Discord strikethrough: How to strikethrough on Discord

This Discord strikethrough guide will explain how you can easily strikethrough on Discord. Discord servers provide users with powerful capabilities, from Discord bots to audio chat and live streaming. Still, you will also find the basic text messaging you can expect on any communication platform. Users on Discord can use bold text, italics, bold italics, … Read more

Rythm Bot is shutting down on September 15th, 2022

Rythm Bot joined Groovy Bot as the next major Discord music bot to close after receiving a legal notice from YouTube. It’s happening again, as expected.  The Discord music bot Rythm, popular among many users, has ceased operations. In what we all expected, YouTube has requested that the second biggest Discord music bot close.  The … Read more

How to fix Discord crashes on PC & Mobile

Millions of users use Discord for text messages, video calls, voice calls, and media sharing. The platform has gone far beyond its gaming origins, and it keeps expanding. Inevitably, there will be cases where Discord will encounter crashes or even go temporarily offline due to high demand or software issues. The question is, why does … Read more

Best Discord music bots still working in 2023

With Groovy and Rythm being the first Discord music bots to shut down after receiving legal notices from YouTube, we will present you with the best alternatives in this guide. You will find our list of the best Discord music bots still operating at the moment, with some still using YouTube as a source for … Read more