Tapu Koko Raid Guide 

Tapu Koko is a newly introduced raid boss which is Tier 7 legendary electric and fairy-type Pokemon. It’s introduced in Seasons of Alola, as we all know it’s a deity of Alola. It’s a fairly difficult raid boss ( 45438CP) and would require around 3-5 trainers to defeat it.  Tapu Koko’s max capture ranges from … Read more

Absol Raid Weaknesses & Counters Guide

Absol is dark type Tier 3 (3-star) raid boss in Pokemon Go. In its T3 raid form. Absol has a CP of 18195 so it can even be soloed by ideally you need 2-3 trainers to take Absol down with easy Absol’s max capture CP is 1433 without weather effects and a max IV score … Read more