Tapu Koko Raid Guide 

Tapu Koko is a newly introduced raid boss which is Tier 7 legendary electric and fairy-type Pokemon. It's introduced in Seasons of Alola, as we all know it's a deity of Alola. It's a fairly difficult raid boss ( 45438CP) and would require around 3-5 trainers to defeat it. 

Tapu Koko's max capture ranges from 1780- 1810CP (Level 20, without weather boost) to 2126-2263CP (level 25 with cloudy weather boost).

The Pokemon is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon and shares the same category as its other deities Tapu Lele, Tapu Bunu, and Tapu Fini. (which are yet to be introduced in the game). 

Tapu Koko's Moveset

Tapu Koko”s movements are 2 fast and 4 charged, which mostly consists electric are mentioned below: 

  • Volt Switch: electric-type (fast)
  • Quick Attack: norma-type (fast)
  • Brave Bird: flying-type(charged)
  • Thunder electric-type (charged)
  • Thunderbolt: electric-type(charged)
  • Dazzling Gleam: Fairy-type(charged)

Tapu Koko's Weakness and Resistance 

Tapu Koko being Pokemon which is a mixture of electric-type and fairy-type its vulnerable to:

  • Ground-type Pokemon
  • Poison-type Pokemon 

As for resistance, it's resistant to Bug, Dark, Electric, Flying, and Dragon-type moves.

Best Tapu Koko's Counter Pokemon

PokemonFast MoveCharge Move 
Landorus (Therian)Mud Shot (ground)Earthquake (ground)
GarchompMud Shot (ground)Earth Power (ground)
Groudon Mud Shot(ground)Earthquake(ground)
RoseradePoison Jab (poison)Sludge Bomb (poison)
Landorus Mud Shot(ground)Earth Power(ground)
GengarLick (Ghost)Sludge Bomb (poison)
KrookodileMud-Slap (ground)Earthquake(ground)
ToxicroakPoison Jab(poison)Sludge Bomb(poison)
Muk(Alola)Poison Jab(poison)Gunk Shot(poison)
VictreebelAcid(poison)Sludge Bomb(Poison)
VileplumeAcid(poison)Sludge Bomb(poison)
NidokingPoison Jab(poison)Earthquake(ground)
MewtwoPsycho Cut(psychic)Psystrike(psychic)
DarkraiSnarl(dark)Sludge Bomb(poison)
FlygonMud Shot(ground)Earth Power(ground)
MukPoison Jab (poison)Gunk Shot(poison)
ScolipedePoison Jab(poison)Sludge Bomb(poison)
SwampertMud Shot(ground)Earthquake(ground)

Even though the Pokemon is a great addition to the collection it is not ideal for PVP. For more information about the game, you can check our guides on Pokemon Go

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