Titus Guardian of the Mountain [AFK Arena]

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Titus – Guardian of the Mountain is a Celestial strength-based tank hero introduced in Patch 1.68. As the last Temple Guardian, Titus died defending the temple from the Hypogeans. Yet by the hands of Ansiel, Titus was reborn with a new stone body. Mechanical contrivances have taken the place of flesh and blood, but Titus' courage and kindness remained unchanged.

Titus Guardian of the Mountains

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Titus – Guardian of the Mountain

Faction: Celestial
Type: Strength
Class: Tank
Role: Tank
Rarity: Ascended

Titus Skills

Temple Guardian [Ultimate]

Titus skill 1 temple guardian utlimate

Passive: Titus is immune to control effects throughout battles and receives 35% less damage.

At the start of the battle, Titus enters a dormant state until his Ultimate ability is activated.

While in an active state, Titus expends 50 Energy Points per second, and his Energy Recovery is reduced by 60%, and his Attack Rating is increased by 20%. Each Normal Attack expends 25 Energy Points and deals 150% AoE damage.

Once all of Titus' Energy has been exhausted, he reenters a dormant state.

  • Level 2: Once activated, Titus deals one attack to inflict 300% damage on all enemies, simultaneously stunning them for 2 seconds.
  • Level 3: Once activated, Titus deals one attack to inflict 350% damage on all enemies, simultaneously stunning them for 2 seconds.

Energy Absorption

Titus Skill 2 - Energy Absorption

Excluding Titus and summoned targets, whenever each target on the battlefield respectively receives damage (including damage received by shields) equal to 8% of their max health, the target will produce an Energy Orb, which Titus absorbs, allowing him to recover 80 Energy Points. Each character may only produce an Energy Orb once every 1 second.

  • Level 2: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Strength-Based Heroes, the percentage of damage that Titus receives is reduced by 15%.
  • Level 3: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Agility Based Heroes, Titus' Crit Rating is increased by 30%.
  • Level 4: After absorbing 4 Energy Orbs from Intelligence Based Heroes, Titus recovers 20% of his max health. This effect can only be triggered once.


Titus Skill 3 - Spiral

Titus continuously spins both arms in a spiral motion, dealing 170% damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies, also knocking them backward.

While spinning, Titus consumes an additional 75 Energy Points per second. Before Titus' Energy is exhausted, he will spin for at least 2 seconds. Once Titus' Energy drops below 400 Points, he will stop spinning.

  • Level 2: Damage is increased to 200%.
  • Level 3: Damage is increased to 220%.
  • Level 4: Damage is increased to 230%. (Unlock Level: Engraving Level 30)

Guardian's Shield

Titus Skill 4 - Guardian's Shield

At the start of battles, while in a dormant state, Titus deploys a defensive shield that exists for 7 seconds which can mitigate damage equal to 1200% of Titus' own Attack Rating for himself and his allies, during which time Titus is unable to use his Ultimate ability.

  • Level 2: Mitigates damage equal to 1500% of Titus' Attack Rating.
  • Level 3: Mitigates damage equal to 1800% of Titus' Attack Rating.
  • Level 4: Damage up to 1900% of Titus' Attack Rating can be mitigated. The duration of the defensive shield is extended to 8 seconds. (Unlock Level: Engraving Level 60)
Titus Signature Item - Mountain Star

Signature Item: Mountain Star

Signature Item Skill: Final Aegis

Titus Signature Item Skill - Final Aegis

When 3 or more Energy Orbs have been absorbed from Strength, Agility, and Intelligence-based heroes, the ability “Final Aegis” is unlocked. When this ability is used, all enemies within a certain range shall be dealt 250% damage. This ability has a cooldown time of 8 seconds.

[+10 Unlocks] Damage is increased to 280%.

[+20 Unlocks] Damage is increased to 300%.

[+30 Unlocks] Damage is increased to 350%. Ability's cooldown time is reduced to 6 seconds.

Furniture Ability: Titan Surge

Furniture Ability - Titan Surge

3/3 Furniture Ability: When Titus goes from an active state into a dormant state, he recovers 150 Energy Points every second for the following 5 seconds.

9/9 Furniture Ability: When Titus goes from a dormant state into an active state, he recovers 8% of his max health every second for the following 5 seconds.