Spelling Bee answers — April 3rd, 2022

All the answer's for New York Times' Spelling Bee today!

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NYT's Spelling Bee puzzle for Saturday, April 3rd, 2022, has M as the center letter. The remaining 6 letters are P, A, O, G, E, and H.

Here are the stats for today's puzzle:

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  • Number of Answers: 26
  • Number of Pangrams: 1
  • Maximum Puzzle Score: 83
  • Points Needed for Genius: 58 (Pangram + 63% of the total points or 85% of the total points without the pangram)

April 3rd's official Spelling Bee answers

Here are the 26 official answers for today's Spelling Bee puzzle:

  • ahem
  • ammo
  • game
  • gamma
  • heme
  • hemp
  • homage
  • home
  • homepage (pangram)
  • mage
  • magma
  • mama
  • mamma
  • mega
  • meme
  • memo
  • momma
  • mope
  • omega
  • oompah
  • oomph
  • pampa
  • poem
  • pome
  • pomp
  • pompom

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