Shuudan Controls

Shuudan Controls: Movable Players Controls (on-ball and off-ball) and Goalkeeper controls guide!

Shuudan Controls

Roblox Shuudan is a soccer experience inspired by the popular anime series Blue Lock. In Shuudan, you can play as an attacker, defender, or goalkeeper to help your team win. Since Shuudan is a sports game on Roblox, its controls are quite complex. Luckily, our Shuudan controls guide will help you figure out the game's controls and control your player better.

Player Controls (as Attacker or Defender)

Below are the controls for players non-goalie players in both the attacking (on-ball controls) and defensive side (off-ball controls) of the ball (Running, Defending, Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Headers)

  • W = Jog
  • W + Shift = Sprint
  • Sprint + Q = Slide
  • G = Guarding
  • F = Pass Ping
  • Z = Dribble Left
  • X = Dribble Front
  • C = Dribble Right
  • V = Dribble Back
  • Dribble Keys + M2 = Dribble Skill
  • Left Control = Shot Type/Style
  • E = Pass
  • E + Mouse Near Teammate = Auto-Aimed Pass
  • R = OverHead
  • M1 + Jump = Header
  • Hold M1 = Charge Shot
  • Release M1 = Shoot

Goalkeeper Controls

The goalkeeper's controls are limited to diving to each side and the top of the goalpost and each corner.

  • Space = Dive Up
  • Space + A = Dive Left
  • Space + D = Dive Right
  • Left Click = Corner Dive Left
  • Right Click = Corner Dive Right

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