Shindo Life Update introduces Tyn Tailed Mode, Spirit, Boss rework Update Log and Patch Notes

The latest Roblox Shindo Life introduces reworks, new content, features, balance changes and bug fixes to the game.

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The latest Roblox Shindo Life update introduces a Tyn Tailed Mode Gen. 1 and 2 rework, which was showcased in the latest YouTube video by RELL Games. The update also brings drop rate adjustments and balancing for the Tyn Tailed mode, as you will see that the damage recorded was extremely high in the showcase video.

Below you will find the changes brought with the update as found on RELL Games' official Discord server:

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Update Log & Patch Notes

Here are all the changes introduced in the new patch:

Tyn Gen 1 Dungeon Boss drop rate increased from 1/10 to 1/8, Azim Senko Dagai throwable teleport range increase, Tyn M1's damage fix to 68-75k depending on your mentor
Scroll Boss Drop: 1/25 Tyn Gen 2 & 2nd mode is 1/40 (Dragon Version)
Dungeon: 1/8 Tyn Gen 1 & 2nd mode is 1/16 (Beast Version)
All Full Susanoo/ Samurai Spirits spawn with their characters and drops from defeating them. Regular Akuma Full Samurai Spirit is a scroll spawn

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