Technoblade reveals cancer diagnosis in latest YouTube video

Popular Minecraft streamer and content creator Technoblade posted a new video in which he announced his recent 2-month hiatus was due to being diagnosed with cancer. 

Technoblade confirmed in his latest video that he was diagnosed on Aug. 2 after visiting a doctor to have his right arm examined. In late July, the 22-year-old began feeling soreness in her right arm. After taking a few days off to rest, thinking it was stress-related from playing too many games, his right shoulder started swelling, and he made an appointment with his doctor.

During the visit, physicians ran several scans and determined that the issues with his arms were caused by a tumor. “They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is because I have cancer,” he explained. “That really couldn't have gone worse.”

Since then, he's been receiving chemotherapy treatment for the disease, and it's going well, although his energy levels have been low.

“The first couple days were actually pretty chill,” Technoblade said. “I was like, dang this is easy bro, and then it kicked in and my energy levels were zero. They were absolutely nothing. It is hard to describe how tired I was.”

Techblade makes light of the situation in his video, telling the doctors that he had already won enough Minecraft tournaments that they could cut off his arm. He could then continue playing with his feet. 

In addition to joking around, he also mentioned getting new plushies and how excited he is to continue his content creation. 

“After I got diagnosed I have been making a lot of phone calls, informing all of my distant family members about the situation,” Technoblade said. “But I gotta say, of all the phone calls I made nobody took the news worse than my health insurance provider. They have been inconsolable for weeks.”

“I think they're the real victims in this,” he sarcastically commented. “They could have been milking money off me for decades and then ‘bam' cancer.”

Before his next round of chemo, the YouTuber plans on playing more games and even making some videos, confident that his doctors can get the job done.

Additionally, using his platform, Technoblade urged his fans and viewers to wear masks and to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. He proceeded to explain he is now immunocompromised and anyone with an illness is at greater risk to contract the disease.

He also asked them to talk to a doctor and not just follow the advice of a Minecraft YouTuber. 

With #technosupport trending on Twitter, the Minecraft community is already out in full force supporting him and expressing their support. 

YouTube Minecraft star Dream has even pledged to donate $1 for every coin his team earns to cancer research. “Get to have fun and put money towards a good cause,” he said.

To top this off, awesamdude said that he would match it, amplifying the good cause.

Hopefully, Technoblade can get a speedy recovery and return to his active life as soon as possible.

Finally, Techno has been a Minecraft Monday winner four times, a two-time Minecraft Championship (MCC) champion, and has multiple records in Minecraft PvP modes. 

technoblade plush cancer reveal

Technoblade profile summary 

Birth name: David 

Date of birth: 1st June 1999 

Birthplace: California, USA 

Age: 22 years (as of –)

Nationality: American 

Profession: YouTuber, Twitch gamer, online streamer, entrepreneur, social media influencer

Net worth: $8.6 million 

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