School of Hierarchy Trello Link, Discord Invite & FAQ

If you wonder whether School of Hierarchy has an official Trello board, we are here to help you. School of Hierarchy is a Roblox action fighting and RPG game inspired by the popular webtoon comic unOrdinary.

The School of Hierarchy Roblox Group created the game on March 2nd, 2021.

Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official School of Hierarchy Discord Server for more information about the games

School of Hierarchy Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official School of Hierarchy Trello:

On School of Hierarchy's Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: What is unOrdinary, the game's controls, and what are abilities, Game Mechanics, Stats, Potential, Ability Level, Item Enhancement Drop Rates, Item Enhancement Rates, and the game's codes.
  • All the game passes available in School of Hierarchy.
  • Every in-game item.
  • All events available in the game (Limited & Seasonal included)
  • Every ability in the game: Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, High-Tier, God-Tier
  • Every NPC and Raid Boss in the game.
  • Planned Future abilities.

While you are here, check for the latest School of Hierarchy codes and the rest of our Trello Link database for popular Roblox games!

School of Hierarchy FAQ

If my potential level is a 5, does that mean my max mastery level is a 5?

No. Mastery level is not dependent on Potential level. The game's owner controls the mastery level cap. By the endgame, the max mastery level cap will be 9 or 10.

What does Trick do?

Trick boosts ability passive (Varies for different abilities, some have the same passives. Abilities that have a status effect such as burn, shock, bleed, etc. will boost the damage of these statuses), and maximizing your damage range.

For example, let's say the damage you're supposed to deal is 25, but we have a unique system where damages are not constant, meaning you will not deal a constant damage of 25 but an average of 25. So you can deal a random amount of damage between 20 and 30 (average of 25). When you boost your trick, you will increase your lower damage range, so if it's high enough, your range minimum will become 26 instead of 25, and so on. This caps once your minimum damage is equivalent to your maximum damage.

Your overall stats can go over 10 when you equip items. Is that a bug?

No. That's intentional

Will trade ever be added in?

Yes, soon.

Is there a way to re-customize my character and not reset my data?

When the mall update comes, there will be a way to re-customize your character. There will be a barbershop that will allow you to re-customize your character inside the mall, along with several new quests and stores.

I accidentally lost an item/ I lost my data/ Can I get a restore?

If you somehow lose your data, leave the game immediately and do not touch it until one of the staff members reports back to you if they can restore the data. If you wish to restore your data, DM any Devs or testers for support, and they will contact me. If you have video or image evidence of the things you have lost, that will be very helpful. If not, I can always check the datastore and see if I can find anything before restoring you.

How do I increase stamina?

There is no way to increase your stamina besides leveling up your mastery level. However, there are ways to increase your stamina regeneration rate through recovery stats and reducing stamina cost by equipping items that give Stamina Reduction bonuses.

I have seen people walking around with a book floating next to them. Is that an accessory? If so, how can I get them?

They're accessories called the “Book of Hierarchy.” These are rewarded to players who have played the game in pre-alpha – beta. As long as they have the game badge they got during that phase, they will continue to have that accessory even after resetting their data. It is currently unobtainable now.

I can't copy anyone with Aura Manipulation. Why is that?

You can only copy people when you're close to them, and their aura is active. If you don't see their aura and try to copy, you won't copy anything.

Will there be a data wipe?

Hopefully not.

Which one is better? A more common ability with high potential or a rare ability with low potential? What ability is good for beginners?

Depends. In general, rarer abilities have better passives than the more common abilities. So if the difference between the two potential levels isn't that big, then usually rare abilities are slightly better.

What are abilities in School of Hierarchy?

Abilities are superpowers that are manifested early in a kid's life (Usually). These are also usually genetic. If, as a child, it doesn't manifest, then you're automatically given ability level 1 & categorized as a cripple. From the start, your ability level is given based on stats. With your levels, you're categorized between 5 different ranks.

1.0-1.9: Barrage, hand Blade, Stone Skin
2.0-3.4: Crescent Skin, Whirlwind, Explosion
3.5-4.9: Hunter, Energy
5.0-5.9: Fire Claw, Lightning
6.0+: Aura Manipulation, Gravity, Time Manipulation

Future abilities:
Strong Punch
Energy Sword
Frost Walker

Best ability in the game?

Some abilities are well-rounded, while others specialize in other fields. Rarer abilities tend to deal more damage, while more common abilities have lower cooldowns and lower stamina consumptions. More common abilities tend to be better in PvP due to their low cooldowns and low stamina usage.

Why can't I use Time/Gravity T?

Visual bug. You haven't met the required level to use it.

School of Hierarchy Controls & Game Mechanics

-Basic Combat
M1/LMB— 5 normal hits while the 6th will be a knockback (Rare abilities and above will have a custom knockback attack animation). On PC, if spacebar is held, the 4th will knock the enemy upward (Mobile players will press RMB on the 4th hit).
Double-tap any key or press CTRL
-Ability Moves
Q/E/Rã…¤ (T/Y)*
Ability keys can be used for special moves. Not all moves will deal damage; some will have unique effects. Moves are based on Stamina.
The T keybind is only for the Mythical abilities with Aura Manipulation, including the Y keybind.


-Reputation System
If you defeat enemies such as Bullies, Jokers, or EMBER members. You gain a positive reputation.
If you defeat innocent civilians or students, you gain a negative reputation.
-Reset Ability
By spending 5K in-game money on Darren, who resides in the infirmary atop the school stairs, you can reset your ability and your potential level & spin for a new one.

-Reset Main Stats
By spending 50K in-game money, you can reset your invested stat points to relocate them into different categories (Attack, Durability, Speed, Trick and Recovery.)

What is Trello?

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