Summer Gifts: Take Your Pick Event – AFK Arena

The Summer Gifts event is a very rewarding one, especially if you can convince returning players to get back to the game by sharing the event on social media.

Before we jump into the event description make sure to get the latest AFK Arena codes, and check the latest patch notes for update 1.69 and Hodgkin, the new Graveborn tank hero.

Summer Gifts Event Description

During the event Summer Gifts: Take Your Pick, players will receive 1 chance to draw rewards when they log in each day and get a free Celestial/Gypogean hero at the end of the event. The pool does not including Titus, but you can get any other Celepogean hero.

After returning players have input the invitation code they received from an already active player, both players shall receive 15 extra chances to draw rewards. Obviously, each invitation code is uniquely associated to the invited player.

afk arena summer gifts take your pick
AFK Arena Summer Gifts Event – All 16 rewards

Rewards are randomly drawn from a reward pool after every draw. After drawing a total of 16 rewards, players shall have acquired all rewards.

Once all rewards have been received from the reward pool, players can unlock the reward chest. If a player has used the invitation code function, they shall receive the reward chest within 1 day.

Players may choose any 1 Celestial or Hypogean that is available from the reward chest.

A maximum of 16 draws may be conducted, after which players will no longer be able to acquire any more draw chances.

Tapping “Share” will share the Returning Players event on social media. Players shall receive 100 Diamonds in the mail after successfully sharing the event.

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