Thali – Maniacal Mage [AFK Arena]

Thali - Maniacal Mage is an intelligence-based mage Mauler hero in AFK Arena. Thali was introduced in AFK Arena Patch 1.67.

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Thali – Maniacal Mage is a Mauler Intelligence-based support hero that will be introduced in Patch 1.67. Stay tuned as I will be updating the post as we learn more info about the new character (that in Captain obvious manner I predicted to be a Mauler).

As Kren's old acquaintance, Thali was as fervent in heists as the Durri, but she has little regard for the loot. What Thali is interested in are combat, rampage, and explosion! Will her pyromancy wreak even more havoc in this lawless land? Coming in the next update!

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thali animated avatar
Thali Animated Avatar Source: AFK_Inside on VK

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Thali - AFK Arena
Thali Source: AFK_Inside on VK

Thali – Maniacal Mage

Thali AFK Arena

Faction: Mauler
Type: Intelligence
Class: Support
Role: Continuous Damage
Rarity: Ascended

Thali Skills

Pyromaniac [Ultimate]

Thali enters a state of frenzy which lasts for 12 seconds. While in a frenzy, Thali's energy recovery is reduced by 40%, her Attack Rating is increased by 30%, her Haste is increased 45 points, and her other abilities are strengthened. Once Thali's frenzy ends she becomes exhausted for a short period, during which she is unable to move or attack. Thali cannot trigger her ultimate ability again while already in a frenzy.

  • Level 2: Frenzy lasts for 14 seconds.
  • Level 3: Attack Rating is increased by 40%, Haste is increased by 60 points.

Fire Rapture

Thali sacrifices a certain 15% of her current health to deal 220% AoE damage plus 1.3 times the value of her sacrificed health as damage. While in a frenzy, damage dealt and damage range are increased.

  • Level 2: Damage is increased to 240%.
  • Level 3: Attack Rating is increased to 300% while in a frenzy.
  • Level 4: Deals 1.5 times the value of sacrificed health as damage.

Flame Burst

Thali shoots 3 Fireballs in quick succession, dealing 170% damage per Fireball. While in a frenzy, Fireballs will additionally knockback the enemy and stun them for 3 seconds.

  • Level 2: Damage is increased to 180%.
  • Level 3: Damage is increased to 190%.


At the beginning of battles, Thali casts a spell to sacrifice 35% of her current health to strengthen herself, allowing her to gain between 20%-50% Damage Reduction and 10-30 Life Leech points according to the proportion of current health. The spell's power increases the lower Thali's health falls and will be most powerful when her health falls below 40%.

  • Level 2: While Thali is in a frenzy, the ability will ignore the proportion of current health and will always be at its most powerful state.
  • Level 3: Thali may receive a maximum increase of 60% Damage Reduction and 40 Life Leech points.

Signature Item: Red Adamantite

Description: Brimming with the fiery elemental energy, it converts the wearer's blood into a blazing flame.

Ability: Fire Focus

Damage dealt to enemies that currently have a higher proportion of health than Thali is increased by 20%.

[+10 Unlocks]: Damage dealt to enemies that currently have a higher proportion of health than Thali is increased by 30%.

[+20 Unlocks]: Damage dealt to enemies that currently have a higher proportion of health than Thali is increased by 50%.

[+30 Unlocks]: When in a frenzy, Thali's damage increases, ignoring her enemies' health proportions.

Furniture Ability: Foresight

[3/9 Furniture Ability]: Each time Thali enters a frenzy, all non-summoned allies have their Attack Ratings increased by 20%, and their Haste increased by 20 points for 7 seconds.

[9/9 Furniture Ability]: When Thali receives fatal damage while in a frenzy, she will maintain the minimum amount of health and postpone her own death. Once the effect has been triggered the allies' Attack Rating will be increased.

Thali's skills, signature item furniture
Thali's skills, SI, and Furniture abilities Source: AFK Arena

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