The Noble Tavern Guide – AFK Arena

In AFK Arena, you can summon Heroes using Basic Scrolls, Faction Scrolls, and Companion Points at the Noble Tavern.

You can also summon heroes using diamonds, and access the wishlist. You will also encounter Dolly who will give you basic tips about the game.

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Each time you summon a hero you will be rewarded with a Tavern Token. Collecting 100 will allow you to use a Hero Choice Card to summon a hero from a specific faction. Heroes in your wishlist are also taken into account, when you summon using the Hero Choice Car.

The Noble Tavern bulding is located at the bottom left corner of Ranhorn.

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AFK Arena Summoning Explained

Heroes Drop-Rates

Below you will find the Hero card rarity drop rates. Please note that these rates don't apply to Companion Summons.

Hero RarityDrop Rate
Basic summons hero rarity odds

Basic Summoning

Summoning uses either Basic Scrolls or Diamonds. Summoned Heroes can be of any faction, but the 4 main factions have a higher drop rate than Celestials and Hypogeans.

Below you will find the summon costs when summoning using diamonds:

  • 1x Summon = 300x Diamonds
  • 10x Summons = 2,700x Diamonds

It is advisable to always summon in batches of 10 to save 300 diamonds.

AFK Arena Basic Faction Companion Summons the Noble Tavern Wishlist Guide

Faction Summoning

Faction Summoning allows you to summon heroes from the featured faction. I have never summoned a hero this way that doesn't belong to the featured faction.

However, you will have to use faction scrolls to perform faction summoning. These are rarer than Basic Scrolls can be bought from the shop with real money. Alternatively, you can get them from events like Voyage of Wonders and Abyssal Expedition.

Make sure to use them wisely as you will not get many of them for free.

The rotation resets at 00:00 GMT every day, following this pattern:

Lightbearers → Maulers → Wilders → Graveborn.

Companion Summoning

Companion summoning requires Companion Points. For every 10 Companion Points, you can summon a companion.

The summoned Heroes could be from any faction.

With Companion Points free to acquire, the rate of getting Elite Heroes is a little lower:

Hero RarityDrop Rate
Companion summons hero rarity odds

Hero Wishlist

Players must fill all 5 spots for each of the 4 factions to take advantage of the Wishlist feature.

The Hero Wishlist is a great feature as it greatly increases your chances of summoning one of the specified heroes.

For the exact summon odds for heroes on the wishlist, you can read our Wishlist guide.

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