World of Tanks Nations, Classes, and Best Tanks by Tier

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With so many tanks available in World of Tanks, it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad; hard to see through the hype of a community favorite to discern their actual performance. Rather than researching the entire tech tree of each nation, we ranked the best tanks using tier-based tentacular rankings.

We have chosen the best tanks by tier, choosing those that perform best compared to their peers. 

World of Tanks – Initial Tank Nations

World of Tanks features 11 nations and over 600 historically accurate tanks, each with their challenges and gameplay styles. When you’re first starting, you’ll mostly encounter Soviet, American, and German tanks. The game allows you to control some of the most iconic military vehicles of the mid-20th century.

  • Soviet tanks provide excellent all-around protection for tankers at any level. They are known for their guns. These are the tanks for those who like being in the middle of the action. Thanks to their decent mobility and powerful gun, they can take out any enemies.
  • There is no better all-around tank than an American one. Easily fired from ridgelines, these guns have an impressive gun depression. They are ideal for hiding behind cover and deflecting shots off your well-built turret.
  • Heavy, reliable guns are the hallmark of German tanks. A sniper and an armored assault vehicle are the two main types. Using cover, inflict heavy damage while remaining undetected or go on the rampage and attack close up.
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World of Tanks Vehicle Classes

There are five different vehicle classes available in World of Tanks, each with its own unique role on the battlefield:

Light Tanks

You will need to use your speed and agility to detect enemy tanks and notify your allies about enemy movements and positions. When moving, maintain full camouflage, but be cautious that shooting will reveal your location. Light tanks are ideal for finishing off already weakened targets.

Medium Tanks

The perfect all-rounder class with good mobility, concealment, armor, and firepower. You can out-flank huge heavies and form a wolfpack of allies to hunt isolated foes.

Heavy Tanks

Dive straight into the heat of battle and bounce enemy shots with your thick armor. Heavies thrive in urban combat – use buildings to take cover from artillery barrages and protect your flanks from agile foes.

Tank Destroyers

These vehicles deal the most damage in a single hit with incredible damage, penetration, and accuracy. Consider either sniping away from the front line (with specialist aircraft like the German Skorpion G or Swedish STRV S1) or getting in the thick of it with a well-protected assault destroyer (like the American T28, T95, or T110E3).

SPG Vehicles

As your team advances, you can engage the opposing tanks with long-range missiles. Using your massive weapons, you should eliminate enemies trapped in open areas while your allies serve as your eyes. Whenever possible, a good artillery commander will stay behind cover as much as possible and move around to prevent enemies from tracking him.

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The Best Tanks in World of Tanks by Tier

  • Tier I – Leichttraktor
  • Tier II – Pz. II
  • Tier III – Cruiser III
  • Tier IV – P26/40,
  • Tier V – T67
  • Tier VI – O-I
  • Tier VII – AMX 13 75
  • Tier VIII – T-44
  • Tier IX – Conqueror
  • Tier X – Object 430U

Tier I – Lichttraktor

A generous array of armor is available to ease new tankers into the frantic throes of competitive battle. In general, Tier I tanks are easy to pick up, forgiving when it comes to their playstyle, and generally match each other. 

With the proper knowledge of your tank, you stand a good chance of succeeding. However, we consider the German Leichttraktor to be the most noteworthy model in this balanced group.

In terms of the stock gun, this is the best among Tier 1 light tanks. Due to its impressive penetration, rate-of-fire, and accuracy, its formidable offensive capabilities are perfect for any new player eager to rush headlong into the fray and take down the enemy. You’ll maintain an enviable position on the leaderboards when you use this tank’s extended view range and respectable speed.

The thin, untangled side armor leaves you vulnerable to even the average enemy combatant. If you cannot upgrade your engine and rely on speed to keep up, you’ll be the victim of pyrrhic firefights.

Tier II – PZ. II

The Pz is another excellent choice from the German line of tanks. The PZ II has become a staple in the garages of new players. The auto-cannons actual draw is its high penetrative power that easily beats the best main guns of its tier. 

Although its armor is thick on the front, it has good maneuverability overall and good upgrade potential. PZ II is extremely fun to play.

Its primary vulnerability is its insufficient rear and side armor, so you should angle the tank appropriately and avoid facing enemies with superior armor head-on. Make sure they are kept under your watch when they are fighting fires. Due to its poor accuracy and range, this unit is impossible to snipe. Put this all-arounder to work in a collaborative environment and reap the rewards.


Britain’s light tank is an icon of the glass cannon. A tank like this quickly dispatches even the heaviest enemy tanks in its tier, boasting 15 degrees of gun depression and consistently delivering high penetration. Due to the thin armor on its body, seeing its burning husk is commonplace.

While it does improve upon the mobility of its predecessor, it can still not compete with its competitors’ speeds. As a result, the Cruiser III cannot escape tight spots, taking volleys of bullets and making quick escapes difficult. As such, preparation is essential. Use the tank’s gun depression to gain maximum firepower and protect the chassis in hilly terrain. It is a formidable opponent when played well.

Previously Wargaming bumped up a Tier II tank, the Cruiser III a tier in last year’s 1.9 updates. Far from struggling to match its new peers, it’s retained the same offensive capabilities. Focus on researching engine upgrades to counteract its naturally poor maneuverability, and then look to improve its radio so you can pick a strategic spot and hunker down well before the enemy’s advance.

Tier IV – P26/40,

Although not a popular mid-tier choice, you’d do the P26/40 a disservice to dismiss it as yet another dull medium tank amongst a slew of alternatives. This Italian offering might not boast the combat balance of the German Pz. IV or the effective cannon of the US T6, but it excels where most other Tier IV tanks slump – HE shell penetration. To say the P26/40 packs a punch would be an understatement. It can swiftly destroy all other tanks at its level, with only a cursory glance at their spots of weak armor.

Combined with an exceptionally fast reload time, its damage per minute is nearly unmatched. Poor HP, unremarkable mobility, and sub-par range limit the tank’s versatility, but there’s no comparison in penetrating armor. Perhaps not the easiest pick for a new player, but by the time you’ve reached Tier IV, you should be able to identify moments of enemy folly, swiftly leaping upon them in a targeted attack.

Tier V – T67

The nerf 1.9 updates reduced some of its overzealous advantages while preserving the tank’s core combat potential. The hit-and-run sallies are made possible by their rapid rate of fire, quick acceleration, and ability to maintain a high top speed even in undulating terrain. Flank the enemy and target their weak spots to make a quick getaway before they recover.

The T67’s low profile and compact size make it easy to camouflage – ideal for surprise dart attacks. Like most tank destroyers, its guns are also feared. In terms of penetration and damage, the 76mm M1A1 is the top of the line.

Utilize the T67’s agility. Furthermore, a low HP pool allows heavy tanks to one-shot you.

The version 1.9 update increased T67’s maximum ammo capacity from 45 shells to 70.

Tier VI – O-I

The Japanese heavy tank leans into its heaviness. The Tier VI tank has a variety of powerful guns and the thickest armor among Tier VI tanks. The tank is big and bulky, green, and covered in rivets, just like your typical child’s drawing.

A 150mm thick front armor panel is free of weak spots so that the O-I can take a beating – again and again. Your capital cannon can two-shot multiple enemy tanks simultaneously, absorbing their shells consecutively.

It is difficult to stay too far away from your target with a derp gun, which typically deals massive damage at a low rate of fire with limited range. With your enormous armor, that shouldn’t be a problem.

You can shoot across the battlefield with a tall turret (although when parking, be careful not to expose yourself), but be wary of your gun’s poor handling. No matter what, the O-I is a heavy tank through and through.

Tier VII – AMX 13 75

An excellent choice for tankers who prefer to remain on the sidelines of battle and provide essential suppressing fire in one push is the AMX 13 75. This French light tank can switch combat roles on the fly, making it an excellent early-battle scout tank and an effective flanking support unit mid-battle.

This light tank is equipped with a four-round drum autoloader with a quick reload time and a relatively accurate main gun for a light tank so that it can hold its own in combat, but it won’t be the star of the show. To destroy any injured enemies, you should move to the rear or sides of the enemy tanks while the big beasts distract them. When you misjudge the enemy’s force, you can retreat by using your fast reverse speed.

Gun depression and elevation are inferior, penetration is subpar, and the tank’s ammo count is low, which will roll up a high death count. It makes for a sharp thorn in the enemy’s side as you harry and disrupt his advances. 

Tier VIII – T-44

To maintain your tank’s life, you’ll need to channel all of your tactical wits during higher-tier matches. Due to the lack of flocks of new players that carelessly roll across the map, recklessly exposing their flanks and generously offering themselves as easy pickings to farm, the tactical prowess of your opponents at higher tiers may require further study. Rather than bursting into the fray full-throttle, you should aim to flank the enemy at every possible opportunity, keeping them on their toes.

In terms of flanking and gunplay agility, the T-44 is the best tank in Tier VIII. Of all medium tanks in its tier, this one boasts the highest net mobility. The maneuver is perfect for finishing off or distracting enemies who are focusing on your team’s heavy hitters. 

The armor you wear makes for impressive defenses when angled correctly, and your low profile is ideal for camouflaging attacks for reliable offensive play. As its gun options are poor, stick to your support role and strike alongside your heftier teammates.

Tier IX – Conqueror

The British heavy tank is known as the Conqueror because of its devastating damage and firepower. With a 120mm L1A1 main gun, it can compete with the beefiest Tier X tanks, and its rapid rate of fire will allow you to fire a few shots before your opponent is able to reload.

It was the Conqueror’s accuracy that made it famous. By combining a formidable view range with your ability to target enemies across the entire map, you’ll be able to hit them every time at medium range. Don’t be surprised if its chassis is damaged even if it’s angled. Its weak brakes won’t get you going fast. Although this vehicle is quick and agile, you’ll be lagging behind your teammates.

As a consequence, the Conqueror plays a supporting role and should engage in direct attacks sparingly. You must stay alive long enough to fire its powerful cannon. The gun is its most valuable asset – make sure to master its use

Tier X – Object 430U

Object 430U is a Soviet medium tank and a regular sight on Tier X., Combined with the maneuverability, speed, and camouflage of a medium tank. Still, without their weaknesses, it is a powerful weapon. You won’t find anything negative here and much to enjoy.

Its high HP matches its raw firepower and fantastic agility, as well as its impressive reload speed and damage-per-shot rate, which make it one of the best guns in its tier. Its perimeter armor is also great, at no acceleration expense.

With a high turret and skeletonized front plate armor, it can be tricky to immobilize. Although it has spaced side armor, the caterpillar track in front is its only major weakness.

This forgiving tank is the best of all. In addition to its suitability to close-quarters and mid-range battles (although sniping is out of the question), it can happily punch away at the enemy, thinking only of the sheer force of impact, accuracy, and speed it delivers over what it faces. Simple to play, easy to master, this is sure to destroy enemy tanks.

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