Elden Ring tops OpenCritic’s all-time rankings with almost 100 reviews so far

While Elden Ring is not officially out yet and is to arrive on Friday, February 25th, the game is already receiving stellar reviews across major gaming media outlets. According to the popular review aggregator, the critic consensus is that: As OpenCritic’s official Twitter account announced, Elden Ring is already at the #1 spot of all-time … Read more

Elden Ring – What To Do With Ruin Fragments, And Where To Find Them

The Ruin Fragments in Elden Ring can be used to make Rainbow Stone, Scriptstone, and Glowstone. As well as Rainbow Stone Arrows later down the road. If you bought the crafting kit off of Kale in the first church ruins, naturally. These are the uses and recipes that use ruin fragments: Rainbow Stone: Can be … Read more