Where to Find and Duel Jonesy the First for the Fortnite Spire Challenge

There are a ton of quest challenges and milestones to complete during Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6. Amid all the Chaos in Battle Royale, you are also tasked with NPC interaction to complete all these challenges. The most prominent challenge in Season 6 is the Spire Challenge, as The Spire is the main theme of the whole Fortnite season.

If you are reading this article, it means that you have reached the final step in the Spire Challenge, which requires you to locate Jonesy the First and duel him. For better or worse, Fortnite island is full of Agent Joneses due to the Zero Point incident.

So, if you don't know where to find Jonesy the First (bearing the original Agent Jones skin), this guide is for you, as it will explain exactly where to find him and how to duel him to complete the Spire Challenge.

Fortnite Pleasant Park Jonesy the First location
Jonesy the First is located at the house at the top-left corner of Pleasant Park. Credit: Epic Games

Where is Jonesy the First in Fortnite?

Jonesy the First is located at the last building on the northwestern edge of Pleasant Park. He is straightforward to spot; check the dialogue bubble icon moving on your map.

The only other NPC in the area is the Galactico soccer player, but he is on the south side of Pleasant Park. He may even be one of the Joneses you already talked to for the prerequisite quest asking you to talk to five of the Joneses.

You will find Jonesy the First walking around the ground floor in and out of the house. Once you reach him and interact with him, select the Spire quest icon on the left of the dialogue icon carousel, follow the dialogue sequence. Eventually, Jonesy will throw a sentence with a red-texted “Fight” in it.

Don't start shooting yet, you won't complete the quest this way.

How to Duel Jonesy the First

Talk to Jonesy the First again. If you don't have good weapons, it's a good idea to equip them and upgrade them to rare or epic quality, as he is one of the guys on the island who can upgrade weapons.

Next, you are ready to select the Duel dialogue icon on the right side of the dialogue carousel. Jonesy will shockwave you a few yards away and then he will enter hostile mode.

The only challenge to the fight is Pleasant Park itself as it is a warzone, always crowded with enemy players.

Ideally, if you have trouble surviving at Pleasant Park, don't land there initially; land somewhere around it instead and take advantage of the storm circle closing and players moving to the inner safe zone to move to the location while it's getting empty.

Jonesy's aim is terrible and he only moves to the left and right a bit. The fight should last a few seconds.

Upon defeat, Jonesy the First will reward you with an epic Primal Rifle, the Spire Challenge completion and EXP points.

Season 6's battle pass ends on June 7, 2021 and there is indication that season 6 itself will end on the 8th of June, so make sure to complete the Spire quest-chain before the arrival of Season 7!

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