Wordle Alternatives & Clones: Games like Wordle

Word puzzle game Wordle has taken over social media across the globe, created by Josh Wardle. The five-letter puzzle is a hit with almost everyone.

Since launch, the player base has exploded, making Wardle a million-dollar acquisition by The New York Times. However, Wordle-inspired games have also increased in popularity. These exciting Wordle-inspired games will spice up your morning and late-night puzzles.

Absurdle (Free)

In Absurdle, winning is inevitable. The challenge is beating the game in as few rounds as possible. Absurdle does not start with a single word. Instead, it has a pool of words and it tries to provide as few hints as possible.

Once you enter a word Absurdle will try to gray out all its letters. By doing so, however, it also narrows down the pool of available words. Your goal as a player is to keep eliminating words until Absurdle will only have one word in the pool and you will beat the game.

The only thing I don't like about Absurdle is that you can easily manipulate it by starting out with hard words and letters, eliminating them from the pool so that you will eventually end up guessing a really simple word.

For instance, in the example below I burnt letters like W, X, Q, U, Z, and J to end up narrowing down the word to APPLY.


Squabble (Free)

Squabble Royale

Squabble is Wordle x Battle Royale, so it is ideal for those who crave the thrill of multiplayer Wordle. Players are matched against each other in a lobby to try and solve the same puzzles the fastest.

Squabble is a game where your goal is to maintain a high health bar to beat the other players. Failing to solve puzzles or taking too long will severely impact your health. However, solving them will help you restore some of your health.

All players should be familiar with the game's traditional five-word puzzles that you can guess in six attempts, but the main challenge is finding opponents to play with.

Dordle (Free)

Dordle Wordle Clone  Solve 2 Wordles in 7 tries.

In Dordle you must solve 2 Wordles in 7 tries. Players have access to one daily Dordle and can also practice as much as they want with free Dordles.

In games like Dordle, and the following ones (Quordle and Octordle) players have to alter their strategy as they have to get as many clues as possible on both boards with each word entry.

Quordle (Free)

Quordle Wordle Alternative Solve 4 Wordles in 9 tries.

Quordle is a very challenging version of Wordle, in which the game is split into 4 individual boards and you have to solve all 4 Wordle puzzles in 9 moves.

With the original Wordle allowing the player 6 moves to solve the puzzle, Quordle requires a different strategic approach to find clues across all four boards.

It's really easy to run out of moves in Quordle, even if you are close to getting it right, so if you are up for a challenge it's a word game you should really try. Similar to Wordle, there is only one puzzle available per day but you can use practice puzzles to play as much as you want.

The rules of the game are identical to Wordle's with the exception of the number of available moves.

Octordle (Free)

Octordle - Solve 8 Wordle in 13 tries

Octordle brings 8 wordles in one game and the player has to solve them all in 13 tries. There is a daily Octordle available each day and you can also play any number of free Octordles to practice.

While Octordle may seem more daunting than Quordle, the word-selection mechanics can make it easier at times as the 8 words have to bear similarities to provide enough clues to beat the game in 13 tries. Whether it's your cup of tea or not you should definitely give Octordle a try.

Wordle Unlimited (Free)

Wordle Unlimited - play Wordle as much as you want

Wordle Unlimited is exactly what its name implies. It's exactly the same game as Wordle without the once-per-day limitation, thus the Unlimited part in the game's name.

Everything else is as you already know it, so if you can't wait for tomorrow's Wordle jump in!

Framed (Free)


Framed is a guess the movie game, rather than a guess the word game. In Framed players have a total of 6 moves available. Before each move, the game will reveal a screenshot from the movie as a clue.

Guess the movie name right within the six available moves to beat the game. Unfortunately, Framed is limited to one puzzle per day.

Searchdle ?Search + Wordle (Free)

Searchdle - SEO, Google Search + Wordle

Searchdle is a much harder game than Wordle as the word length is variable, contrary to Wordle's 5-letter words. Searchdle is related to Google Search and SEO, so the answers can be jargon, acronyms, SEO terminology (just like sitemap as shown above) combined search terms, SEO tool names, known SEO people names and more.

As an extra, the game states that guesses don't have to be actual words. Searchdle is a game for the patient ones. Prepare to lose a lot in this one, but SEO nerds will love it.

Star Wordle (Free)

Star Wordle

Star Wordle is exactly the same game as Wordle. Players will have to guess the right 5-letter word in six tries, letters will be marked green, yellow, or dark gray. The game's pool contains around 20,000 5-letter words, which include both the game's English dictionary and words from Wookieepedia's page titles.

Heardle (Free)

Heardle - Guess the song title and artist based on the song intro

Heardle is the music version of Wordle. Players must listen to a song's intro and guess the song title and artist in 6 tries. Skipped or incorrect answers will reveal more of the intro to help the player.

Each skipped or incorrect answer will reveal an extra 1 second of the intro. The only negative thing about Heardle is that some tracks from its SoundCloud database may be unavailable in certain regions.

Queerdle (Free)


Queerdle is the LGBTQ+ Wordle alternative and will challenge your knowledge of LGBTQ+ terminology, which is part of its dictionary. In Queerdle words can be anything from 4-letter to 8-letter long. In some cases, Queerdles can be two words, while the game's dictionary also contains NSFW words.

Star Wars fans will love Star Wordle, while others may find it a bit frustrating when a Star Wars related word pops up.

As the game states, queerness can't be contained so words in Queerdle may not belong to any dictionary.

Primel (Free)


Primel is a Wordle clone for lovers of math as you will have to guess the correct 5-digit prime number in 6 tries (note that the first digits can be zeroes). The biggest challenge in Primel is entering a number that is actually a prime number

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