Roblox Demonfall Update 4.0 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about the latest Roblox Demonfall update, introducing new features, balance changes, and fixes!

Last Updated: July 11, 2022 @ 10:42
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On July 10, 2022, Roblox Demonfall 4.0 patch became available! The new update adds the Swamp BDA, Hatengu BDA, and a new type of breathing, Stone Breathing. The update will also include the end of the Demon storyline and various changes and balances.

The patch notes below were taken directly from the official Fireheart Studio Discord server.

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Table of Contents

New Features

  • Hantengu Blood Demon Art (Rare)
  • Swamp Blood Demon Art (Common).
  • Stone Breathing
  • New Ranked/Group titles: Ranked titles up to Kinoe, Group titles Hashira and Tsuguko

Balance changes

  • Nerfed Wave 20 of Yoriichi
  • Daki Whip skill damage was increased to 20% and speed to 50%
  • Daki Eight layer damage was increased to 50%

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