Row of people waiting [Crossword Clue Answer]

Having trouble with a crossword where the clue is “Row of people waiting“? Many popular websites offer daily crosswords, including the Washington Post, the New York Times (NYT mini crossword), and Newsday’s Crossword. We all …

Crossword Clue & Answers

Having trouble with a crossword where the clue is “Row of people waiting“? Many popular websites offer daily crosswords, including the Washington Post, the New York Times (NYT mini crossword), and Newsday's Crossword. We all know that crosswords can be hard occasionally as they touch upon a bunch of different subjects, and players can reach a dead end.

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Row of people waiting [Crossword Clue]

If “Row of people waiting” is the clue you have encountered, here are all the possible solutions, along with their definitions:

  • LINE (4 Letters/Characters)

Crossword Answer Definition

Here are all the available definitions for each answer:



  1. a long, thin mark on a surfacea straight/solid/dotted/dashed line
    • a wavy/diagonal line
    • a vertical/horizontal line
    • parallel lines
    • Draw a thick black line across the page.
  2. a long, thin mark on the ground to show the limit or border of something, especially of a playing area in some sportsThe first to cross the line wins the race.
    • They were all waiting on the starting line.
    • She crossed the centre line and hit an oncoming truck.
    • over/across the line The ball was over the line.
    • behind the line Your feet must be behind the line when you serve (= in tennis).
  3. a mark like a line on somebodys skin that people usually get as they get older
  4. a row of people or things next to each other or behind each otherThey formed a line and marched forward.
    • in a line The children all stood in a line.
    • line of something They were stuck in a line of traffic.
    • a straight/long line of trees
  5. a queue of peopleA line formed at each teller window.
    • in line to stand/wait in line
    • If you want a ticket, get in line.
    • line for something There's a line for the women's bathroom.
    • They have to stand in line for groceries.
  6. a phone connection; a particular phone numberThe phone lines were jammed (= very busy) with people calling to complain.
    • I tried to call but the line was busy.
    • I was talking to John when the line suddenly went dead.
    • Lines are open from 7.30 am until midnight seven days a week.
    • If you hold the line (= stay on the phone and wait), I'll see if she is available.
    • on the line It's your mother on the line.
    • Your bill includes line rental.
  7. a railway track or other transport route; a section of a transport system or route; The train was delayed because a tree had fallen across the line.
    • a rail line
    • (British English also) a railway line
    • the East Coast line
    • We got off the bus near the end of the line at San Gerardo.
    • Streetcar lines carried passengers to ever more distant areas of the city.
    • on a line We live on the Northern Line.
  8. the direction that somebody/something is moving or located in in a line Just keep going in a straight line.
    • The town is in a direct line between London and the coast.
    • line of something Be careful to stay out of the line of fire (= the direction somebody is shooting in).
    • They followed the line of the river for three miles.
  9. a route from one place to another especially when it is used for a particular purpose
    • Their aim was to block guerrilla supply lines.

Definitions from Oxford Languages and/or Wikipedia

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