Walker – The Lone Ranger [AFK Arena]

Walker – The Lone Ranger is a warrior (I expected a ranger, Lilith!?) Lightbearer hero, introduced in AFK Arena patch 1.65. Walker is strength-based, and his role is continuous damage. I hope that Walker will be the hero with both deserve and need as Lightbearers suck at the moment, and the lack of a carry in Tower of Light is more than evident. His skillset looks interesting, although I'm not sure about his Signature Item.

Lilith follows a similar pattern here, assigning the continuous damage role to another hero that looks more like AoE DPS. Regardless, his combination of AoE and CC may be exactly what we need as his Ultimate ability looks very promising especially if we can stack a lot of pellets using the Twins and Rowan or Rosaline and Rowan. Let's wait and see!

Role:?Continuous Damage

Walker - The Lone Ranger Skills, Signature Item, and Furniture ability
Walker's Skills, Signature Item, and Furniture Ability. Credit: Lilith Games

Walker's Skills

Saloon Blast (Ultimate)

Walker uses his shotgun to fire a shell at the enemy directly opposite himself, dealing damage to the enemy, simultaneously firing additional pellets that deal damage to any nearby enemies that are struck. Pellets cannot inflict Critical Strikes. When using his Ultimate ability, Walker cancels reloading and will only use Normal Attacks which are strengthened for the following several seconds. When a shotgun shell strikes an enemy target, it will deal an additional AoE damage to nearby enemies, and the number of pellets will be increased.

Spittoon Smack

Walker smacks the enemy standing before him with his shotgun, knocking down, stunning them for several seconds and dealing damage to them. If the enemy is knocked down, Walker then shoots them on the ground, dealing extra damage.


Walker pulls out his revolver and shoots several enemy targets with the lowest health, dealing damage to them. The lower a target's health is, the higher Crit Rating of this ability will be increased additionally.

Old Faithful

Every time Walker's attacks deal a Critical Strike, his Crit Amplification will be additionally increased, but has a maximum limit.

Signature Item

When Walker's health falls below a certain percentage, his Crit Rating is increased additionally.

Furniture Item

Walker is immune to control effects while his Ultimate ability is active.

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