What Fruits can Fly in King Legacy?

All the Devil Fruits that can fly in King Legacy, ranked!

What Fruits can Fly in King Legacy

King Legacy features many islands in the First and Second Seas (you can check our full King Legacy Map for Update 4). In this guide, we will list all the Devil Fruits with flying abilities and rank them based on their speed and overall flight value.

The main means of transportation in King Legacy are boats, which can be bought for as low as 100 Beli to the 5,000 Beli Coffin Boat (Gamepass required) and the 10,000 Beli Galleon. While boats are a great way to move around, especially if you have the swift Coffin Boat, Devil Fruits with flying abilities is a great alternative.

However, not all Devil Fruits are equal in flying capabilities, so let's see which ones can replace a fast boat.

Best Devil Fruits that can Fly in King Legacy

We will start with the best flying Fruits in King Legacy and proceed to less valuable ones. The Light Fruit offers the fastest flight in the game, but I believe Dragon can be considered the best one as it is still faster than the Coffin Boat and fully controllable.

Pretty much any Fruit on this list up to Magma is a good flying option if you can't buy the Coffin Boat Gamepass. You should also have a look at our King Legacy Fruits Tier List, as a Fruit that can fly but is not great in combat is not really a viable option to pick.

  1. Ryuu Ryuu no Mi Model Dragon (Dragon Fruit): The Dragon Fruit offers the second fastest method of travel behind the Light-Light fruit but is faster than Coffin Boat. The reason it's the best is that its flight is controllable, contrary to the Light Fruit, which can only travel straight ahead. Price: 7,500,000 Beli and 10 Gems.
  2. Pika Pika no Mi (Flight Fruit): The flight ability of the Light Fruit turns you into a beam of light. This is the fastest method of travel in King Legacy, but the direction can't be changed, which means you have to aim your flight correctly. The Light Fruit is great when you have allies to pinpoint the location you are flying to (e.g., to a Legacy Island). Price: 1,800,000 Beli and 3 Gems.
  3. Bird-Bird Fruit model Phoenix (Phoenix Fruit): The flight is slightly faster than boats but fully controllable. Price: 3,375,000 Beli and 10 Gems.
  4. Gasu Gasu no Mi (Gas Fruit): Its flight capabilities are very similar to the Phoenix Fruit. Price: 1,875,000 Beli and 3 Gems.
  5. Suna Suna no Mi (Sand Fruit): The Sand Fruit is one of the fastest Devil Fruits with flying capabilities. Price: 1,125,000 Beli.
  6. Magu Magu no Mi (Magma Fruit): Flight is the same speed as Flame-Flame Fruits. The Awakened flight is only slightly slower than the Coffin Boat. This one is higher than the Fire and Gravity Fruits due to its Awakened version. Price: 1,462,500 Beli and 2 Gems
  7. Zushi Zushi no Mi (Gravity Fruit): The Gravity Fruit allows you to fly on a meteor and its flight speed is also a bit faster than normal boats. Price: 2,100,000 Beli and 3 Gems.
  8. Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Fruit): The flight is a bit faster than any of the boats but not nearly as fast as Coffin Boat. Price: 1,725,000 Beli and 3 Gems.
  9. Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum/Rubber Fruit): The Gum Fruit requires Gear 4th to unlock flight and is faster than normal boats. Price: 1,250,00 Beli.

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