The Big Giveaway Event Guide – AFK Arena

Everything you need to know about the Big Giveaway event.

AFK Arena the big giveback event guide

By visiting Rowan's store every day, you can get the Merchant's Coupon, which you can exchange for various rewards in his store.

The Big Giveback event will last 46 days.

The maximum number of free coupons a player can earn is 5*46 + 40 = 270. If you get enough coupons, you can buy the Cele/Hypo chest when it's 50 percent off.

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the big giveback event guide afk arena

Heroes Feature in the Hero Choice Chest

You can get one of the following four heroes by opening the Hero Choice chest:

  • The Twins (Elijah & Laylah)
  • Zaphrael
  • Khazard
  • Mortas

In my opinion, you should get Zaphrael unless you need a copy of the Twins or Mortas to get them to Elite+.

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The Big Giveback Event Rules

1. To receive Merchant's Coupons, players can sign up for a Merchant's Coupon at Rowan's store each day during the event. Merchandise coupons can be exchanged for rewards at Rowan's.

2. Players that fail to register at Rowan's store and miss out on a Merchant's Coupon can supplement one missed coupon with 200 Diamonds.

3. On the final three days of every month, all goods for sale will be discounted by 50%.

4. Surplus Merchant's Coupons will be refunded after the event based on the price stated in the description.

The Big Giveback Event Lore

Rowan's Trading Firm is open for business! Check it out! The Big Giveback is about to commence!”

The little chap with red hair appears in the town market again, pushing his little cart and calling out to potential customers while his little duck is sat atop his head, excitedly flapping its wings.

A trading firm? A rickety old cart would never be considered a company. However, one should not underestimate this lad, as the little duck sitting atop his head is no ordinary character.

After only a few days here, he had already emptied everyone's pockets. Many people love him, while others despise him and actively try not to run into him on the street.

According to him, this so-called “event is to build the reputation of the firm and accumulate loyal customers. But I'm not gonna believe anything he says. I think he's just out to part us with our hard-earned money again.

“You don't have to spend a cent! Come take a look! You'll even get a free item!”

Free, you say? It sounds like a great deal. What harm could it possibly do to just take a look? You don't even want to think about cheating me! There is not even a penny in my pocket!

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