Roblox Bedwars commands: The definitive list

If you are looking for the complete list of Roblox Bedwars commands we have you covered with all the available Custom Match, Spawn, Enchant & Airdrop commands.

Roblox Bedwars commands The definitive list

If you are looking for the complete list of Roblox Bedwars commands, we have you covered with all the available Custom Match, Spawn, Enchant & Airdrop commands. This guide will explain how to enter commands in Bedwars and provide a syntax overview of all available commands.

You will also find the complete list of enchantments and item names available for enchanting and spawn commands.

So let's get down to the list!

How to use Roblox Bedwars Commands

To enter console commands in Roblox Bedwars, you must type them as shown below. All commands start with a slash (/) which will instantly shift focus to the in-game chat and add the slash. You can then type the rest of the command and press Enter to enter it.

Alternatively, you can click on the chat window to open and type in the full command as explained below.

All Roblox Bedwars Commands

Command SyntaxDescription
/airdrop [Drop Type]Forces an airdrop of the specified type. You can replace [Drop Type] with either juggernaut or lucky block.
/announce [Message]Sends a notification to all players. Replace [Message] with what you'd like to announce.
/blacklistitem [Item Name]Blacklists the specified item from the custom match's Item Shop.
/cohost allMakes all other players cohosts and grants them cohost privileges.
/disablekit [Kit Name]Disables the said kit from being used in the custom match. Replace [Kit Name] with the kit that you want to remove.
/disaster [Disaster Name]Manually triggers the specified disaster. Replace [Disaster Name] with “meteors, “tornado”, “toxic rain”, or “void rise”.
/enchant [Enchantment Name]_[Enchantlment Level]Applies the Enchantment listed in the command. Replace [Enchantment Name] with the enchantment and replace [Enchantment Level]. The enchantment level must exist so make sure to check our list below for the accepted enchant commands. Don't forget the underscore (_) between [Enchantment_Name and Enchantment_Level]!
/give [Player Name] [Item Name] [Amount]

/give @all [Item Name] [Amount]

/give @team [Team Color] [Item Name] [Amount]
Gives the specified amount of the specified item to the specified player.
Gives the specified amount of the specified item to all players.
Gives the specified amount of the specified item to all players of the specified team.
/kick [Player]Kicks the player with the specified Roblox username from the match.
/setDeathmatchTime [Time in Seconds]Sets the time until the deathmatch countdown begins.
Replace [Time in Seconds] with the number of seconds to wait before the deathmatch timer starts.
/setGeneratorMultiplier [Time in Seconds]Sets the multiplier rate for resource generators.
Replace [Time in Seconds] with a positive number.
/setHealthRegen [Player] [Amount]Sets the health regeneration of the specified player to the specified amount.
/spawn [Item Name] [Amount] or
/spawn [Item Name]
Spawns the specified amount of the specified item. Replace [Item Name] with the item's name and [Amount] with the desired amount.
Note: Some spawn commands don't accept the amount variable. You can find the complete list of Spawn Item commands and their accepted format below.
/togglespawn [Item Name] true/falseEnables or disables the specified item spawns on the map. Replace [Item Name] with the item's name.
/tpallTeleports all players to the user.
/tpbed Color_bedTeleports you to a team bed. Replace Color with the color of the bed to which you want to teleport.
/tp [Player]
/tp [Player_1] [Player_2]…[Player_N] [Target Player]
Teleports you to the player with the specified Roblox username or Display Name.
Teleports the specified players to the target player.

Airdrop Commands List

Airdrop CommandsDescription
/airdrop juggernautDrops Juggernaut Drop
/airdrop luckyblockDrops Lucky Airdrop

Enchant Commands List

Enchant CommandDescription
/enchant anti_knockback_2Applies Anti-Knockback II
/enchant fire_1Applies Fire I
/enchant fire_2Applies Fire II
/enchant fire_3Applies Fire III
/enchant plunder_2Applies Plunder II
/enchant rapid_regen_1Applies Rapid Regen I
/enchant rapid_regen_2Applies Rapid Regen II
/enchant rapid_regen_3Applies Rapid Regen III
/enchant shield_gen_1Applies Shield Gen I
/enchant shield_gen_2Applies Shield Gen II
/enchant shield_gen_3Applies Shield Gen III
/enchant static_1Applies Static I
/enchant static_2Applies Static II
/enchant static_3Applies Static III
/enchant updraft_2Applies Updraft II
/enchant void_3Applies Void III

Spawn Commands List

Spawn Item CommandDescription
/spawn andesiteSpawns Andesite
/spawn andesite_polishedSpawns Andesite Polished
/spawn apple [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Apples
/spawn arrow [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Arrows
/spawn baguetteSpawns Baguette
/spawn balloon [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Balloons
/spawn banana_peel [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Banana Peels
/spawn baseball_batSpawns Baseball Bat
/spawn battle_axeSpawns Battle Axe
/spawn bed [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Beds
/spawn bee [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Bees
/spawn bee_entity [amount]Spawns Bee Entity
/spawn bee_netSpawns Bee Net
/spawn beehive [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Beehives
/spawn beeless_entity [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Beeless Entities
/spawn big_shield?Spawns Big Shield Potion
/spawn big_wood_swordSpawns Giant Sword
/spawn birch_log [amount]Spawns Birch Block
/spawn black_hole_bombSpawns Blackhole
/spawn break_speed_axolotlAxolotl Break Speed
/spawn brewing_cauldronAlchemist Cauldron
/spawn brick [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Bricks
/spawn broken_enchant_tableBroken Enchant Table
/spawn camera_turretSpawns Vulcan Turret
/spawn cannonSpawns Cannon
/spawn carrot_cannonSpawns Carrot Cannon
/spawn carrot_rocketSpawns Carrot Cannon Rocket
/spawn carrot_seeds [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Carrot Seeds
/spawn cauldronSpawns Cauldron
/spawn ceramic [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Blastproof Ceramics
/spawn charge_shieldCharge Shield
/spawn chestSpawns Chest
/spawn claySpawns Clay
/spawn clay_blackSpawns Black Clay
/spawn clay_blueSpawns Blue Clay
/spawn clay_dark_brownSpawns Dark Brown Clay
/spawn clay_dark_greenSpawns Dark Green Clay
/spawn clay_graySpawns Gray Clay
/spawn clay_light_brownSpawns Light Brown Clay
/spawn clay_light_greenSpawns Light Green Clay
/spawn clay_orangeSpawns Orange Clay
/spawn clay_pinkSpawns Pink Clay
/spawn clay_purplePurple Clay
/spawn clay_redSpawns Red Clay
/spawn clay_tanSpawns Tan Clay
/spawn clay_whiteSpawns White Clay
/spawn clay_yellowSpawns Yellow Clay
/spawn cloneSpawns Clone
/spawn cobblestone [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Cobblestones
/spawn concrete_greenSpawns Concrete Green
/spawn crookSpawns Crook
/spawn damage_axolotl [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Axolotl Damage
/spawn diamond [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Diamonds
/spawn diamond_axeSpawns Diamond Axe
/spawn diamond_block [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Diamond Blocks
/spawn diamond_bootsSpawns Diamond Boots
/spawn diamond_chestplateSpawns Diamond Chestplate
/spawn diamond_daoSpawns Diamond Dao
/spawn diamond_helmetSpawns Diamond Helmet
/spawn diamond_pickaxeSpawns Diamond Pickaxe
/spawn diamond_swordSpawns Diamond Sword
/spawn dioriteSpawns Diorite
/spawn diorite_polishedSpawns Diorite Polished
/spawn dirt [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Dirt Blocks
/spawn dodo_entity [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Dodos
/spawn double_edge_swordSpawns Double Edge Sword
/spawn duck_entity [amount]Spawns Spawns the specified amount of Ducks
/spawn duck_spawn_eggSpawns Duck Spawn Egg
/spawn ember [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Embers
/spawn emerald [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Emeralds
/spawn emerald_block [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Emerald Blocks
/spawn emerald_bootsSpawns Emerald Boots
/spawn emerald_chestplateSpawns Emerald Chestplate
/spawn emerald_daoSpawns Emerald Dao
/spawn emerald_helmetSpawns Emerald Helmet
/spawn emerald_swordSpawns Emerald Sword
/spawn enchant_tableSpawns Enchant Table
/spawn feather_bowSpawns Vanessa Bow
/spawn fireball [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Fireballs
/spawn firework_arrowSpawns Firework Arrow
/spawn fisherman_coral [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Corals
/spawn fishing_rodSpawns Fishing Rod
/spawn flamethrowerSpawns Flamethrower
/spawn flowerSpawns Flower
/spawn forcefield_potionSpawns Forcefield Potion
/spawn frosted_snowballSpawns Frosty Snowball
/spawn ghost [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Ghosts
/spawn giant_potionSpawns Giant Potion
/spawn glass [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Glass Blocks
/spawn golden_bowSpawns Golden Bow
/spawn graniteSpawns Granite
/spawn granite_polishedSpawns Granite Polished
/spawn grass [amount]Spawns Grass Block
/spawn guided_missile [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Guided Missile
/spawn guitarSpawns Guitar
/spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Gumdrops
/spawn hammerBuilder Hammer
/spawn hang_gliderSpawns Hang Glider
/spawn heal_splash_potionSpawns Heal
/spawn health_regen_axolotl_[amount]Spawns the specified amount of Axolotl Health Regens
/spawn heat_seeking_rock [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Heat Seeking Rocks
/spawn hickory_logSpawns Hickory Block
/spawn ice [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Ice Blocks
/spawn ice_swordSpawns Ice sword
/spawn impulse_grenadeImpulse Grenade
/spawn invisibility_potion [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Invisibility Potions
/spawn iron [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Iron
/spawn iron_axeSpawns Iron Axe
/spawn iron_bootsSpawns Iron Boots
/spawn iron_chestplateSpawns Iron Chestplate
/spawn iron_daoSpawns Iron Dao
/spawn iron_helmetSpawns Iron Helmet
/spawn iron_pickaxeSpawns Iron Pickaxe
/spawn iron_swordSpawns Iron Sword
/spawn jade_hammerSpawns Jade Hammer
/spawn juggernaut_crate [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Juggernaut Chests
/spawn jump_bootsSpawns Jump Boots
/spawn jump_potion [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Jump Potions
/spawn knockback_fishSpawns Knockback Fish
/spawn large_rockSpawns Big Rock
/spawn lasso [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Lassoes
/spawn leather_bootsSpawns Leather Boots
/spawn leather_chestplateSpawns Leather Chestplate
/spawn leather_helmetSpawns Leather Helmet
/spawn lucky_blockSpawns Lucky Block
/spawn lucky_block_trapSpawns Lucky Block Trap
/spawn marble [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Marble Blocks
/spawn marble_pillar [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Marble Pillar Blocks
/spawn mass_hammerSpawns Mass Hammer
/spawn melon_seeds [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Melon Seeds
/spawn miner_pickaxeSpawns Miner Pickaxe
/spawn mini_shieldSpawns Mini Shield Potion
/spawn monster [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Penguins
/spawn mushroomsSpawns Thorn
/spawn oak_logSpawns Oak Block
/spawn obsidian [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Obsidian
/spawn oil_consumable [amount]Spawns Oil Blob
/spawn paint_shotgunSpawns Paint Shotgun
/spawn personal_chestSpawns Personal Chest
/spawn pie [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Pies
/spawn poison_splash_potionSpawns Poison
/spawn popup_cubeSpawns Popup Trap
/spawn purple_lucky_block [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Purple Lucky Blocks
/spawn ragebladeSpawns Rageblade
/spawn raven [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Ravens
/spawn red_sandstoneSpawns Red Sandstone
/spawn robbery_ballSpawns Steal Ball
/spawn rocket_launcherSpawns Rocket Launcher
/spawn rocket_launcher_missile [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Rocket Ammo
/spawn sand [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Sand Blocks
/spawn santa_bombSpawns Santa Strafe
/spawn scytheSpawns Scythe
/spawn shearsSpawns Shears
/spawn shieldSpawns Infernal Shield
/spawn shield_axolotl [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Axolotl Shield
/spawn shrink_potionTiny Potion
/spawn slate_brickSpawns Slate Block
/spawn sleep_splash_potionSpawns Sleeping Gas
/spawn smoke_block [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Smoke Blocks
/spawn smoke_bomb [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Smoke Bombs
/spawn smoke_grenadeSpawns Smoke Grenade
/spawn snap_trap [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Trap
/spawn snow [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Snow Blocks
/spawn snowball [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Snowballs
/spawn spear [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Spears
/spawn speed_bootsSpawns Speed Boots
/spawn speed_potionSpawns Speed Potion
/spawn spirit [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Spirit
/spawn spirit_entity [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Spirits
/spawn spruce_logSpawns Spruce Block
/spawn stone [amount]Spawns Stone Block
/spawn stone_brick [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Stone Bricks
/spawn stone_daoSpawns Stone Dao
/spawn stone_pickaxeSpawns Stone Axe
/spawn stone_pickaxeSpawns Stone Pickaxe
/spawn stone_player_blockSpawns Stone Player Block
/spawn stone_slabSpawns Stone Slab
/spawn stone_swordSpawns Stone Sword
/spawn stopwatch [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Stopwatches
/spawn swap_ballSwap Ball
/spawn tabletSpawns Vulcan Tablet
/spawn tactical_crossbowSpawns Tactical Crossbow
/spawn taserSpawns Taser Pistol
/spawn telepearl [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Pearl
/spawn tesla_trap [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Tesla Coils
/spawn thornsSpawns Mushroom
/spawn throwable_bridgeSpawns Bridge
/spawn throwing_knife [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Throwing Knives
/spawn time_bomb_potionSpawns Time Bomb
/spawn tnt [amount]Spawns the specified amount of TNT
/spawn turtle_shellSpawns Turtle Shell
/spawn twirlbladeSpawns Twirlblade
/spawn vacuumSpawns Ghost Vacuum
/spawn vending_machineSpawns Vending Machine
/spawn void_axeSpawns Void Axe
/spawn void_bootsSpawns Juggernaut Boots
/spawn void_chestplateSpawns Juggernaut Chest
/spawn void_helmetSpawns Juggernaut Helmet
/spawn warrior_bootsSpawns Warrior Boots
/spawn warrior_chestplateSpawns Warrior Chestplate
/spawn warrior_helmetSpawns Warrior Helmet
/spawn watering_canSpawns Watering Can
/spawn wizard_staff wizard_staffSpawns Wizard Staff
/spawn wood_axeSpawns Wood Axe
/spawn wood_bowSpawns Bow
/spawn wood_crossbowSpawns Crossbow
/spawn wood_daoSpawns Wooden Dao
/spawn wood_pickaxeSpawns Wood Pickaxe
/spawn wood_plank_birchSpawns Birch Plank
/spawn wood_plank_mapleSpawns Maple Plank
/spawn wood_plank_oakSpawns Oak Plank
/spawn wood_plank_spruceSpawns Spruce Plank
/spawn wood_swordSpawns Wooden Sword
/spawn wool_blueSpawns Wool Blue
/spawn wool_cyanSpawns Wool Cyan
/spawn wool_greenSpawns Wool Green
/spawn wool_orangeSpawns Wool Orange
/spawn wool_pinkSpawns Wool Pink
/spawn wool_purpleSpawns Wool Purple
/spawn wool_redSpawns Wool Red
/spawn wool_whiteSpawns Wool White
/spawn wool_yellowSpawns Wool Yellow
/spawn zipline [amount]Spawns the specified amount of Ziplines

This is everything you need to know about Roblox Bedwars commands.

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