The Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes [April 2023]

Prop hunt is where players hide props, and the hunter must find them. Fortnite's creative mode allows players to play prop hunt in any game. It can be difficult to look at every map, as so many in Fortnite. This guide will show you how to find the best Fortnite prop hunt codes.

Fortnite's Creative Code – How to Use It

Fortnite's Creative Code can be used. Log in to Fortnite and click “Creative” at the top of the screen.

Next, click “Play” then “Create.” To create your maps, visit the Orange Rift.

More information can be found in the Fortnite Creative Section.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes

These maps are great for prop hunting in Fortnite.

  • Roller Disco Prop Hunt
    • Code: 3948-7015-9316
    • Do you ever wish to feel the arcade atmosphere of the 1980s? This map is for you if so. This map follows the same mechanics as other prop hunt games, so it should be simple to get into. This map was featured on Epic's Discovery Tab, a feat not many maps can achieve.
  • Lazer Tag Prop Hunt
    • Code: 9933-9770-9493
    • This map is special because you can play laser tag and prop hunt. It was also featured on Epic's discovery tab, just like the map at the top of this list.
  • Phone Prop
    • Code: 0722-9799-3791
    • Are you tired of hiding as props, but still want to prop hunt? This map is for you if this is your situation. Instead of using props, hide as phone apps.
  • Western World
    • Code: 3541-6722-7262
    • This map is perfect for desert lovers. The large area you have to hide gives the hiders a slight edge. However, seekers should enjoy the added challenge of finding them.
  • Prop Hunt…but in a Taxi
    • Code: 1662-3121-3063
    • Players' creativity is limitless. So you've played in an arcade in a desert. Now, why not try it in a Taxi! You don't have to hide in large areas like the maps, but you can hide among the trash and completely change the way you play.
  • Modern Mall
    • Code: 1679-1165-5282
    • Although it may not be as distinctive as the Taxi map, it's a map that can be used by those who are looking for an additional challenge. It's a large map that makes it difficult for hunters to find other players.
  • Indoor Water Park
    • Code: 0139-3586-5803
    • This map is perfect for water parks and theme parks fans. It is a waterpark with many slides and pools, as the name implies. It is so immersive that you can even change your clothes in the changing room before entering the pool.
  • Toy Story
    • Code: 5530-6235-0681
    • This map is based on Toy Story, a Pixar film. It's designed to look like Andy's bedroom filled with toys. This map is worth a look, even if you haven't seen the movie.
    • Code: 7257-6466-2198
    • You've ever wished to live on a yacht, but you didn't want to be with people. Instead, you wanted to be a floating object, and not be bothered. This map is for you if this sounds like you. This is exactly what this map allows you to experience.
  • City Park
    • Code: 4760-0262-7171
    • This map is for you if you don't want to go through all the fancy scenarios and just want to have fun. This large map is based on a park in the city. You can easily hide as props.
    • Hotel Deluxe: Prop HuntCode: 7451-9512-8283
    • This map is simple with simple rules and follows a single theme: hide in hotels. In the 10-minute rounds, up to 10 people can play simultaneously. Because there are so few hunters, the speed at which rounds end will depend on the skill of the hunters. Many hiders don't make it to the end in 10 minutes. Can you?
  • Summer House: Prop Hunt
    • This Prop Hunt map will make Summer fun all year. You can enjoy the sun or hide from the seekers while pretending to be one of the many objects that you would find your summer home. You're guaranteed to have fun, no matter how competitive or casual you are.
    • Code: 9333-9129-4841
  • Shop til you Prop
    • Another fun idea is to run around a shopping center that looks like Retail Row. You can transform into different props depending on the store you are in. The hunter will be overwhelmed by the number of objects and items that can be made into props.
    • Code: 0880-3740-6109
  • Swimming Pool
    • Fortniteart's Swimming Pool is one of my favorite maps. It is condensed but very well designed. You can find new hiding spots for each map by using the small streets, loading docks, gyms, basketball courts, loading docks, and parks. There is enough variety in the items to make it hard to spot them all. The Hunters still have a good chance of finding users hidden in plain sight, even though the level is low enough. We recommend starting with Fortniteart's Swimming Pool if you want to play an alternate map.
    • Code: 3487-1374-0131
  • Warlock's Graveyard
    • You are looking for something a little more sinister? Warlock's Graveyard, a Prop Hunt map that spans multiple floating islands, is for you. You can also fall to your death, adding an additional layer of danger to this game. Hunting is a difficult task because there are many objects that you can disguise as, and it's also hard to find the right time to hunt. Hunters are limited in ammo so they'll need to be more cautious when searching for props. Use those bounce pads to jump from one island to the next!
    • Code: 6180-5637-0525

These maps will guarantee you a great time. While you might not enjoy all the maps, this list should be enjoyable for everyone.

Fortnite-related content can be found in the Fortnite section. You can find more map codes in our Fortnite Coding.

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