Roblox Free Items: The Definitive List & How to Get Them

Last Updated: June 25, 2022 @ 07:45
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Written By Anastasios Antoniadis

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The purpose of this article is to complement our Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes ones. As Roblox players now there are a ton of Roblox free items available to players by using promo codes released to promote partnerships with Amazon, mobile carriers, and other brands like Gucci, the NFL, Chipotle, Nike, Vans, Tommy Hilfinger, popular music artists, and more.

I would split Roblox free items into the following four categories:

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  1. Free items you can earn for your avatar by redeeming Roblox promo codes.
  2. Free items and other rewards you can earn within a Roblox experience or for your avatar by redeeming Roblox game codes for each individual experience.
  3. Free items you can earn by playing an experience or earning badges for it by completing specific tasks.
  4. Free items in the Roblox avatar shop that include apparel, cosmetics, and accessories. Check our individual posts for such items:

In this post, my goal is to cover Roblox free items that primarily fall into the third category and provide links to our guides for free items that fall into the fourth category. Consequently, this resource will be your main information hub for all the available free items in Roblox.

Note: This is a work in progress as there are a ton of free Roblox items from past experiences available in the avatar shop, so it will take some time to cover them all. However, I decided to publish this post as soon as possible, as some of the items on the list are limited-time only!

All the Latest Free Roblox Items available in Experiences

To get things going let's start with the latest free items available right now:

Blue Flame Robo Samurai

You can get the Blue Flame Robo Samurai hat for free by heading to its page on the Avatar Shop.

Givenchy Free Items

The newly-released Givenchy Beauty House experience provides five new items. You can acquire those by earning badges in the experience, however, there is no description for each badge. So, to find out how to get them you can check the video guides by DeeterPlays:

  1. 4G Cap and Le Rouge Cross-Body Bag (Video Guide)
  2. 4G Sunglasses (Video Guide)
  3. Irresistible Backpack 1.0 & 3.0 (Video Guide)
  4. Le Rouge Cross-body Bag 1.0 & 3.0
  5. Lock Necklace 1.0 & 2.0 (Video Guide)

Samsung Free Items (Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience)

Samsung Free Items (Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience)
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

Here are the free items in the Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience:

  1. Glitch Boombox: You can get the Glitch Boombox shoulder accessory by editing some stages (2 to 4 as there seems to be a glitch there) in the Samsung Superstar Galaxy experience by adding or removing items (Video Guide).
  2. Z Flip3: Answers Charli XCX's text messages and then collect 20 stars in the experience (Video Guide).
  3. Charli XCX Cheer Leader Top & Charli XCX Cheer Leader Skirt (Charli Outfit): Complete all 8 steps of the tutorial and perform at Cyber City (Video Guide).
  4. CharliXCX Hologram Pet & Charli Jetpack: To earn CharliXCX Hologram Pet you must reach level 52. To get the Charli Jetpack you must reach level 56, purchase all the emojis available with stars, and use them. Currently, this seems to be bugged according to DeeterPlays.

Tommy Hilfiger Free Items (Tommy Play Experience)

Tommy Hilfiger Free Items (Tommy Play Experience)
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

You can acquire nine free items in the Tommy Play experience by earning badges that require you to perform specific tasks. There are also nine badges related to items that are user-generated content, but you will have to spend Robux on those.

Here is the full list:

  1. TJ Back Bike: Earn the Introduction badge, which requires you to complete the introductory quest by talking to TJ and equipping your bike.
  2. TJ Giant Back Hotdog: Earn the Tommy's Place badge, which requires you to unlock Tommy's Place.
  3. TJ Donut Headphones: Free for everyone at 10,000 likes for the experience
  4. TJ Colorblock Hoodie: Earn the Space Launch badge, which requires you to jump higher than 300 studs.
  5. TJ Sport Cap (Text Logo Blue): Earn the Speed Demon badge, which requires you to faster than 100 studs/second.
  6. TJ Sport Cap (Text Logo White): Earn the Float Like a Feather badge, which requires you to spend longer than 6 seconds off the ground.
  7. TJ Colorblock Hoodie (Pink): Earn the Daredevil badge, which requires you to participate in 2 races or stunt competitions.
  8. TJ Colorblock Sweatpants (Blue / Yellow): Earn the Heartbreaker badge, which requires you to fail a stunt combo worth at least 10,000 points.
  9. TJ Colorblock Sweatpants (Blue / Pink): Earn the Slip n' Slide badge, which requires you to fail a trick and slide for more than 200 studs

Tate McRae Free Items (Tate McRae Concert Experience)

Tate McRae Free Items (Tate McRae Concert Experience)
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

The Tate McRae Concert Experience comes with several badges that award players with free items. Unfortunately, some of them were one-time-only, but you can still get the rest:

  • Gold Pin – Tate McRae: Complete the Lucid Airways Skydive Club mini-game and earn the Lucid Airways Skydive Club Member badge.
  • Neck Pillow: Complete the Baggage Claim mini-game and earn the Baggage Bandit badge.
  • SONY Linkbuds S: Earn the SONY Linkbuds S badge, by joining the experience and earned the world's smallest and lightest, noise-canceling, Hi-Res Truly wireless headphones, the “SONY Linkbuds S” accessory!
  • Boarding Pass – Tate McRae: Complete the Scavenger Hunt min-game by collecting 20 different coins and earning the Super Sleuth badge.
  • Blue Tape Accessory – Tate McRae: You must have attended the Record Release Party on Roblox and earned the Retro Superfan badge (one-time-only as the event has already taken place).
  • Red Lip – Tate McRae: You must try on all four faces and earn the #NoFilter badge.

Gucci Free Items (Gucci Town Experience)

Gucci Free Items -
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

You can get a total of five free items in the Gucci Town experience. The first one is the easiest to get, but is only available until June 17th, 2022:

  1. Gucci Oversized Sunglasses: Complete the onboarding tutorial and earn the Town Tour Completed badge by June 17th, 2022.

There are four items in the experience that you can purchase by spending gems, so it is possible to get them for free by spending some time on the experience to earn some gems.

  1. Gucci Hair Piece 1: 1500 Gems
  2. Gucci Hair Piece 2: 1500 Gems
  3. Gucci Love Parade Print T-Shirt: 1500 Gems
  4. Gucci Pink GG Baseball Hat: 1600 Gems

Spotify Free Items (Spotify Island Experience)

Spotify Free Items (Spotify Island Experience)
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

The Spotify Island experience comes with several free items. All five items are very easy to get but I have included the video guide by DeeterPlays in case you need any help.

  1. Screenshot Patchwork Jacket: Parkour over 20 parkour obstacles in K-park and earn the K-Parkour badge.
  2. Butterfly Wings – SUNMI: To get the Butterfly Wings – SUNMI
  3. Annyeong Emote: Jump on 13 different mushrooms and get the Mushroom bouncer badge.
  4. Hwaiting Emote: Earn the Basics First badge by completing the tutorial.
  5. Floating Boombox: Finish both music games badges: Playful Producer (Trigger 10 sounds on the music trampoline) and Producer (Trigger 10 sounds in the music cave.)
  6. 5-Petal Backpack: Find all 20 notes that's scattered around the island and earn the Collect all notes! badge.

SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat & Tennis T-Shirt

The SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat and the Wet Tennis T-Shirt were available in the Avatar Shop for free, but this promotion has expired.