VideoProc Converter review 2022: Video conversion powerhouse

Here we are with another great software review, this time a VideoProc Converter review. VideoProc Converter (previously called just VideoProc) is a famous conversion and video editing tool developed by Digiarty. Digiarty is one of the world's top-ranking multimedia software companies that has provided video conversion solutions to more than 9 million users since 2006.

The VideoProc Converter software allows users to record their display, webcam, and iPhone. You can effortlessly edit videos, and online videos can be downloaded and converted into various formats. This video conversion and editing software are similar to the Swiss Army knife in the world of video-related tools, and with the help, you can create smooth screen recordings.?

Currently, VideoProc Converter is one of the best tools for video editing simultaneously, and it also has a highly affordable price compared to other video editing tools. However, to experience a full-fledged free video editor for beginners, you should look at its sister software – VideoProc Vlogger.

VideoProc Converter is fast, stable, easy to use and has tons of distinctive features that help you post-processing and reduce the file sizes of video footage taken on webcams, smartphones, and action cameras.?

As you will see in this review, VideoProc Converter is arguably the best video converter software you can use.

VideoProc Converter review

VideoProc is the perfect video editing tool for users who want stable software that is also quick and easy for them. They can enjoy hassle-free video recording, processing, conversion, and editing. For example, suppose you want to edit and process large video files from your Android, camera, drone, iPhone, or any other device. In that case, the VideoProc is the perfect solution, as it offers lightweight solutions for editing those big/4K/HD video files without freezing or crashing your computer's window.?

The VideoProc tool is ideal for anyone seeking a complementary and reasonable video editor for professional use. VideoProc has an easy-to-use interface and is equipped with a broad range of exceptional editing features at a reasonable price.

The video converter and editor can easily adjust, resize, convert, edit, trim, transcode, merge and cut the large/audios/4K videos. 

VideoProc helps you adjust the frame rates (30/60/120 fps), audio/video codec, compressing the large-sized videos, Group Of Pictures (GOP), and changing the formats. The VideoProc is equipped with full GPU acceleration and full Hardware Acceleration, providing a high speed to the software without compromising the video quality.

Users can also screen record on Windows & Mac computers, iPhones, and even through their webcams. Yes, this is an all-in-one tool that will handle everything you need regarding video downloads, editing, and conversion.

We also have listed VideoProc Converter as one of the best YouTube video downloaders and YouTube to MP3 converters.

Key Features of VideoProc Converter

Following are the features of VideoProc Converter that it provides to its users to edit videos in the best possible way. 

VideoProc converter full hardware acceleration feature
Full hardware acceleration can help you reach up to a 47% speedup in video conversion Image credit: Digiarty.

Full GPU Accelerated/Level-3 Hardware Accelerated video conversion & editing 

The most promising and highlighted feature of VideoProc Converter is that it is the only video editing tool in the market that is GPU accelerated. 

  • It provides video processing forty-seven times faster than real-time processing provided by other video editing tools. 
  • On an average basis, VideoProc Converter minimizes the usage of CPU up to 40%. 
  • The image quality is preserved at an up to a 98% rate of the original.
  • VideoProc is adjustable with all recent computers and works very well.
  • VideoProc enhances the file size of video output.

Its full hardware acceleration support allows VideoProc Converter to stand out as the fastest and best video converter currently available.

Hassle-free media processing supporting all mainstream formats

Regardless of whether a video is taken from your camera, smartphone, monitor unit, action camera, camcorder, drone, PC, tablet, or any 4K camera, VideoProc Converter is highly efficient.

It will easily process any multi-format media file and even large video files including:

  • 30/60/120/240 fps videos
  • 4K/HD/Ultra-HD videos that are the large-sized files
  • Videos in slow-mo, 360o VR videos, 3D, and in any format, many more like MP4, HEVC, MKV, H.264, M2TS, etc.
Video by VideoProc Converter Official

videoproc converter editing features
Image credit: Digiarty

With VideoProc Converter, you will get many more features than you typically get from a video converter. These are not limited to just essential features; you will also get some of the most sought-after advanced features, including, but not limited to:

  • Cut
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Split & merge
  • Subtitle handling
  • Denoise
  • Video watermark,
  • Visual effects
  • A/V sync
  • Adjust video speed
  • Adjust video volume
  • Video stabilization
  • Video compression
  • Conversion of videos to GIFs

Strong Conversion

The VideoProc Converter is the only editing tool that provides perfect conversion features in the whole market. VideoProc Converter has media converters that are high-speed and quality-oriented which offer their users fantastic audio, video, DVD, and Multi-track converter for all the mainstream video formats.

Built-in Media Downloader 

VideoProc Converter has compatible built-in media downloading engines which can easily connect with any UGC site. More than 1000 audio-video sites are supported by VideoProc Converter, including the most famous social media sites Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, MetaCafe, Twitch, Vevo, Break, etc. 

You can easily download the videos from any site, and then you can edit it or convert that video into different formats with the help of GPU accelerated media. 

Powerful Screen Recorder

VideoProc Converter provides an exciting screen recording feature, especially for educators, life enthusiasts, gamers, and sports lovers. This tool offers a screen recording feature; by utilizing that feature, you can easily record an iOS screen/desktop for capturing the webinar, presentations, gameplay, meetings, live streams, etc. And you can also create amazing vlogs or podcasts and then distributes them to your digital audience.?

  • VideoProc Converter here provides you with three modes of recording: webcam video recording, voiceover, or both.?
  • With the help of utility tools, you can highlight or add content while the recording is on.
  • The resizable window provides an easy way to select the screen area you want to record.?
  • You can also replace the original webcam background with any other digital background with the help of the Chroma Key Feature.
Video by VideoProc Converter Official

VideoProc Converter Interface

videoproc converter interface
Image credit: Digiarty

While VideoProc Converter does not pack the most modern-looking user interface, it is a very intuitive one. Users can log in to their YouTube or Vimeo accounts to download their private and watch later playlists.

VideoProc Converter Settings
Image credit: Digiarty

Enabling and disabling hardware acceleration is easy through the app's settings, while you can also set up a proxy, set the download folders, control download and recording quality and encoding.

You will also find a ton of device-dependent conversion profiles, while the tool also marks which ones support Hardware Acceleration:

VideoProc Converter conversion profiles
Image credit: Digiarty

A Video Downloader, Converter & Editor for the masses

VideoProc Converter is designed for users who want fast, easy, and smooth video editing. This multi-purpose conversion & editing software also provides basic features like cut, merge, crop, subtitles, effects, rotate, and flip.

VideoProc Converter is not explicitly designed for specific users; anyone can use it. The screen recording feature can be used by anyone, a sports lover, gamer, educator, or anyone who wants to record the live stream.

The video editors have many valuable features equipped with this software. The video editors can trim a video and cut an unnecessary bit of video clip. They also can use the feature of converting 3D videos into a 2D format. A snapshot feature is also provided, allowing the users to capture the video snapshots.

They can also personalize the starting and ending time and the picture count. Splitting the single video into multiple bits can also happen with the help of the VideoProc Converter. The most fantastic feature is you can customize the watermark; it can be an image, text, or logo.

Pricing Plans ? Free VS Paid 

Digiarty doesn't provide any free version of VideoProc Converter but provides a trial version in which users can try out all the basic and advanced video features we discussed in this review. However, the trial version doesn't allow you to more than 5 minutes media file and also doesn't allow you to utilize the feature of “save the video.” 

If you are ready to unlock all the features of one of the best video converters, then the company offers you three types of licenses.

One-year license ($29.95)

The paid version of VideoProc Converter is affordable, starting at a flat rate of $29.95 per annum. The paid version is equipped with all tools and features required for perfect and ideal video editing. For one year, you will get all the updates without any cost. After one year, if you are satisfied with the services of the tool, you can order it again, but if you have any issues, there is also a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

Lifetime license ($37.95)

All the updates are provided in a lifetime license without any extra cost. The lifetime license will set you back $37.95 and allow you to use VideoProc Converter without video length limits.

Family License ($57.95)

The family license costs you $57.95, and you can use the VideoProc Converter on more than one PC. The software company gives you lifetime access to a family license on 2-5 PCs.?

VideoProc Converter Review – Summary

The VideoProc Converter is used to convert, resize, edit, and adjust every detail of your video, DVD, or any audio file in a short time. As a video converter and editor, it is as fast as any cutting-edge video editing software on the market.

The interface of the converter is minimalist, and it can easily edit, convert and process the recordings that are in HDR, 4K, 8K, DJI quality on any format video on your smartphone webcam, camcorder, action camera, or any other device.

With the help of the software's editing capabilities, shaky video frames can be stabilized, rectify fish-eye distortion, conversion of videos into GIFs, background noise elimination without encoding video transfer to MKV, watermark addition, M3U8 playlist creation, and many more things.?

Long story short, VideoProc Converter is an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective tool for quickly compressing videos, trimming, converting, and editing.?It will highly benefit both beginners and experts in video conversion.

Technical Specifications – Minimum Requirements

FeatureMinimum & Recommended Requirements
Supported OSMac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or higher)
Windows (Windows 7 or higher; 32 bit & 64 bit)
Supported GPUs for Hardware AccelerationNVIDIA: NVIDIA? GeForce GT 630 or higher
Intel: Intel? HD Graphics 2000 or higher
AMD: AMD? Radeon HD 7700 series (HD 7790 (VCE 2.0)) or higher
Installation Size46.3 MB (VideoProc Converter V4.51, released on November 26th, 2021)
Disk Space200 MB free space required for installation
Processor1 GHz Intel? or AMD? processor (Minimum)
RAM1 GB (Recommended is 2 GB or above)
VideoProc Converter technical specs

VideoProc Converter official showcase video

Video by Digiarty

Is VideoProc Converter legit?

Yes. My experience with the tool during this VideoProc Converter review has put it above and beyond in the YouTube video downloaders and converters industry. At the same time, it also packs a handy feature set for basic and advanced video editing.

If your video editing requirements are not extreme, VideoProc Converter is not just the best video converter you can buy, it is also a convenient editor.

It is also an excellent pick for users that want to turn their smartphones into 4K webcams.


VideoProc Converter is the famous conversion and video editing tool developed by Digiarty, one of the world's top-ranking multimedia software companies that provide video conversion solutions to its users. VideoProc Converter is designed for users who want fast, easy, and smooth video editing. The video conversion tool is ideal for anyone seeking a complementary and reasonable video editor for professional use.

The VideoProc Converter provides this exciting screen recording feature, especially for educators, life enthusiasts, gamers, and sports lovers. VideoProc Converter is used to convert, resize, edit, and adjust every detail of your video, DVD, or any audio file in a short time. Finally, this video conversion software is an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective tool for quickly compressing videos, trimming, converting, and editing.

In our experience, VideoProc Converter stands out as one of the best video converters in the market.?

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