Dead By Daylight Hidden Achievements – What Are They? How To Unlock Them?

Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievements – How to unlock all the hidden/secret achievements and trophies in DBD with tips & suggestions Full List of Hidden Achievements in DBD There are six total hidden achievements in Dead By Daylight: Continue reading to find out how to unlock each of these hidden achievements! Dead by Daylight Hidden … Read more

Dead By Daylight The Artist Guide

Carmina Mora, A.K.A The Artist was released November 30th, 2021 in Chapter XXII: Portrait of a Murder alongside Jonah Vasquez and a new map called Forsaken Boneyard. The Artist was instantly recognized as a great addition to Dead By Daylight Killers roster thanks to her complex and unique power. She remains of the best ranged … Read more

Dead By Daylight The Oni Guide

Kazan Yamaoka, A.K.A The Oni was released December 3rd, 2020 in Chapter XIV: Cursed Legacy alongside Yui Kimura and a new map called Sanctum of Wrath. The Oni was welcomed as a welcome change of pace when it came to Dead By Daylight Killers. He remains a very strong and viable Killer while not requiring … Read more

Dead By Daylight The Blight Guide

Talbot Grimes, A.K.A The Blight was released on September 8th, 2020 in Chapter XVII: Descend Beyond alongside Felix Richter. Ever since his release, The Blight was considered to be one of the most difficult characters ever introduced to Dead By Daylight. He remains a high-tier pick to this very day. Continue reading to find out … Read more

Dead By Daylight The Spirit Guide

Rin Yamaoka, A.K.A. The Spirit officially joined ranks of DBD Killers on September 18th, 2018 with the release of Shattered Bloodlines free DLC. DBD Spirit continues her reign as one of the best chasers in the game. Through her ups and downs, nerfs and buffs, she remained a consistent Top-tier Killer till this very day. … Read more