What is Pain Resistance in Project Slayers? How to Get It?

Pain Resistance is a quite useful skill in Project Slayers, as it will prevent your character from slowing down once your HP is critically low. Typically when your HP is low your screen will turn slightly red and you character will be grabbing his/her right arm and limping, impairing your overall movement speed.

This is all negated with Pain Resistance.

How to Obtain Pain Resistance?

Pain Resistance can be acquired by rolling for either the Mythic rarity Tomioka clan (1%) or the Legendary rarity Shinazugawa clan (4% chance), two of the most sought-after and hardest to get clans. The ability is available to both Demons & Demon Slayers, but you will have to get really lucky with your Clan Spins to get it.

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This is everything you need to know about Pain Resistance in Project Slayers.

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