The Best Fortnite Tycoon Map Codes [April 2023]

Are you searching for codes to use in Fortnite's new Tycoon mode? We have the answer. We have put together a list of Tycoon game codes. Continue reading to learn more about these games.

Fortnite Tycoon Codes

Lazarbeam's Tycoon – 1881-2088-8294

The internet's king of memes! Lazarbeam was the first to have his own skin in the game. He now has his own Tycoon mode. Exciting! It's exciting!

Choppa Bed Wars Tycoon – 0951-1597-5424

You can take on your rivals aboard an offshore oil rig. You can either team up with your friends or go it alone. You can use helicopters to attack other players' bases. Protect your bed and upgrade your base for victory!

Cafe Tycoon – (6709-7349-77333

Cafe Tycoon allows you to play 2v2 and 4v4 while upgrading your cafe, earning gold and rep. You can also complete orders while fighting your opponents.

Influencer Tycoon – 2543-5874-75006

Influencer Tycoon will make you a social media star and help you to dominate virtual platforms. To win the dub, beat your competitors! What does it take to be an influencer on social media? Are you able to outperform your competition? This Tycoon is for you!

Mars Tycoon – 6855-5160-99515

You can be Elon Musk, and explore the red planet as your personal Elon Musk. Enjoy fighting it out on Mars' surface. To escape Mars, build your base, purchase upgrades, and defeat all enemies!

Food Fight Tycoon – 5990-3025-0295

This Tycoon map is the fastest growing in Fortnite. Earn extra money by participating in different tasks.

World Cup Simulator – 5300-9215-6312

The Tycoon is all about building your empire and managing a series of world cup championships. This single-player mode allows you to rise from humble beginnings to high-class living. Collect coins and eliminate targets to establish your throne at the top of the game!

Holiday Tycoon ? 4236-9516 7968

Do not give up on the holidays yet! This new and exciting tycoon game has a Santa's Workshop theme. You will compete against other Fortnite Santas to build the most productive and profitable toy shop possible. This fun tycoon will require you to don your Christmas attire and create the most innovative toys for both boys and girls.

Skyscraper Tycoon – 2701-2323-2141

Skyscraper Tycoon revolves around leverage. You aim to exert influence on the city's resources and dominate the black market for the highest skyscraper.?You will need to fight your way through the map and collect enough resources to reach the top in this new tycoon.?Keep your skyscraper up!?It will be a target for your opponents.

Millionaire Tycoon – 3010-1282-8905

This may have been on the LTM List for a brief time, but we still have it in case it was removed too quickly. This is a well-designed Tycoon game where you have to hire workers, buy upgrades and find collectibles as you build your empire. The goal of the game is to be the richest player in the match, or you will get hunted!

Social Simulation: Summer Resort 2232-2221-2934

Casual exploration is the main theme of Social Simulation: Summer Resort. This map is a great choice for those who don't enjoy the competitive Tycoon game but don't want the social aspect to be lost. You can explore the island resort and complete tasks to earn money. Then you can spend your money on the island getaway of dreams.

Tycoon – Space Pirates ? Tycoon – 2232-2221 – 2934

This space-pirate-themed competitive game tycoon challenges you to conquer the deepest depths of space faster than your competitors and become the most successful and fearsome space pirate. Although the map's creator doesn't have much experience, they are a major contributor to Fortnite's map-making community through Space Pirates Tycoon. It is a newly released map, but it was already featured on Epic's Discover Tab!

Whack-A-Zombie: Tycoon! – 2232-2221-2934

Whack-AZombie sounds exactly like it does: a tycoon-style game where you can earn XP and increase your level by destroying zombies. This fun and unique twist on the Tycoon game mechanic adds a new experience. You have two options: you can either stay put in your own zombie-whacking universe, or you can compete to be the fastest.

Bee Tycoon (With Pets) – 4809-6722-84181

Bee Tycoon now includes pets! You play the role of a beekeeper and must produce honey and flowers to grow your bee farm. This is a competitive game so be aware of other beekeepers who may try to sabotage their work. You can also sneak into the farms of other players to steal theirs. This one is for casual, cute tycoons!

Social Media Tycoon – 4936-9997-0267

Social Media Tycoon allows you to prove your influencer skills and compete for the most views, likes, and followers on all platforms. However, it's tough competition on social media. Other players may try to reduce your view count to increase their own. We all have to pay the bills!

Minenite – 5483-7246-9718

You can start at the bottom, but you are actually underground, and then work your way up to the top of Minenite. This Fortnite map will have you playing against other players. You can also be the leader of the subterranean prison and have full control over the minions.

The best thing about Fortnite‘s Tycoon codes is that they can all be accessed from the official Epic Games website. Even though they were developed by third-party creators and are therefore not valid, anyone interested in the validity can rest assured that Epic Games has a role in it.

Pop-culture crossovers and references are a major reason Fortnite is so popular. After diving into the Marvel universe, the franchise recently confirmed leaked skins for Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter. It is safe to say Epic Games has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is over. Players who want to increase their Battle Pass or complete the challenges should do so quickly. These challenges were completed a few days ago and will be gone by next week.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox One.

Fortnite-related content can be found in the Fortnite section. You can find more map codes in our Fortnite Coding.

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