Sword Fighters Simulator Trello Link, Wiki, Discord Invite & FAQs

If you are wondering whether Roblox Sword Fighters Simulator has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official Sword Fighters Simulator Trello and answers to all your FAQs.

Sword Fighters Simulator is a Roblox simulator game in which you can collect powerful swords, swing them to gain power, and fight enemies and bosses to become the most powerful swordsman.

FullSprint Games created the game on 9/25/2022.

Sword Fighters Simulator Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official FullSpring Games community Discord Server for more information about the game.

Sword Fighters Simulator Twitter

You can follow @spradenn on Twitter for the latest news and announcements about the game.

Is there a Sword Fighters Simulator Wiki?

No, there is no Sword Fighters Simulator Wiki currently, and it is unlikely there will be one, as you can find all information about the game on the Sword Fighters Simulator Trello board and the FullSprint Games Discord server.

Sword Fighters Simulator Trello Link (SFS Trello)

Below you will find the link to the official Sword Fighters Simulator Trello:

On Sword Fighters Simulator's Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Basic Information: The game's links and socials, Credits, Codes, Trello Support, the Latest Update patch notes, and the Previous Update patch notes.
  • Game Information: FAQs, Game Mechanics Guide, Hidden Locations, Time Trial/Dungeon guide, Raid/Arcane Shards guide, and details about the Shadow Merchant.
  • All worlds available to explore in Sword Fighters Simulator, and every Pet egg that is available in them.
  • All World Quest NPCs and Side-Quest NPCs.
  • Every Machine in the game: Shiny Machine, Celestial Machine, Enchant Machine, and Relic Forge Machine.
  • Every mount in the game.
  • All Gamepasses in the game.

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Sword Fighters Simulator Trello FAQ

Will trading be added to this game?

Adding trading is not planned as a future update, but it could be added if it’s highly requested.

What’s the most pet equips I can get?

The most equipped Pets you can get is 8. Here is how to reach the Pet Equips cap:

1) Complete the Dungeon Master quests.
2) Buy the Extra Pet Equip gamepass.
3) Complete the Index Rewards.

Where is the Master Wizard/Treasure Chest?

Both the Master Wizard and the Treasure Chest can be found in the Time Trial/Dungeon; the Master Wizard is located in room 50 of the Easy Time Trial, and Treasure Chests randomly spawn in Time Trial rooms.

When does SFS get updated?

Sword Fighter Simulator gets updated every Saturday at 11 AM EST. The Timer/Countdown until the next update can be found in-game at spawn.

What is Trello?

Trello, a project management and collaboration tool, organizes your projects into boards. Trello is a collaboration tool that shows you in one glance what's being done, who's doing what, and where something's at. Imagine a whiteboard with sticky notes. Each note is a task for you or your team. Imagine that each sticky note has photos, attachments from Salesforce or Jira, and documents. There is also a place for you to comment and collaborate. Imagine that you can now take your whiteboard with you wherever you go, on your smartphone, and access it from anywhere via the internet. That's Trello!

Many Roblox developer groups use Trello to provide guides, tutorials, tier lists, update logs, FAQ, and other information about Roblox games to players.

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