Where to Get Meat in Roblox The Survival Game?

Are you wondering where you can get Meat in Roblox's survival adventure The Survival Game?

In The Survival Game, you will be immersed in a medieval world with endless possibilities. You can explore the game's map, build a shelter, and acquire resources like iron, ingot, steel, and bluesteel. You can then use your resources to build a crafting table and craft armor, weapons, and tools to assist you in your struggle to survive. Using your hammer you can build decorations, structures, and even a home.

Where to Get Meat in The Survival Game

Deer, Elephants, and Boars can drop the meat in The Survival Game. So, your best option to find Meat is to use your weapon and take down Deer, which can be found in abundance on all islands with green grass.

You will also find an elephant in the Desert, which you can defeat for a hefty load of Meat.

You can also get Meat from boars. However, contrary to Elephants and Deer, which won't fight back, Boars will retaliate, so proceed with caution if you want to hunt these animals.

Note: Chickens don't drop Meat; they instead drop Chicken.

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