Roblox Free Jackets & Coats Codes & IDs: Free Coats for your Avatar [April 2023]

In this post, you will find the Roblox free coat codes for the best free coats you can get for Roblox avatars. You can use the codes to find the free coats and get them into your inventory.

You can then head over to your inventory and equip your new do before playing any of the top Roblox games on our list.

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How to find free Roblox jackets & coats on the Avatar Shop on PC & mobile

How to find free Roblox jackets & coats on the Avatar Shop on PC & mobile
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR
  1. When you have logged in and are at the home menu, click the Avatar Shop tab in the top header.
  2. At the left sidebar, you can select the Category of avatar items you are looking for. Select Clothing > Jackets.
  3. In the Filters section of the left sidebar, you can select the product price. Select the Free option.
  4. The Roblox Avatar Shop will now display all the free coats available for you to get!

Roblox free jackets & coats codes/IDs List

Below you will find all the currently available free coats (12 in total) and their Roblox codes/IDs to access them in the avatar shop. To use the codes just add them as a postfix to the following URL:

For instance, the URL for Business Coat – Striped Gray would be:
Free Jacket/Coat NameRoblox Code (URL Postfix)
Business Coat - Gray
Business Coat – Gray

Business Coat - Salmon
Business Coat – Salmon
Business Coat - Gray
Business Coat – Striped Gray
Collared Leather Jacket - Brown
Collared Leather Jacket – Brown
Collared Leather Jacket - White
Collared Leather Jacket – White
Denim Jacket - Light Wash
Denim Jacket – Light Wash
Denim Jacket - White
Denim Jacket – White
Hooded Jacket - Gray
Hooded Jacket – Gray
Parka - Brown
Parka – Brown
Trench Coat - White
Trench Coat – White
Zip Hoodie - Black
Zip Hoodie – Black
Zip Hoodie - Orange
Zip Hoodie – Orange
Zip Hoodie - Teal
Zip Hoodie – Teal

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