Which Elden Ring Keepsake Is The Best?

Before you begin your long journey through the Lands Between in Elden Ring you will be asked for a keepsake to give your character. Keepsake, similar to previous Souls games, is a type of Gift. This will give players an advantage when they start the game.

There are nine different keepsakes available. These can all be purchased in-game, but which one you have from the start can greatly affect your experience. The Stonesword Key was my choice during my playthrough. It breaks the seals in locked rooms and areas that hold rare loot. A Golden Seed is a great choice if you're new to the Souls series, as it upgrades your flask allowing for more healing. Crimson Amber Medallion is a throwback to the classic “Life Ring” from Dark Souls series. It increases your max HP and is a perfectly viable choice as a keepsake.

Here are All the keepsakes Aviable In The Game

  • Crimson Amber Medallion – A medallion inlaid reddish amber. Maximum HP increase
  • Lands Between Rune – The gold of graces shining in people's eyes at the Lands Between. You can gain many runes by using this method.
  • Golden Seed – A golden seed washed up from the Lands Between. This is said to strengthen Sacred Flasks.
  • Fanged Imp Ashes – the ashes of small, tiny golems. Ashes are believed to contain spirits.
  • Cracked Pot – Three unusual cracked pots that have shown signs of life. Container for certain items.
  • Stonesword Key – Two stones keys that look like swords. This key breaks through the Imp's seal, but it shatters.
  • Bewitching Branch – Five sacred branches with beguiling power. This branch is believed to have been created by the demigod Miquella.
  • Boiled Prawn – Five pieces of boiled crab meat. Physical damage reduction.
  • Shabriri's Woe – The insane likeness of nobles who have ripped out their eyes. Attracts enemies' attention.

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