Where to Find Betty’s Missing Gem Stone in Project Slayers? All Locations

One of the great quests to earn Wen early in Project Slayers is the quest given by Betty in Ushumaru village. Betty will ask you to find the missing Gem Stone for the ring, and upon completion, the quest, which has a 5 minute cooldown (I think it's the only quest in the game with such a long cooldown), will reward you with 500 Wen and 0 XP. The only challenge to this quest is that the Gem Stone may appear in several different locations. So, to speed up things, we are going to show you all the possible locations where the gemstone can appear.

All Missing Gem Stone Locations

The three possible spawn locations for the missing Gem Stone:

  1. The first location is to your right as you look at Betty. You will just have to jump off the cliff. (Video Guide: 0:44 mark).
  2. If you the Gem Stone is not at the first location, climb back up and head to the opposite direction of Betty (South). The Gem Stone should be at the dead end after the tree on your right. (Video Guide: 1:01 mark) .
  3. If you are unlucky and the Gem Stone is not at any of the first two locations, it will be behind the house that is right next to the spawn crystal of Ushumaru village. (Video Guide: 1:16 mark)

Here is the full video guide by Draxo:



This is everything you need to know about Betty's missing Gem Stone location in Project Slayers.

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