The Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes (April 2022)

If you have been looking for the best Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite for you and your friends, then look no further! In our Murder Mystery Codes list, we provide all the best

How To Use Fortnite Creative Codes

Follow these steps to use the Fortnite creative code.

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. To choose a game mode, click on Creative. Click on Play.
  3. Click on the Creative button in the lower right corner.
  4. Next, click the Island Code tab.
  5. Enter an Island Code and hit Enter.
  6. If your code is valid you'll be able to see a new window with the name of the map, creator, and Play button. Click on Play.
  7. To load the island created by you, click on Play.
  8. It is possible to do it in another way. Simply go to the Welcome Hub and find a feature island. Once you have found it, enter your code.

Hotel Deco: Murder Mystery – 2789-9541-7789

Can you survive the night in Hotel Deco? The map supports between 2 and 20 players. It is set in the titular dimly lit Hotel Deco. That features rooms, the lobby, and all the other parts you would expect to see in a functioning hotel.

Pro Murder Mystery (8 Roles) – 6571-0741-2073

This Murder Mystery map is different from other maps in that it has more roles than the regular Murderer or Survivor. You can play the detective, detective, doctor, peely, witch, skeleton, or seer on this map. Each role has its own unique ability and motives. Your goal is to maximize your team's potential to win.

Minecraft Murder Mystery – 1892-1509-8081

This map combines Fortnite and Minecraft into one beautiful-looking map. It's amazing how similar it looks to Minecraft! If you have ever used a flat Minecraft texture pack, it's even more similar! Another murder mystery in which you can earn coins by completing different tasks such as mining or collecting them from an auto farm. These coins can be used to buy weapons to defend yourself against the murderer.

The Nightmare Forest 0203-9687 0056

You can choose to play either as the murderer or as a survivor on this Murder Mystery map. This map is unique because of how you survive. Instead of trying to kill the murderer, survivors need to find other escape routes. Each method requires that you complete certain tasks or acquire gear. This Murder Mystery version is very similar to Friday the 13th. Are you sure that you can escape alive?

Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery – 9736-4845-6318

This map is perhaps best known for its aesthetics. Bloody Mines places you in an abandoned mine. You need to be careful and watch out for the murderer who is controlled by another player. The mechanics of the game are fairly standard. There are survivors, the murderer, and the gun-wielding detective. This map is great for anyone who wants a new way to look at a map that uses the Murder Mystery mechanic.

Murder Swap – 5893-2263-5834

This map has a twist! There are all the usual roles: murderer, sheriff, innocent. If the murderer or sheriff is taken out, the role will be given to the innocent player. This gives this map a new dimension. While you could trust one player, once the swap takes place, it is possible to no longer trust them. This one will keep you awake at night and give more players the chance to take on the fun roles.

Gaming House – 9850-2841-2309

This map is for you if you're looking to see if you can find the murderer in an RGB-lit gaming house. You'll need a flashlight to see the map. You should be aware that people could be hiding in corners. This map can support five players so it is a little on the small side. However, it adds tension.

Mansion – Murder Mystery – 9850-2841-2309

You will be running through the many floors of this large Murder Mystery Mansion. This game is open to 4-16 players. One of the players will be a killer and you will need to work with the detective in order to find out who it really is.

Gamerz's Aquarium! – 6132-9723-4875

It's a great idea to have a murder mystery set up in an aquarium. This one also has an extra trick. While you're traversing the map, you can earn coins. You will eventually be able to buy a weapon to protect yourself. You'll receive 100 gold if you survive a kill, and 50 gold if you survive for at least a minute. These coins can be used to buy a revolver or flintlock, harpoon, and sniper rifle as well as a harpoon, sniper rifle, impulse grenades, and slurp fish. These coins are very useful in escaping from the criminal and taking him out.

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