Where to get Wrath of Gold in Elden Ring

Wrath of Gold is an Elden Ring incantation that requires 32 in Faith and knocks back nearby enemies when cast, so it can be a valuable asset for crowd control and PvP combat. The incantation has a 40 FP cost, uses one slot, and deals holy damage to foes.

Superior Erdtree Worship incantation.

Produces a golden shockwave that knocks back nearby foes.
Charging increases the size of the shockwave.

This incantation was discovered when the Elden Ring was shattered, and it was feared as a sign of the Erdtree's wrath.

Wrath of Gold location in Elden Ring

Woodfolk Ruins location in Altus Plateau
Woodfolk Ruins location Image source: Fextralife Wiki

Wrath of Gold is located at Woodfolk Ruins in the northern Altus Plateau region east of the minor Erdtree. Once you reach the ruins, you will notice a group of Wormfaces sitting by a fire. Right next to them, on the left, you will find a stair that leads to an underground cellar, just like in most ruins in Elden Ring.

You can completely ignore or outpace the Wormfaces with Torrent, descend the stairs and open the chest to get Wrath of Gold.

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