Shattered Psycho Online Update Log & Patch Notes – Update 1.5: [Dark Esper!]

The complete Shattered Psycho Online Update Log along with all the latest update patch notes!

Shattered Psycho Online Update Log & Patch Notes

This post will cover the complete Shattered Psycho Online update log and patch notes. Shattered Psycho Online is a fighting action RPG game on Roblox by Pickaxe Boy Games. Shattered Psycho Online takes you to the world of the anime series Mob Psycho 100, where you can fight enemies and bosses to level up, roll for races that grant unique abilities, and build up your character to become the strongest hero in the game.

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Shattered Psycho Online Update Log

Below you will find the complete Shattered Psycho Online update log with all the latest update patch notes.

Version 1.5 Update – January 6th, 2023

New Dark Esper psychic (Legendary, has 6 skills)
New Clothing you can get in customization

New spirit type that can spawn (Nature Spirit)
New Item (Nature Curse)

Reduced frame rate drops by a ton (optimized map), we are still working on it so expect more results to come every update / patch!

Converted Npcs to 3d again !!!
Hopefully fixed Npcs glitching into the floor

Charging super human r makes you go higher
Gravity Crush damage nerfed slightly (20%)
Gravity meteor damage nerfed slightly (25%)
Gravity meteor now takes .5 more seconds to come down.
Gravity users can no longer use other weapons skills / m1 while on the rock
Gravity rock slows down with lower hp
Nerfed meditation minigame requirement for Reigen to 2k instead of 3k
Made meditation have 4 lives instead of 3
Hardening Earth stomp ragdolls for .4 more seconds
Nerfed teleportation After Image Stamina take to 450, and slightly buffed its damage 
Super human crit chance increased from 1/10 to 1/7
Psychic dagger now scales off of psycho stat

Fixed having a chance to get a common from a uncommon spin
Fixed auto tracking abilities lagging
Fixed cruel sun size (now scales properly)
Fixed hardening draining stamina after death
Humanoid psychic shield no longer drains stamina after death
Angel and Demon should no longer drain stamina after death
Kills earned by burn, bleed, etc should now count
Spinning with skip spin gamepass is now more consistent and doesnt break

Version 1.435 Update – January 5th, 2023

Fixed civilian quests
Nerfed meditation to 3k requirement instead of 3.5k
Combat tag reduced from 90 seconds to 60
God speed increases speed immediately
May have fixed Npcs knocking you under the ground and vice versa

Version 1.43 Update – January 5th, 2023

Patched spins disappearing and becoming -1
Patched race spins randomly leaving.
Monkeys and Gorilla no longer social distance
Fixed ghost quest (for Reigen) only working once in a server
Fixed charge glitching after using a skill
Fixed stamina appearing lower than it actually is
Npcs should no longer be able to jump you and infinite combo you

Z move for teleportation stuns longer (and you cant get Insta hit when you tp enemy)

Version 1.42 Update – January 5th, 2023

Made only bosses able to combo extend instead of all Npcs, 
Npcs have smaller hitboxes when punching,
Npcs m1 slower

Added a way to store psychics (one is free, unlocked from the spin psychic challenge, another one cost Robux)
New challenge to get extra psychic storage slot

Epic and Legendary Rarities now affect health and stamina more
Fixed infinite god speed
Fixed infinite demon awakening
Fixed civilians glitching when killed
Fixed invisible menus.
Fixed Super Human Crit sound playing everywhere

Increased the spawn chance of ghosts when killing civilians

Version 1.41 Update – January 4th, 2023

Speedyyy fixes:
Santa hat no longer replaces hair
Codes extended (see #codes for more info)
Fixed server shutdowns spamming message
Gravity Grasp stun slightly extended
Meditation streak should work correctly (ignore 14 streak being really long, its a roblox issue)
Level up fx no longer appear at max level

Version 1.405 Update – January 4th, 2023

Quick patches:
Fixed soul stone displays
Fixed item buffs being inconsistent
I swear killing players work now (extensively tested)
Hit Fx should now be more vibrant
Some other small things, not shutting down but changes are in new servers

Version 1.4 Update – January 3rd, 2023

Fixed player challenges for real this time
Fixed infinite ice slide
Challenges should all now work
Consuming a soul now heals you % (if your not in combat)
Jolly Fedora no longer replaces hair
All equipment now states what slot they take in description
Much better aim on teleportation x and v (detect distance increased)

(Bare with me electro mains) SLIGHT nerf on electro speed (+28 > +24) and slight nerf to the length (Max was 60 seconds, now max is 55 seconds), it was way too op

Electro v start up time increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.7 seconds
Negative quest count glitch should auto-fix itself

Servers now give a 30 minute and 5 minute warning before shutting down
New Hit FX (This new one also has less lag)
New Low FX setting that disabled excess sparks and shockwaves
New way to set spawn point using Soul Stone (found in different places)

Version 1.395 Update – January 2nd, 2023

Hopefully taken some steps to slightly reduce lag

Increase perfect block window from 0.08 seconds to .11 second
Gravity Pull and Come here both now combo reset
Gravity shift stun reduced (not a true combo anymore)
Much harder (but not impossible) to extend off of gravity's C
You cannot use moves while gravity meteor is falling
Teleportation E hits more consistently
Scythe z wind up is reduced by 25%
Pressing P is now new hotkey for keen eyes

Agility increases run speed 50% more than it used to. (Speed increase doesn't take affect while in combat)
Last quest is now repeatable (if your max level, but provides half exp)

Nerfed Reigen Guard Break Quest 60 > 50
Nerfed Reigen Parry Quest 30 > 20
Nerfed Reigen Meditation Quest 4000 > 3500

Maybe fixed sliding floor Npcs (if not fixed report again)
Fixed Ethereal body invincibility using substitution
Ethereal body cannot target your Teammates, nor can your Teammates damage clones
Fixed box that appears on top of head with item vanity
Killing ghost challenge should work now
Killing players challenge should work now

Some more bugs i forgot to mention.

Version 1.38 Update – December 31st, 2022

Buffed mastery rewards (from +37 at 150 mastery, to +85 at 150 mastery)
Made ??? R Spec Take stamina
Added a way to enter codes through settings
Buffed gravity's damage
Buffed gravity's z passive (gives better buffs)
Buffed Pyros damage
Buffed Espers damage
Buffed Cryo v skill damage
Buffed Teleportation E base detection range
Buffed Teleportation Z base detection range
Buffed Tele counter active frames
Ethereal Bodies Clones now cap at 75mastery and require less mastery every 25 mastery is +1 clone, so 4 clones max
Clones HP Slighly increased
Clones walkspeed slighly increased
Lowered Demon stamina drain / Demon bleed procs deal more damage
Nerfed demon rage heal tradeoff (was 50%, now is 33% heal at 100 Awaken)
Buffed Superhumans R spec and passive (1.6x more damage for passive instead of 1.5x)
2x Legendary Gamepass now affects rates of which you get legendary items (5% without, 10% with)
There is now a toggle run setting in settings (off by default)
Nerfed reigen meditation to 4000 Points
Fixed some minor glitches, will focus on more major ones (Glitchy spins, etc) in the next patches

Version 1.35 Update – December 30th, 2022

Challenges that are completed now appear at top
Mobs should no longer slide
Data should save better / less purchase glitches should happen
lag is reduced
Server size Increased from 8 to 12
Fixed angel heal aura
Quest track is now bigger
Lowered game pass prices, gem prices, and race spin prices

Version 1.3 Update – December 28th, 2022

New combat changes
Lowered npcs reach
Fixed m1's from npcs and players dragging you
Hold space now gives air combo
Chase (m2) is now easier to perform, to perform it all you have to do is press m2 when your agility bar is full
Quests now track by default
Lowered price of 2x exp, yen, and drop rates in shop
Fixed ice slide, doesnt glitch and is now more beginner friendly
Buffed festive rapier m1 damage by 10%

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