The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sports Betting Platform

There is so much money to be made in the sports betting industry right now. It's expected to be worth almost $170 billion by the end of the current decade.

Because of this, there are sports betting platforms popping up all over the place. You won't have any shortage of options when you go to find a sports betting platform to take your sports bets.

So, which sports betting platform should you trust to provide you with the opportunity to bet on sports teams? That's what we're going to discuss today. We're going to set you up with some tips on how to pick the best sports betting platform of the bunch.

If you're interested in taking part in online sports betting, keep reading to find out how to select a sports betting platform. Our guide will have you making sports bets in no time at all.

Begin by Making a List of Sports Betting Platforms

When you're in the market for a sports betting platform, the first thing you'll want to do is generate a list of your options. You should Google “sports betting platforms” and write down the names of all the different options that appear.

Just a warning: There are going to be a lot of sports betting platforms out there. There are pretty much always new ones popping up all the time.

But it would still be worth listing as many sports betting platforms as you can. It'll give you the chance to learn about each sports betting platform that will be an option for you. You should do this rather than just blindly picking the first sports betting platform you can find.

Visit Sports Betting Platforms to See What They Look Like

Once you've got a long list of sports betting platforms ready to go, you should start visiting each one to see what it's all about. You should spend 10 minutes or so clicking around on each sports betting platform on your list to get some sense of what it can offer to you.

There are some sports betting platforms that you'll be able to rule out as soon as you arrive on their homepages. You'll be able to tell that these sports betting platforms aren't going to provide you with great sports betting experiences.

There are other sports betting platforms that you'll instantly be attracted to. You'll know that they take sports betting seriously based on what they look like and how easy it is to navigate your way around on them.

Your goal here should be to start knocking the names of some sports betting platforms off your list. You should be able to whittle your list down pretty quickly during this stage.

Find Out Which Sports You Can Bet On Through Sports Betting Platforms

While you're poking around on sports betting platforms, you should pay close attention to which sports betting options they can provide to you. Not all sports betting platforms are going to set you up with the ability to bet on all the same sports.

Most sports betting platforms are going to be equipped to allow you to bet on major sports like football, basketball, and soccer. But if you want to bet on, say, Formula 1 racing, you might need to hone in on the sports betting platforms that offer Formula 1 betting.

The last thing you want to do is get stuck with an account on a sports betting platform that can't actually cater to your sports betting needs. It'll be a huge waste of time and will force you to go out and try to find a different sports betting platform ASAP.

Look at Which Types of Bets You Can Place on Sports Betting Platforms

In addition to looking at which sports you'll be able to bet on through different sports betting platforms, you should also sneak a peek at which types of bets you can place through them.

Just about all sports betting platforms will enable you to make moneyline bets, point spread bets, and parlay bets. But what about if you want to make prop bets?

Prop bets can be a lot of fun, but they're not always available through all sports betting platforms. It's why you should make it a point to see which kinds of sports bets different sports betting platforms specialize in.

Check to See If Sports Betting Platforms Offer “Live” Betting Options

In recent years, “live” betting has become very popular among sports bettors. Live betting is a type of betting that people can do while games are already going on.

The problem with live betting from the perspective of sports betting platforms is that they need to have someone constantly updating their betting odds for live betting to work. And not all of them have gotten around to putting the right people in place to provide live betting.

If you're interested in doing live betting, you'll need to hunt down a sports betting platform that can offer it. There are quite a few sports betting platforms that don't offer live betting at this time, so you'll want to eliminate these options from your original list.

Figure Out Which Sports Betting Platforms Have the Best Bonuses

As we've alluded to a few times now, there are so many sports betting platforms that people can choose from nowadays. There are so many, in fact, that most sports betting platforms are in a heated competition right now to attract customers.

One of the ways in which sports betting platforms will try to bring in new business is by extending bonuses to new customers. In some cases, they'll agree to give people anywhere from 50% to 200% of their initial deposits in bonus money.

Every sports betting platform takes a slightly different approach to dishing out bonuses, though. Some of them are a lot more generous with their bonuses than others.

You should make it your mission to find a sports betting platform that offers some of the best bonuses around. You should also create accounts with as many sportsbooks as you can when you first begin betting on sports. It'll allow you to get your hands on so much “free” money in the form of bonuses.

Browse Through the Deposit Options on Sports Betting Platforms

Before you can begin placing sports bets on a sports betting platform, you're going to need to deposit money into your account. It'll be easier to do this on some sports betting platforms versus others.

Ideally, you should search for a sports betting platform that is going to provide you with more than a few deposit options. The platform should let you use everything from credit cards to cryptocurrency to put cash into your account.

If a sports betting platform doesn't offer the right deposit options, you might not be able to put any money into your account in the first place. You'll need to look around for a different sports betting platform that has better deposit options for you.

See How You Can Withdrawal Winnings on Sports Betting Platforms

Your goal when you're betting on sports should be to have fun. But part of having fun will obviously be winning money as you wager on sports. You want to attempt to win as much money as you can.

You also want it to be easy for you to get access to any money that you're able to win. A good sports betting platform is going to need to offer withdrawal options that'll make it simple for you to secure your sports betting winnings.

There are some sports betting platforms that will make you jump through hoops—lots and lots (and lots!) of hoops—before they'll provide you with your winnings. You don't want to get stuck betting on sports through a site like this since it'll be more trouble than it's worth.

You shouldn't be shy about looking at the withdrawal options that a sports betting platform has in place. It'll give you a good indication of how easy it will or won't be to obtain your money.

You should also see what information a sports betting platform is going to need from you to process your withdrawals as soon as you sign up for an account with it. This could very well speed up the withdrawal process down the line and save you a whole bunch of time and aggravation.

Put the Customer Service Departments for Sports Betting Platforms to the Test

There is most likely going to come a time when you'll need to call on the customer service department from a sports betting platform to assist you. You'll have some questions and/or concerns that you will want the customer service department to address.

With this in mind, you might want to think about putting the customer service departments for different sports betting platforms to the test. You should reach out to them with a basic question and see how long it takes them to respond.

You should also see how many different ways you'll be able to contact the customer service department from a sports betting platform. In a perfect world, you'll want to be able to:

  • Call them
  • Email them
  • Chat with them

The best sports betting platforms tend to take customer service more seriously than all the other sports betting platforms. They know how important it is for their customers to be able to contact their customer service departments for help at a moment's notice.

Read as Many Reviews as You Can for Sports Betting Platforms

No matter how hard you might work to try and do it, you aren't going to be able to find out everything about all the sports betting platforms out there yourself. There are just too many of these platforms in existence right now.

For this reason, the online reviews that people have left for sports betting platforms will really come in handy for you. They'll save you so much time by shining a light on what a sports betting platform is all about without you having to figure it out yourself.

At some point, you should try to read through as many online reviews for sports betting platforms as you possibly can. Doing this will help you separate the great platforms from the not-so-great ones. It won't be long at all before only the top offshore sportsbooks are left on your list.

While you're reading through online reviews for sports betting platforms, you should pay close attention to what kinds of bonuses they offer. You should also look out for information on which sports they'll allow you to bet on.

You should try to choose a sports betting platform that has almost nothing but positive reviews from those who have used it in the past. You'll know that you're going to be in good hands when you're making sports bets on a site like this.

Pick the Best Sports Betting Platform You Can Find

Far too often, those who bet on sports will choose the first sports betting platform they're able to find when they set out to locate one. This will sometimes result in them being dissatisfied with their initial sports betting experiences.

Instead of taking this approach to looking for a sports betting platform, use the tips we've provided here to get the job done. They should keep you moving in the right direction and have you landing on a great sports betting platform before long.

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