What does Lupical mean in Genshin Impact?

As part of the 1000 Questions with Paimon event, players have been bombarded with questions related to Genshin Impact trivia. In answering them all, you'll have to be sharp — and it's okay to get the answers from the internet, as some questions can be challenging.

“What does Lupical mean?” is one of many questions being asked by Genshin Impact players. The word Lupical pops up in many of Razor's Story Quest missions. To advance through the story, players must complete a quest called The Meaning of Lupical. The Meaning of Lupical is actually the first act of Razor's Story Quest, the Lupus Minor Chapter.

Lupical means family, a concept very important to Razor, who wolves on the outskirts of Mondstadt raised. In the end, Razor's wolf pack became his lupical. If you have Razor in your party, you will hear him use the word several times when talking about the wolves.

Lupical is not a real word, according to every English dictionary. Lupus, which means “wolf” in Latin is the origin of the first half of the word, so Razor has both a biological and a “lupical” family.

Whatever the exact origin of Lupical may be, it is clear that Razor is very attached to his wolf family.

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