Hearthstone players slam Blizzard for adding “a Raid Shadow Legends clone”

With Blizzard again under scrutiny, the community had started comparing Hearthstone to Raid Shadow Legends when it was announced they would add $50 card packs to the event. All eyes are on Diablo, Overwatch, and Hearthstone as Blizzard’s saviors as players abandon titles like World of Warcraft in droves. As fans eagerly await the upcoming … Read more

Why is RAID: Shadow Legends everywhere?

RAID: Shadow Legends is everywhere because Plarium Games has a very aggressive strategy towards marketing the mobile gacha RPG. The company sponsors everything because it brings more traction to the game, and more people join. Shadow Legends sponsors pretty much every influencer they can get to in the gaming industry, and you can only imagine … Read more

Coldheart – RAID: Shadow Legends Champion

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Coldheart is a rare Dark Elf champion and the best rare champion in the game. Her A3 ability, Heartseeker, decreases the enemy’s turn meter by 100% and is one of the hardest hitting abilities as its damage is based on the enemy’s MAX HP. Additionally, … Read more