The Best Fortnite Parkour Map Codes [October 2023]

Move from Point A to Point B quickly.

Fortnite's Parkour Maps Codes includes some of the most amazing parkour-style maps you can find in Fortnite's Creative mode. There are easy school maps to help you get started, as well as more challenging maps that will test your platform jumping skills.

Parkour maps look very similar to Deathrun maps. Players must make skillful leaps in order to progress. The main difference between them is that Deathruns have a more linear path and are easier to follow, while parkour maps require more planning and are more complex. There will likely be some Deathrun maps below, as they offer the best of both!

How To Use Fortnite Creative Codes

Follow these steps to use the Fortnite creative code.

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. To choose a game mode, click on Creative. Click on Play.
  3. Click on the Creative button in the lower right corner.
  4. Next, click the Island Code tab.
  5. Enter an Island Code and hit Enter.
  6. If your code is valid you'll be able to see a new window with the name of the map, creator, and Play button. Click on Play.
  7. To load the island created by you, click on Play.
  8. It is possible to do it in another way. Simply go to the Welcome Hub and find a feature island. Once you have found it, enter your code.

Best Parkour Maps

This is our complete list of Fortnite Parkour maps.

Infinite Parkour

This map is one of our favorite Creative maps. You will be competing against other players to win a randomly-generated parkour course. You will be given a random assortment of mini parkour courses each round. Your goal is to reach the top and avoid being swept away by rising lava. You earn coins as you play the game. These coins can be used to buy advantages or sabotage against other players.

Code: 7004-5908-4189

Kwint's Hard Parkour Jungle + Futuristic: 0600-7540-4232

This map is hard to parkour, so use it to test your skills and become the best parkour player! It features a futuristic theme and a unique OST. It is a fairly excellent challenge to prove you are worth it! You can have up to four players, so get some friends together to see who is the best!

Easy Rainbow Funrun

This route is great for those who enjoy a casual game with friends and want to parkour. Because it requires less focus than the more challenging parkour, this map works well with groups. Easy Rainbow Funrun feels more like a well-designed rollercoaster than a challenging parkour experience.

Code: 1025-0916-0505

Muddy Mire Deathrun: 6068-0045-2110

This map increases the difficulty and requires that you have good control over your character. Why his map is amazing:

  • Good jump in difficulty, challenging your mind a bit
  • Still great fun
  • A good length map

Ruination Slide/Parkour Deathrun

Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced sliding, and this map is the first to incorporate it into its parkour mechanic. To reach difficult spots, you will need to use speed-boosting and jumps that are well-timed. This map is not easy to learn and starts out hard. This map is unique in its genre. This map is the first to use the slide mechanic to help parkour maps make a comeback.

Code: 1564-5327-0724

50 Level Race: 0167-9187-0380

This map is more challenging because it is not only a deathrun/parkour but also a race! Compete against friends and random players to see how you do! Why this is such a great map:

  • Race against your friends to see who finishes first
  • Take on the challenge to see how fast this map can be completed.
  • Could have set a record similar to this video?

High Tower Escape 3

High Tower Escape 3 technically is an Escape Room. However, it is comparable to the original parkour maps of yesteryear. Through a variety of levels, you will need to find hidden passages, make difficult jumps and solve clever room puzzles. This series will test your parkour skills and brainpower. The previous installments have been included in this series to give you more parkour to enjoy!

  • High Tower Escape 3: 1564-5327-0724
  • High Tower Escape 2: 7459-0705-3637
  • High Tower Escape 1: 1426-9117-0036

FFA Parkour Wars

FFA Parkour Wars does not require fancy equipment. We wanted to include it on the list as it's a fun way to have some fun with friends and a warm-up for Battle Royale. It's short and easy. The only thing that will challenge you is to make it to the end faster than anyone else. To taunt other players for not being able to make it, the first person to complete it gets access to a variety of weapons. This is a great party game that supports up to 16 players.

Code: 9534-9804-6627

Easy Parkour + Easy Deathrun – 50 LVL: 2323-7333-1033

If this is your first attempt at parkour, it's a great place to start. This map is easy to follow and not too difficult. Why this map is amazing:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Very easy
  • It's quick and simple, so it doesn't take too much time!

Spidermans Default Deathrun: 6681-6634-9010

This map is unique because it attempts to recreate the Spider-Man feeling! You can glide through tight spaces, jump across gaps, and land on small platforms. This map is amazing because:

  • Spider-Man themed!
  • Although it can be difficult to land on small platforms, practice makes perfect
  • Play Fortnite as Spider-Man!

Test Center: 8981-2966-6727

This level is one of those “500IQ” maps that force you to think about what it takes to get there. Why this map is a fantastic one:

  • Unusual ways to reach the next level
  • Always keeps you guessing
  • This one will make you feel smart!

Summer Splash Deathrun Race: 3958-2152-5837

This map offers a refreshing change of scenery, and it is very similar to the Wipeout show if you have ever seen it! This map is very enjoyable to revisit over and over! This map is great because:

  • TV shows an obstacle course feeling
  • A warm and inviting summer theme
  • Great replayability!

50-Level Christmas Fun Run: 992-7696-1465

This Christmas-themed run is a winner! Jump across presents and climb up colored blocks to travel through an ice castle. Reasons why this map is a fantastic one:

  • Christmas theme
  • Have fun if you're not in the holiday spirit!

100 Level Default Deathrun Remastered! : 8893-8753-3931

This map has classic fun and is probably one of the most loved in Fortnite. List of reasons why this map is amazing:

  • 100 levels to keep it fun
  • It's very well-made, which is why it's so beloved!
  • Multiple times

Temple Run: 5001-0003-6492

This map is inspired by the mobile game Temple Run! You must make it to the end before you get caught! Why you should play this map:

  • Fast-paced parkour!
  • Jump, slide, and run your way to the finish
  • Find out how fast you can complete the map!

These are all the maps that we have! Keep checking back to see when more maps are added by Fortnite's amazing content community.

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