The Best Fortnite Sniper Map Codes (April 2022)

Fortnite Sniper Codes – Best Maps – This selection includes the most creative Sniper maps, codes, and links.

The Fortnite Sniper Codes List contains some of the most popular options for players who want to practice in long-range situations. This map is ideal if you are looking to improve your long-distance performance.

How To Use Fortnite Creative Codes

Follow these steps to use the Fortnite creative code.

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. To choose a game mode, click on Creative. Click on Play.
  3. Click on the Creative button in the lower right corner.
  4. Next, click the Island Code tab.
  5. Enter an Island Code and hit Enter.
  6. If your code is valid you'll be able to see a new window with the name of the map, creator, and Play button. Click on Play.
  7. To load the island created by you, click on Play.
  8. It is possible to do it in another way. Simply go to the Welcome Hub and find a feature island. Once you have found it, enter your code.

Fortnite Sniper Map Codes – Best Maps

These maps are ideal for snipers as they provide perfect areas to practice your aim using a telescopic scope.

  • Snipers vs Runners Hard – Map Code: 7226-3973-4875
  • Ar Aim Training – Map Code: 8561-1433-7251
  • Sniper One Shoot OG – Map Code: 4682-7421-2056
  • Haunted One Shot Map Code: 1543-2253-4141
  • Uptown Sniper – One Shot – Map Code: 95674222-1807
  • Railgun One Shot CTF – Map Code: 4817-2930-2879
  • No scope arena 2.0 Auto save Map Code: 1601-7501 – 2020
  • Fortnitemares laser tag – 0611-6817-997
  • Coastal Sniper One Shot – Map Code: 7464-6297-1110
  • Surfers vs Sharks 4v4 Map Code: 7028 5836-2902
  • Underwater Snipers vs Drivers – Map Code: 2339-4131-9117
  • Drivers and Snipers Go Goated Map Code: (0522-0531-77425
  • Stevey's Sniper One SHot Area 2.0 – Map Code: 1149-277-5355
  • Supercars vs – Map Code: 1733-343-7936
  • Snipers vs Runners Red Green Light – Map Code: 4464-5977-5319
  • Deathrun 500 Levels FR EN – Map Code: 0832-0632-1078
  • Sniper Zero – Map Code: 8024-5033 -8613
  • Stealthy Sneakers FFA Map Code: 2388-1607 – 0759
  • Sniper Noscope One Shot LTM dux – Map Code: 1234–4561-0891
  • Toy soldier Sniper 1 shot – Map Code: 8035-9703-2060
  • Sniper 1 Shot Tag edition – Map Code: 8253-2564-8380
  • 360o Snipers vs Runners – Map Code: 8211-7200-6960
  • Snipers Vs Cars Map Code: 1568-485-9985
  • Sniper Slow Mo – Map Code: 6103-856-5742
  • Sneaky Snowy Snipers Map Code: 9224-878-6716

All links take you to Epic Games' official website. If that isn't enough information, please see the next section.

There is a weapon that works best for each situation and map. If you like the sniper weapon category, there is nothing better than finding the best maps for your target. You will find open areas and long distances, but also places to hide. Keep in mind, however, that you'll be playing on sniper maps with players who like precision kills at long distances.

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