Roblox Shirt and Pants Template Guide [+ Transparent Version]

This article will teach you how to make avatar pants and shirts that you can sell or wear yourself. There are three designs you can create in Roblox:

  • T-Shirts: The simplest version of a apparel design that only requires an image.
  • Shirts: Shirts require a template that consists of the right and left sleeve, the front, the back, the upper shoulde part and the down the sleeves part.

Designing apparel in Roblox is one of the very few free ways to earn “free” Robux, so it is worth covering in detail. The process is relatively simple, as long as you get accustomed to using Roblox shirt and pants templates. We also provide a more straightforward but more error-prone transparent template for shirts and pants.

T-Shirt Decals

The easiest (and most limited) clothing design is the t-shirt, basically an image on an avatar's chest. To create a t-shirt, create an image (ideally 512×512 pixels) and then upload it to Roblox.

T-shirts are not that complex, and they don't require a template as there is no folding involved (since you don't have to design the back of the t-shirt).

Shirts and Pants

Shirts and pants surround an avatar's body and limbs. This allows Roblox creators more freedom to create sophisticated designs. To get started, you essentially need to create five elements:

  • the torso
  • the left and right arm
  • the left and right leg

To get started quickly, you can download the templates below, provided by Roblox itself. The shirt and pants template and the avatar models demonstrate how the templates fold around an avatar's body to create the full apparel.

You can follow the steps below to generate your own design.

  1. You can save the templates to your computer by right-clicking the images and selecting Save Image As…
Roblox Shirt Template
Torso + Arms (Shirt Template) Image Credit: Roblox
Roblox Pants Template
Torso + Legs (Pants Template)

Once you get a grasp of how the folding of the images you place in the templates works, the next part is understanding the sizes of each shape within the templates to create identically-sized images to fit the template.

Here are the sizes for each template part:

ShapeSize (width × height)Clothing Parts
Large square128 × 128 pixelsFront and back of the torso
Tall rectangle64 × 128 pixelsSides of the torso (RL)
Sides of arms/legs (LBRF)
Wide rectangle128 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of the torso
Small square64 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of arms/legs (UD)
  1. Open a template in the image editor of your choice; some free options include GIMP and Paint.NET.
  2. Design your clothing item and then upload it to Roblox. Note that you can use 8-bit alpha channels for transparent regions.
Notes / Limitations
  • Your image must be the exact dimensions of the templates provided above  – 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall  – otherwise the upload process will fail.
  • Some avatars do not accommodate clothing by design.

Transparent Shirt & Pants Template

Some designers find it easier to work with the transparent template below for both pants and shirts.

Transparent Shirt & Pants Template

It is important to take into consideration some design limits like the ones below, however, otherwise, you will violate the borders introduced by the outlines and encounter issues like the one showcased below:

Design Considerations

When applying clothing to R15 avatars in Roblox, some limits exist with the templates. Here are a couple of examples of how you should and should not design the shoes on a pants template.

The images in the above gallery indicate what can go wrong when your design violates the limits designated by the original templates when using the transparent template. The shoelaces have flooded into the pants part, essentially becoming part of the pants. Sometimes you may want to take advantage of this wardrobe malfunction to create stylish boots though!

Uploading Clothing to the Avatar Shop

Upload/Selling Fees

You must first pay a fee before uploading or selling certain items. The upload fee is paid when an item is first uploaded before it is moderated. A selling fee is charged when an item is marked “on sale” and made available for others to buy.

Item TypeCost   Fee Type
Shirt, Pants10 RobuxUpload Fee
T-Shirt10 RobuxSelling Fee
Hat, Hair Accessory, Face Accessory, Neck Accessory, Shoulder Accessory, Front Accessory, Back Accessory, Waist Accessory750 RobuxUpload Fee
Uploading and selling fees for Roblox apparel

The item creator will receive a percentage of the sales if the item is sold on Roblox. Additionally, if the item is sold within an Experience, the revenue share will be split with the owner of the experience.

The current revenue share percentages are as follows:

Item TypeCatalog PurchaseIn-Experience Purchase
T-Shirts, Shirts, and PantsCreator receives 70%Creator receives 60%
Affiliate receives 10%
Hats and AccessoriesCreator receives 30%Creator receives 30%
Affiliate receives 40%
Revenue share for sales from the Roblox Catalog and inside Roblox Experiences

Testing Clothing

You can test clothing in Roblox Studio without paying a fee by following the steps below:

  1. In Studio, open the Plugins tab and click Build Rig.

  1. Choose a rig type from the popup menu. This should drop a “Dummy” avatar in your workspace.

  1. In the Explorer window, hover over the Dummy object, click the  button, and insert either a ShirtGraphic (T-Shirt), Shirt, or Pants object according to your clothing type.

  1. Locate and select the new Shirt Graphic or Clothing object inside the dummy.
  1. In the Properties window, locate the associated property as follows:
  1. Click inside the property's row and select the image you uploaded to Roblox. This should apply the clothing to the dummy avatar so you can see how it looks.
Dummy clothed rig
  Make sure you test your clothing on a few different rig types to ensure it looks the best on as many avatars as possible.

Upload Process

Once you've finalized and tested your design, you can upload the clothing item to Roblox.

  1. First, go to the Roblox Create page.
  2. Depending on your design, click on either ShirtsPants, or T-Shirts in the left column.
  3. In the main area of the window, click Choose File to select your template file. Remember that your image must be exactly 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall, or the upload process will fail.
  4. Type in a creative name for your item.
  5. Click the Upload button. After Roblox's approval, the item will show up as one of your creations and can be applied to your avatar or offered for sale to other Roblox players.

If you are looking for more ways to customize Roblox avatars, make sure to have a look at our Roblox free hair codes guide.

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