about World of Warcraft Classic server populations. World of Warcraft Classic?is a 2019 MMORPG video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Running alongside the main version of the game,?Classic's initial goal was to recreate?a vanilla World of Warcraft experience.?WoW Classic was as close to the original WoW experience as possible, with a few tweaks to make life easier for WoW romantics.

Since then, WoW Classic has expanded, with the release of The Burning Crusade Classic on June 1, 2020. Players can now select a special set of servers to keep experiencing the closest-to-vanilla WoW experience or continue to TBC Classic, which raises the max level to 70 and takes you to Outland to take down Kael Thas, Lady Vashj, and eventually Illidan in the Black Temple.

Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic (which recreates WoW as it existed in 2006) will actually be two separate games. It's your choice which one you want to play on.

However, things are a bit complicated as there are very few WoW Classic servers left, with some of them being almost dead, so it's important to keep track of server populations before you make a decision.

This way you will avoid having to perform server migration to get to an active server, which would require spending extra money.

Character cloning

Blizzard also offers the option to clone a character so that you can play it both on WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic servers.

So, to start experiencing WoW Classic you will have to select a WoW Classic realm (or server) to create your character on and this is where our guide with realm populations across all regions comes in. maintains unofficial server population numbers for both WoW Classic and WoW The Burning Crusade Classic.

In this guide, we have all the populations for WoW Classic servers and WoW Classic TBC server, to help you choose a good fit.

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Server Populations
Image Credit: Blizzard

WoW TBC Classic Server Populations (Americas/EU/Oceania)

For all of the current WoW Classic server populations in the US, EU, and Oceania you can check the table below:

AmnennarEU French1,5822,2713,853
AnathemaUS West137187324
Arcanite ReaperUS West273057
AshkandiUS East1,1996761,875
AtieshUS West4,7891,4786,267
AuberdineEU French2,4191,2103,629
AzuresongUS West1,0835311,614
BenedictionUS East2,7582,2625,020
BigglesworthUS West1,6071,8583,333
BlaumeuxUS West6531,2931,946
BloodfangEU English1,4924221,914
Bloodsail BuccaneersUS East1,1062841,390
CelebrasEU GermanN/AN/AN/A
Deviate DelightUS East531282813
Dragon's CallEU German1,0871,2042,291
DreadmistEU English7501,2381,988
EarthfuryUS East1,6411,6923,333
EarthshakerEU English2,9231,4104,333
EverlookEU German3,7621,1864,948
FaerlinaUS East3,2932,5815,874
FairbanksUS West1,7122,5134,225
FelstrikerUS Oceanic1350135
FinkleEU French8921,1822,074
FiremawEU English2,5282,3014,829
FlamelashEU English75243319
GandlingEU English6921,5392,336
GehennasEU English3,1353,5716,706
GolemaggEU English1,4731,8363,309
GrobbulusUS West2,8831,9164,799
HeartseekerUS East1,73401,734
HeartstrikerEU German1,93701,937
HerodUS West1,6363,2934,929
Hydraxian WaterlordsEU English9233171,274
IncendiusUS East1,33301,333
KirtonosUS East1791,1491,328
KromcrushUS East8921,7872,679
KurinnaxUS West5729551,527
LakeshireEU German1,9717622,733
LoathebUS Latin326157483
LucifronEU German02,0702,070
MankrikUS West1,2463,5374,783
Mirage RacewayEU English3,1851,2734,458
MograineEU English1,8702,3394,200
MyzraelUS West1,5156532,168
Nethergarde KeepEU English2,2857403,025
NetherwindUS East2,2961,2923,588
NoggenfoggerEU English1,1111,8722,983
Old BlanchyUS East9126491,561
PagleUS West4,966425,008
PatchwerkEU German1,1841,7082,892
Pyrewood VillageEU English4,3141,1265,440
RattlegoreUS West9191,0741,993
RazorfenEU French1,8841,2023,086
RazorgoreEU English1,7651,9043,669
ShazzrahEU English1,2952,0343,329
SkeramUS East752,0322,107
SkullflameEU English5485341,082
SmolderwebUS West5776881,265
StalaggUS East0681681
StonespineEU English0891891
SulfurasUS East1,9172,7424,659
SulfuronEU French1,7302,1673,897
Ten StormsEU English0373373
ThunderfuryUS West1,6831,2742,957
TranscendenceEU German1,1941,1422,336
VenoxisEU German2,2032,9085,111
WestfallUS East3,0303543,384
WhitemaneUS West3,3933,2136,606
WindseekerUS East1,2557111,966
Zandalar TribeEU English1,8009842,784
America, EU, and Oceania Realm Populations

WoW TBC Classic Russian Server Population

In the table below you will find the World of War

Server (Realm)RegionAllianceHordeTotal
Вестник Рока (PvP) RU Russian204767
Змейталак (PvP) RU Russian64463527
Пламегор (PvP) RU Russian3,1074,6537,742
Рок-Делар (PvP)RU Russian3597851,144
Хроми (PvE)RU Russian11705211691
Russian Realm Populations

Population stats were obtained via IronForge.

Wow Classic Character Transfer switch realm
Image Credit: Wowhead

Changing Realm in WoW Classic – Character Transfers

To change the realm/server you play on, you'll need to purchase a?Character Transfer?which is available for purchase in-game, for?$25/€25/?19.?You can only transfer WoW Classic characters to WoW Classic realms, and WoW TBC Classic characters to WoW TBC Classic realms:

To execute a Character Transfer, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into WoW Classic and stay on the main character menu.
  2. Select the â€˜Shop' button in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select ‘Services,' then ‘Character Transfer.'
  4. Choose which character you want to transport, and your current realm.
  5. Tick the ‘Transfer Realm‘ box.
  6. From here, choose your new realm from the right-hand dropdown menu.
  7. Click ‘continue.'

For more information, Blizzard's terms and conditions are here.

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