Shindo Life: Spear of Tyn Update Log and Patch Notes

The latest Roblox Shindo Life introduces reworks, new content, features, balance changes and bug fixes to the game.

The latest Roblox Shindo Life update, released on June 19th, 2022, introduces Spear of Tyn, along with multiple fixes and changes to the game. Below you will find the full update log with all the changes brought to Shindo Life in the latest patch.

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Update Log & Patch Notes

Here are all the changes introduced in the new patch:

  • Fixed Worm Sage m1s stacking with bloodlines
  • Fixed equipping more then 4 bloodline abilities
  • Fixed GCD cooldown with swords “STUN”
  • Shiro Glacier stats buff
  • Sub Zero Glacier Skin
  • Shiro Glacier m1 knockback removed
  • Doku 3rd move counter lock onto person
  • Doku m1 knockback removed
  • Cobra 1st move handsign reduced
  • cobra m1 knockback removed, poison damage re-added
  • 150k perfect block 2 second iframe added
  • rc show all genkais
  • Kenichi 1st sub out
  • Can't Counter Burn Damage
  • rc shop re-design
  • all burn damage don't activate counters
  • dynamic stomp sub out
  • uzumaki barrage sub out
  • vengeance grapple sub out
  • vengeance rush sub out
  • inferno combustion grip burn sub out
  • bruce1 sub out
  • bruce 2 sub out
  • bruce 3 sub out
  • kenichi 1sub out
  • glacier 2nd sub out
  • Acrobat Style sub out
  • gates form 6 escape
  • renshiki axe combo escape
  • rune knocho 2nd escape
  • Mecha Tailed Spirit 2nd mode chi take reduce
  • Sword of Nunoboko, Spear of Tyn (WEAPON)
  • yin/yang 1st move damage fix
  • strange 3rd move damage fix
  • sound 2nd move damage fix
  • pyromania 6th move damage fix, double chi take fix
  • Jotaro,Giovani stage 2 damage fix
  • Crystal 2nd move damage fix
  • Kerada 2nd damage fix
  • Divination & Ryuiji passive dodge nerf, unbanned from competitive
  • Minakaze 2nd buff: iframes when 2nd rasengan starts
  • Ember Rising range reduce and hitbox fix
  • Two Blade Scythe, SL2 Chi Kunai, Chi Kunai range reduce
  • Light,Dark,Gold Jokei c spec range reduce
  • Kenjutsu Q Spec Start Ups, 2 seconds
  • Typhoon 2nd move nerf
  • Storm Breaker nerf
  • Raion Gaiden/Sengoku 2nd move range reduce
  • Thunder/Shiver Ken 2nd move iframe removed, range reduce
  • Narumaki SP 3rd move damage reduced on GCD 12
  • Riser Akuma fix knockback on the susanoo m1s
  • Dokei's 1st, Dokei's 2nd, Dokei C spec (Stages 1 and 2), Seishin 2nd, Xeno Boss Drop Subjustu, Bankai & Riser Inferno's 3rd ability Bypassing the 150k block system.
  • Being able to use click moves while
  • Strange bloodline allowed you to use the C spec 3 times
  • Give Dynamic Stomp an activation
  • Air Combos allowing move cloning
  • 2 Tyn Cloaks RC Shop
  • rc ui redesigned

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