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Traditional crosswords began to evolve and take on new forms and variations. A huge amount of entertainment is available in virtual spaces, consisting in composing words from the provided set of letters. You can take part in one of them to increase your level of intelligence and demonstrate vocabulary. Link the letters to collect a … Read more

Words Formula. Where is logic?

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The formula of words is an intellectual game of logic. The game consists of 2 modes: Mode #1 (Associations): You are offered two pictures and need to understand what they are associated with. For example: lion + throne = king Mode #2 (What they have in common): You are offered three pictures and you need … Read more

Ball 8 Pool

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Select the difficulty level in the main menu – easy, medium, high, depending on the previously acquired skills in playing billiards. Having appeared with an opponent at the table, where the colored balls are located, it is necessary to hit the white ball with the help of the cue, which must hit the rest of … Read more

Oggy and the Cockroaches Jigsaw Puzzle

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Zazgames is a place where you can infinitely play assembling online jigsaw puzzles. We hope you are up for another game from the Puzzle category on our website , because we have just added the game called Oggy and the Cockroaches Jigsaw Puzzle for you all, which, despite being one of the many puzzle games … Read more

Tripeaks Solitaire: Kings and Queens

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Become a member of our Kings and Queens Club and enjoy its unlimited possibilities to play as much as you want! Enjoy the beautiful scenery while solving challenging logic puzzles! Complete countless Three Peaks levels to become a solitaire guru! Find treasures and collect diamonds and rubies on the card journey! Explore the extraordinary art … Read more

Concealed in the Darkness

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Lisa and Sharon are two sisters who were very strange when they were very young. Namely, they were driven out of the house by a terrible demon. This demon hid in the darkness of their house and frightened them all the time, so they decided to leave this place. And as people get older, they … Read more

Smart Pin Ball

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You need to collect colorful balls in one place, orienting yourself in space and not letting obstacles interfere with the goal of the game. The field is a structure divided into compartments, from where the round pieces will have to be released. Try to open the areas correctly otherwise some obstacle will ruin your plans

Squid Game JigSaw

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Squid Game Jigsaw is a brain puzzle assembly Game. Squid Game Jigsaw comes with amazing puzzle image pack. Just arrange the pieces of puzzles to get the right image. Looking for puzzle games for adults or kids? You found it! enjoy and relax! Drag set up the appropriate pieces on the picture Protection Status